Description: If you’re looking for a movie to take your kids to this summer, then Turbo looks to be one of those rare treats where adults will have just as much fun as their offspring. From the makers of Kung Fu ...
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joshua.robbins.5249 Jul 03, 2013
@Jared I was just about to say that.
Christopher Sturgeon Jul 02, 2013
This movie is actually pretty fantastic.
Lou Guerrero Jul 02, 2013
Modified es-car-goes. Clever clever haha
Jared Ranck Jul 02, 2013
Ummm to be clear on things (and I'm not a fan of this, but I feel it must be said) Snoop Dogg is dead. Now he is Snoop Lion.
Scuttle Buttocks Jul 02, 2013
Yea I'm not psyched about this one...
Nathan Jacobson Jul 02, 2013
@David where exactly?
David Lee Jul 02, 2013
How is there always some grammatical mistake in these articles?
Description: Check out the latest official trailer and put July 17 in your diary when the 3D animated comedy hits the big screen.
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Noah Gavurin Jul 04, 2013
everyone should go on youtube and watch Two-Lane Blacktop
Josh C. Williams Jul 04, 2013
lol I want to see this..
John Koci Jul 03, 2013
It can't be any worse than son is stoked to see it. Should be fun
Aaron Abely Jul 03, 2013
What would an intercooler look like for this little guy? A neck piece harmonica? Headgear braces?
Christopher Sturgeon Jul 03, 2013
It is a kids movie, but its still hilarious. The people i saw it with have been quoting it for 7 or eight months. Go see it :)
JT Loder Jul 03, 2013
I want to see this! Cars is by far my favorite movie maybe this will be up there too.
Aj White Jul 03, 2013
@Matthew NO SHIT!!!! But I bet a bunch of us still have watched 'Cars'. Damn near any movie about cars I'm there!
Steven Eppler Jul 02, 2013
I think Indycar thinks that the movie will attract new fans of their series. I doubt that, but we'll see...
Jackthorn Morknoy Jul 02, 2013
He needs intercooler!
Nick Schnee Jul 02, 2013
@Matthew No shit?
Lou Guerrero Jul 02, 2013
Get the gang together and have a good time.
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jul 02, 2013
Im going to see it i feel like itll be funny
Craig Smith Jul 02, 2013
@Matthew.....really? Wouldn't have guessed. Thanks for the insight......
Drew Colton Wilder Jul 02, 2013
Looks good!
Matthew Heyman Jul 02, 2013
It opens July 19th. It's targeted at young kids.... Not for car guys....
Carlton Salmon Jul 02, 2013
Hahahaha love it!
Christopher Sturgeon Jul 02, 2013
The movie is hilarious.
Andrew Semak Jul 02, 2013
Ha ha
tdebroux Jul 02, 2013
that snail definitely doesn't meet indy car regulations
Mason Sch Jul 03, 2013
Look at the camaro in the background
Justin Mancuso Jul 03, 2013
I call the far right slug
Kyle McCullough Jul 02, 2013
I love that tagline.
Aj White Jul 03, 2013
@Anthony Please tell me you've seen that car b4. OMG if u haven't I don't know what to say. Look up "Turbo movie Camaro" please. Just, oh god just look it up!
Colin Ornelas Jul 02, 2013
I think the other car on the right is a Fairlady. Not sure.
Ryan Bertram Jul 02, 2013
If you go to the fat snail you can see that it is a camaro...
Anthony Perugini Jul 02, 2013
Car on the left looks like a widebody camaro
Jacob Burford Jul 02, 2013
Nice shell you got there!
Josh C. Williams Jul 06, 2013
xD holy shit lol vvv