Comments - Rick Ross's Lamborghini Murcielago is for Sale

Published: Jul 02, 2013
Description: Rapper Rick Ross has for whatever reason grown tired of his 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster. It’s now up for sale on eBay for a price of $210,000, although lower offers are being accepted....
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Winston Heard Jul 03, 2013
Perhaps he's rich BECAUSE he pays less for used cars. You know, like most people.
Colby Church Jul 03, 2013
If he's so loaded, then why did he buy a used Lamborghini with 3 owners? Why not just go straight to the dealer. Funds must be running lower than expected or he would go buy another Lamborghini before this one is even sold.
Justin Mancuso Jul 03, 2013
Yeah he'd just rather have an Aventador to get with the times
Ibrahim Bedwan Jul 03, 2013
He can't carry the McDonalds in the back the cars is too small
Peter Skorokhodov Jul 02, 2013
out of money? more like still filthy rich and looking to upgrade
Vinny Coppola Jul 02, 2013
Yeah he's prob going broke like the rest of them do....
Brian Franz Jul 02, 2013
Carbuzz meant to say that William Robert's Lamborghini is for sale. The real Rick Ross is not an obese rapper. Powerful JRE!
Paul McGuire Jul 02, 2013
Lower offers are being accepted? I might stick an offer in for $20
travis.hutson.10 Jul 02, 2013
25k miles and it needed a new clutch?
Rodrigo Ortiz Jul 02, 2013
He doesn't fit in it anymore he is to FAT
FrankieRamosofElkGrove Jul 02, 2013
I doubt he is out of money! probably tired of it because its 5 years old! that's too much to ask for a car like that especially one with 4 previous owners the new owner being the 5th. I see it selling for 150 to 170k ish. Too many miles for a super car that was probably rode hard and put away wet.
Aaron Crisp Jul 02, 2013
Gay. I would never buy a used Lamborghini.. At least one with 4 owners!
Fakir Smith Jul 02, 2013
Check it for drugs.
Michael Luck Jul 02, 2013
Pig Ross is broke? Good
Nathan Jacobson Jul 02, 2013
A five year old car with FOUR owners? And only 25k miles, wow is this car really that boring...?
Cory Wilhelm Jul 02, 2013
Lol Evin
Zachary Sindelar Jul 02, 2013
Out of money
David Parenti Jul 02, 2013
It's a 2008 and has had 4 owners....
Jacob Burford Jul 02, 2013
I like the paint
David Hernandez Jul 02, 2013
Looks like a similar Murci roadster you can rent in Miami....Xotic Dream Cars I believe.
abraham.mendoza.39 Jul 02, 2013
Blegh.....looks...generic I guess.
Mohamed Alhasan Jul 02, 2013
What's with the bench in the back ?
Tanton Stoneman Jul 02, 2013
That's a good way to mess up a car... Another way would be to wrap your R8 in leopard print vinyl...
Tyler Wallace Jul 02, 2013
i dont like it
Description: As you can tell from these images, it’s also been modified, specifically with its matte black paint job, large rear wing, 3D carbon accents, Double Din Touchscreen radio, two trunk-mounted amplifiers,...
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Chris Carranza Jul 06, 2013
Rear tires only? Why didn't he just replace all four lol. This is Rick Ross we are talking about.
Joe Wurl Lamouk Jul 05, 2013
Come on... Don't compare a Vette to this please.
Colby Church Jul 03, 2013
I know one thing. Apart from oil changes, you usually don't have to touch a Corvette until 100k miles. I know a guy with an 04 Z06 with 221k miles and all he's replaced is the oil pump at 180k. Foreign cars require a lot of dedication.
Jul 03, 2013
VV because this retard prefers his own (bad) soundtrack over the lambo's (glorious) sound. The Vette Chick
Eli Bonner Jul 02, 2013
Why would you put subs in a Lamborghini??!!
Phillip B Jong Jul 02, 2013
Rear tires + clutch replaced... He wasn't doing burnouts, hard-launches, or burnouts at all... Haha
Phillip B Jong Jul 02, 2013
Clutch can definitely be the owner's fault. An inexperienced driver can burn one out in an hour. As for the injectors, they can become damaged from old gas and/or running it hard when cold and/or a multitude of other factors.
Justin Routh Jul 02, 2013
Where are all you Euroturds at now? Still wanna talk shit about American cars supposedly being unreliable?
