Description: Devoted fans of both The Simpsons and CarBuzz will recall that a replica of “The Homer”, a car designed by its namesake in season 2, ran at this year’s 24 Hours of LeMons. On the TV show, the car ban...
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Michael Luck Jul 03, 2013
Yes, as in "lemons". It's a budget racing series.
Andre Houtz Jul 03, 2013
Description: Homer had claimed on the show that the engine’s noise would make other drivers think that “the world is coming to an end”. The replica doesn’t quite do that, but the BMW underpinnings do at least make...
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Zachary Sindelar Jul 03, 2013
The Pizza Delivery Guy did good!
Jul 03, 2013
Nice drive
Raymond Reynoso Jul 03, 2013
If the driver from the 733 car went in the homer car they would've won. That guy is a better (more aggressive) driver.
Michael Luck Jul 03, 2013
Jonathan Luna Jul 03, 2013
@lou That would be sick!
David Lee Jul 02, 2013
LeMons is an endurance race for (you guessed it, lemons as in defected cars.) They have to be race spec And be worth less than a certain amount (I don't remember, but it's low.) It's a sort of mock up of the 24 Hours at LeMans.
Colin Carlo Jul 02, 2013
That bimmer was quick on the track , if you scrapped all the unnessisary crap on the car he coulda came 2nd or first
Mitchell Cook Jul 02, 2013
We'd kill it guys. With our knowledge.
Mitchell Cook Jul 02, 2013
What is le mons?
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jul 02, 2013
Woow that's a bit difficult, but god, that would be fun. The CarBuzz team, hahahahahah just sounds mad.
Sergio Cornejo Jul 02, 2013 in too! we should do it, we can make our own car from scratch and everyone can help... seems like everyone wants a new ford GT, we could make our own
aaron.samuels.184 Jul 02, 2013
@lou I'm all in!!
Lou Guerrero Jul 02, 2013
The bimmer is fast. Damn, I love racing. I really need to do one of these events. We should enter a Carbuzz team!
byron.borggard Jul 02, 2013
please tell me he beat 733 i would have ran him off the track that dude was pissing me off
Jacob Burford Jul 03, 2013
Pretty cool idea if you ask me!
reva.barris Jul 02, 2013
John you would have to have watched the episode to understand it
Jonathan Romero Jul 02, 2013
HAHa can't believe they actually built this thing, I remember this episode :D
Fabián Ruiz Madriz Jul 02, 2013
The Car is fast All that extra shit and runs ok
John Patten Jul 02, 2013
This is dumb
Bruce Tumblin Jul 02, 2013
What the hell!
Joe Hero Jul 02, 2013
Hondas taking notes on the wing
Imroz Ali Jul 03, 2013
@abraham well he is close friends with the priest if you know what I'm saying. ;)
abraham.mendoza.39 Jul 03, 2013
Ned looks like a pedophile.
Duarte Mota Jul 02, 2013
Lol @ Patty and Selma!
Brandon Broussard Jul 02, 2013
⬇But those masks are not
Lou Guerrero Jul 02, 2013
Battle scars are worn proudly
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jul 02, 2013
Hahahahahhahahaa that number plate: "BORT" hahahaha
Michael Beach Jul 02, 2013