Eddie Ethree Motors Jul 02, 2013
It's not owner fault. My friend had a white lp640 and at 12k miles he took it in for some crazy services which were like 20 grand. At the end of the day these cars r a bitch to maintain except for Porsche which is just like a Toyota.expensive doh lol
Vinny Coppola Jul 02, 2013
That's the problem with owning these cars or anything exotic, your better off getting rid of it when the big repairs come. I think it's like $8k for a clutch on these
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 02, 2013
I'll bet they didn't need to be replaced, but whoever did the work wanted to make an extra buck. Make that a couple thousand.
phillthegman Jul 02, 2013
yeah if someone tells me what all they replaced all it does it let me know I'm probably going to be doing it again soon.... and how the hell could a mechanical failure be driver error? it's a foreign car this is what they do= look good and break
Aaron Crisp Jul 02, 2013
Idk.. If it just had parts installed at that low of miles I'm not sure how I'd feel haha
Aj White Jul 02, 2013
@Nick He probably just did it so the next owner has piece of mind and won't have to do it. Wouldn't you feel better buying a car you knew had new parts installed just so it ran its best?
Matt White Jul 02, 2013
You don't think there was a bit of driver error in there?
Patrick Schalk Jul 02, 2013
Yeah that's pretty freakin ridiculous. Good ol Italian engineering there.
Nick Sti Jul 02, 2013
Lol fuel injectors and clutch need replacing at 25k?!
Nacer Seyed Arabshahi Jul 12, 2013
This make a good before and after pict
Anthony Cordova Jul 07, 2013
I wouldn't want that car if his bare back was sitting on it and sweating all over those seats
John Chase Jul 05, 2013
More like "Bitch Ross" what a fucking joke.
Josh C. Williams Jul 04, 2013
What a joke.
Jermaine Beason Jul 03, 2013
This is a good before and after picture for a weight loss supplement
Brenton Cozby Jul 03, 2013
guess he never plans on losing weight...
Chris Martinez Jul 03, 2013
He makes the lambo slower
Chris Martinez Jul 03, 2013
And his head does look upside down
Chris Martinez Jul 03, 2013
Like the hater comments
Chris Martinez Jul 03, 2013
Yeah right jake beckler
Chris Martinez Jul 03, 2013
Fat and kinda bald
Carlton Green Jul 03, 2013
He still got that 911 tho
jake.beckler.5 Jul 03, 2013
I know rick ross he lives in my neighborhood that pic was taken in his driveway
David Hicks Jul 03, 2013
Would love to talk shit about him but then I realised he has a Lamborghini and I don't.
Jed Hamilton Jul 03, 2013
James - that's why it's a spider just for him and don't forget the forklift
Sukhwinder Singh Jul 03, 2013
The car probably doesn't have a start button, just a auto drive through button.
James Keith Jul 03, 2013
How does he even get his fat ass in that car!!!???
Mitchell Cook Jul 03, 2013
Oh look. A typical fat American.
Jorge Gonzalez Jul 03, 2013
Yea slug is cool, but the rappers coming out of the west coast right now like kendrick and all of TDE are dope also. Cudi is dope too though he hasn't had cool shit since MOTM 2.
Jul 03, 2013
ooooh, finally CarBuzz posts a pic for its FEMALE readers, of a GUY with big titties leaning on a lambo. So sexy.... The Vette Chick PS ooooh? I meant echhhh...
Kai Andrew Carlson Jul 02, 2013
Atmospher is sweet. White guy from Minneapolis(home for me). Good stuff!!
david.rosario.10 Jul 02, 2013
that is what I love about mainstream rappers, they are so rich that they buy a 3rd hand lambo.3rd hand ! And it's convertible, why? McDrive!
Justin Routh Jul 02, 2013
@Tyrone if youre lookin for rap about REAL life stuff, one of the other few today is the group Atmosphere. Yesterday, Sunshine, and Your Glass House are some good songs to start with👍 one of the very few rappers i listen to
Facundo P Martinelli Jul 02, 2013
I wouldnt even seat in that Lambo if that Gorilla was there before....
Matt Burgess Jul 02, 2013
Do you think he washes all those crevasses
Alex Hohenzollern Jul 02, 2013
B4 u buy it get rid of all the fried chicken stains and the coke and weed residue
Patricia Santos Jul 02, 2013
*rick Ross voice* "ughh*
Bruce Tumblin Jul 02, 2013
Yea the Lamborghini is pretty much ruined!
Tyrone Smith Jul 02, 2013
I will honor your request to talk about the Lambo instead of him, though. Just like his music, his taste sucks. He ruined that Lambo.
Tyrone Smith Jul 02, 2013
@Bruce Oh I know he doesn't care what I, or anyone else who hates him thinks, but he's just so bad at what he does. There will always be people to buy it, no matter how bad it is. That's goes with everything.
Bruce Tumblin Jul 02, 2013
@Tyrone, no matter what you think about him he probably could care less, he's still going to make music & people are still going to buy his CD's & go to his shows! (BUT THIS IS A CAR APP SO TALK ABOUT HIS LAMBORGHINI)
abraham.mendoza.39 Jul 02, 2013
He's probably gonna pick up a Aventador in a couple minutes.
Shathan Alkhalili Jul 02, 2013
I hope he doesnt dent it
Tyrone Smith Jul 02, 2013
Angelo shut up. No, not "Americans". Don't put us all in a group. I fucking HATE this guy and how shitty his music is. It's the dumbasses who like his music. Like teenage boys and girls. Barely any teens today have good taste in music. Not just America
Tyrone Smith Jul 02, 2013
Rap isn't bad at all. Like I said KiD CuDi raps about real life shit that a lot of people can relate to. There are some more today, but not many. That's why I listen to old school rap. Like late '80s early '90s. Mobb Deep and shit like that.
Tyrone Smith Jul 02, 2013
See, there are too many rappers, that's why people say most rap is bad. There's too many people in the game, that's why. It's not because most rap is pathetic, it's because there are way too many people trying to do it. If you listen to right people
Angelo Baclay Jul 02, 2013
Americans like these people.
nxs Jul 02, 2013
lol how the haters hate, and most rap talk about the same shit so what? just stfu and and stop being jealous of him and
Tyler Tarbox Jul 02, 2013
Most rappers are pathetic. I'll listen to some of Eminem's old music about his life. I also kind of like 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, and Wiz Khalifa. Other that that, it all sucks
Brad Wood Jul 02, 2013
No extra charge for the worn out seat bolsters and BO smell.
Tyrone Smith Jul 02, 2013
At what he does, but he attracts teenage girls and guys who think they're badass. I only listen to old school rap. There's not many rappers today that actually rap about some real life shit. The only that I know of is KiD CuDi. I like his shit.
Adam Thomson Jul 02, 2013
Lotsa McDonalds
Tyrone Smith Jul 02, 2013
He's also made a fortune from making absolutely terrible music. People who like his music don't know what music is. His raps have no meaning and it's all about "Killin' Niggas, Fuckin' Bitches, Smokin' dat kush, gettin' money." No meaning. He sucks..
Jonathan Romero Jul 02, 2013
Man lol this guy don't care he lets all the hamburger meat out haha
Tyrone Smith Jul 02, 2013
Michael Luck said it! This guy is fake as hell. He was a corrections officer at the jail that the 'REAL' Rick Ross is at. The real one was a bad mofo. This guy just took on his persona and pretended to be him. He's nothing but a phony... A fake!
Tara Fitria Jul 02, 2013
Hater comments? The dude was an officer of the law portraying himself as a gangster, if you don't understand the irony in that then you need to do some research. His rhymes are garbage and his delivery sounds like an asthmatic retard.
Dan Vincent Jul 02, 2013
I can't see the car something is in the way...
Jake Cooper Jul 02, 2013
His head looks like its upside down
Puneet Dass Jul 02, 2013
Came to read the hater comments
Brandon Broussard Jul 02, 2013
I'd hate to be his tattoo artist uuugh
Alex Medvedev Jul 02, 2013
Lol boy is fat put on a 6xl shirt on son
Bruce Tumblin Jul 02, 2013
@Michael, yea he is; I just like his music!
Carlton Salmon Jul 02, 2013
Who's the skinny-arse dude with the fugly topless girlfriend? Must be a prison thing I suppose...
Aaron Crisp Jul 02, 2013
Would you like a bra with that? Or as Kosmo Kraimer would call it... A bro. Or manzier haha
Michael Luck Jul 02, 2013
He's a fake. The real freeway Rick Ross is still in jail. This fatass was a guard at the prison.
Bruce Tumblin Jul 02, 2013
"Maybach Music!" Lol
Nathan Jacobson Jul 02, 2013
Oh, and you can't rap for shit either:)
Nathan Jacobson Jul 02, 2013
Stephen Cobbs Jul 02, 2013
He must have gotten himself custom fitted for that thing. Murceilago arent exactly roomy. Put a shirt on too sir.
Darren Nardo Jul 02, 2013
His big ass just knocked 5 secs of the Lambos 0 to 60!
Luke Purdy Jul 02, 2013
Some big Ol' man titties coming your way
Manny Portas Jul 02, 2013
Rick Ross & I never took a lost lol
Manny Portas Jul 02, 2013
Who is that guy next to him?
David Lee Jul 02, 2013
Nice titties Rick. (Sarcasm)
Bruce Tumblin Jul 02, 2013
Ha ha ha I knew this was coming; yea he needs a shirt on lol
Oleg Odessit Jul 02, 2013
Who is Rick Ross? o_O
Nick Garcia Jul 02, 2013
For the laaaaadies...
David Parenti Jul 02, 2013
This thing might need new shocks
Carlos Dorantes Jul 02, 2013
Mmmm Classic!!
David Parenti Jul 02, 2013
He looks like a melting scoop of ice cream.
Yaseen Essack Jul 02, 2013
Ugly guys
Patrick Schalk Jul 02, 2013
Nice moobies brah
Tevaun Morgan Jul 02, 2013
Jorge Gonzalez Jul 02, 2013
Looks like a gangster pillsbury doughboy.
Kevin Carlin Jul 02, 2013
Because he's Rick Ross
Ian Barger Jul 02, 2013
First of all, how did this dude fit in this car??? And second, why does a guy this horribly obese walk around without a shirt on all the time???
Killian Wright Jul 02, 2013
Because he doesn't care that it burns everybody else's eyes
David Guerrero Jul 02, 2013
Why the fuck is he not wearing a shirt?
John Chase Jul 05, 2013
Rick Ross be sweatin all over the driver seat. His boobies probably do flipy-flopy's when he goes fast.
Jason Ware Jul 03, 2013
What I'm saying is.. The car could be pink with white polka dots and have bubbles that come out the exhaust. I would still drive it like I stole it.
Jason Ware Jul 03, 2013
Ruined? Really? Cuz I'm pretty sure it's still a Lamborghini. Unless he took the engine out and put in a Honda engine. I'm a car guy. Aesthetics play a small part but performance is any real mans foremost concern.
Jed Hamilton Jul 02, 2013
Good car.....RUINED
Tyrone Smith Jul 02, 2013
It really does... Wtf?! It looks JUST like GTA.
Tyler Wallace Jul 02, 2013
@pete i said dat
Shane Sharma Jul 02, 2013
@pete agreed
Pete Hager Jul 02, 2013
Looks like a picture from GTA
Zeus Mocha Jul 02, 2013
It's that stupid wing. He should've had the SV wing put on.
Yaseen Essack Jul 02, 2013
Ugly looking car yuck
leolys.pierrelouis Jul 08, 2013
He left the seats caved in -_-
lewis.secor Jul 05, 2013
probably cookie crumbs or chicken bones left in the interior
Jul 04, 2013
vvv thanks for the help. I sometimes troll on other sites but here i'm myself - only carbuzz won't show my name or pic. big bore having to sign every time I post - so if anybody knows how to solve this, pls let me know. TVC
Justin Harris Jul 03, 2013
Lol considering she's a chick (or a troll) she's probably checking her own boobs Justin lol.
Justin Mancuso Jul 03, 2013
@No name you got man boobs lol
Jul 03, 2013
@zack daiuto.... bahahahaha man... that was so bad... also made me instinctively raise my own and start sniffing for sweat for a sec (I swear. true). No problem... i'm clean.. still rotf... The Vette Chick
Jacob Burford Jul 02, 2013
Love this interior
Zack Myers Jul 02, 2013
I feel sorry for the seat it's probably been abused by the sheer mass of its owner
Nathan Jacobson Jul 02, 2013
@David I wouldn't doubt it considering how big this guy is.
David Parenti Jul 02, 2013
The drivers and passengers seats don't match exactly. There's subtle differences. Custom made drivers seat?
Stephen Cobbs Jul 02, 2013
@Zach. Bahahahah
Gary Alaina Jul 02, 2013
Beautiful colour
Stephen Reed Warren II Jul 02, 2013
@zach. Hahaha
Marco Tomaselli Jul 02, 2013
I clicked this article excited to see how Ross fucked up his car and now I'm leaving thinking about his tit sweat. I hate you people!
Killian Wright Jul 02, 2013
@zack man that's gross lol
Zack Daiuto Jul 02, 2013
That wheel must be covered in tit sweat.
Tanton Stoneman Jul 02, 2013
I wonder how much pot has been smoked in this car... I would hope none but I know for sure that's not the case!