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Published: Jul 02, 2013
Description: Although no specific launch date has been announced, a new report is indicating the US government is looking to replace the current presidential armored limousine, nicknamed "The Beast." Since 1993, ...
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tyler.holcomb.946 Sep 02, 2013
A ford pinto or a corvair, if you're looking for safety.
joshua.vibbard.5 Aug 13, 2013
Lincoln needs to bring back a full size rear wheel drive sedan, they should of never done away with the Town Car or the LS!!
Sam Shikora Jul 03, 2013
When I come to power I'm gonna have a hummer limo
Jul 03, 2013
vvv OK, Colby. I'll stfu. but only because YOU asked. The Vette Chick
Colby Church Jul 03, 2013
ikerherrera17 Jul 03, 2013
I think you are all ugly
abraham.mendoza.39 Jul 02, 2013
Why are you politicians arguing on this app, go change the world like you say you would.
Aaron Crisp Jul 02, 2013
Lou hit it on the head. Damn straight!
Lou Guerrero Jul 02, 2013
Please keep this shit outta here. Definitely not the place. Like Obama? Great. Hate Obama? Wonderful. Hate the entire political system? I don't care. Now do 2 burnouts and check your goddamn oil.
Bruce Tumblin Jul 02, 2013
So the people that voted for him are idiots, it seems like you have all the answers, maybe your in the wrong profession; you should run for president "smart guy"!
Jesse Williams Jul 02, 2013
The people who voted for him were idiots. He is not doing anything right, and you need to see that. You must be a democrat.
Jackson Michael Jul 02, 2013
@Sam I think you confused not liking Obama for a republican, because very few people, if any, implicitly stated that they were republicans. It's a shame that you care about the political ideology of others in a forum completely unrelated to politics.
Patrick Schalk Jul 02, 2013
Hahahaha I knew this thread was going to be fun
Sam Shikora Jul 02, 2013
Didnt notice there were so many republicans on this app! I like it!
John Santana Jul 02, 2013
If you are going to make an all out bullet proof, bomb proof, terrorist proof limo then it wouldn't hurt to stretch the hood and put the V16 from the Sixteen concept would it?
Bruce Tumblin Jul 02, 2013
Bruce Tumblin Jul 02, 2013
@Jesse, get over it, whining & bitching on a CAR APP is not going to help, you should write a letter or send an email to your local congressman or senator to get the ball rolling (he must be doing something right the people voted him in for a second
Jesse Williams Jul 02, 2013
@wolfgang: Obama is any not better than me or anyone else. Jesus Christ is the only one better than me or anyone else. I know how the government works. Also, I have no problem.
wolfgang.ezeh.7 Jul 02, 2013
Jeez some of you guys are stark illiterates. If you don't know how your government works and you have the impetus to call a man better than yourself an idiot, then you've got a big problem.
Fakir Smith Jul 02, 2013
Build it off the sonic platform. Ride in that beotch!
Donovan Ybanez Jul 02, 2013
Thanks for your 2 cents Jessee.
Jesse Williams Jul 02, 2013
I don't care what anyone says about this post, but Obama is the antichrist and is not helping our country. He is an idiot.
Jesse Williams Jul 02, 2013
Obama doesn't deserve a new limo. Our money is paying for a trip to Africa for him, his wife, and family. I'm sure he can pay his own way, because he is the president. But, he would rather use our money.
Kaigan Viner Jul 02, 2013
The 747-8 isn't outdated
Sam Shikora Jul 02, 2013
Guys don't be jealous because you can easily own one too. Just apply for an ebt card, trade it for cash, and report it lost/stolen. Repeat until you have the money to get a bulletproof cadillac xts limo!
Preston Ming Jul 02, 2013
747 is outdated..I'm going with the airbus..and I believe AF1 has a missile deterrent system..but that's all..the beast would be spot on if they had new caddy styling..Lincoln won't get it
Bruce Tumblin Jul 02, 2013
Damn they have a lot" politicians" in here!
phillthegman Jul 02, 2013
yeah and the the engines for both planes get completely rebuilt after every flight so honestly there brand f'ing new every time he goes some where why do we need to spend that money? please tell me? our dollar us next to useless but go ahead and push it further lets see how far we can take it before even China stops fronting us you idiots
dmacchiarola Jul 02, 2013
there goes more of our tax money.
Scuttle Buttocks Jul 02, 2013
Kaigan Viner Jul 02, 2013
@will but they will get 2 planes so it automatically doubles. And you're looking closer to $500 million per plane alone because they will most likely go with a B747-8 or an A380. They also purchase an extra set of engines for each plane.
phillthegman Jul 02, 2013
he may not have come up with the idea but he can sure ass hell say no that's a bad move
Will Will Jul 02, 2013
@jackson Air Force one is basically a plane with more meeting rooms than usual and advanced communication systems. No armour, no missiles, no weapons (except the guns the secret service carries). But I may be wrong.
Jackson Michael Jul 02, 2013
@Will 300 million at the most? I'd say at least.
Will Will Jul 02, 2013
C'mon, if you want the presidential limo to look a little better, some money has to be spent. Anyway I don't think they will spend $2 billion on Air Force one, the plane will cost $300 million, furnishing it will be another $300 million at most.
Taylor Little Jul 02, 2013
If Lincoln wants to become relevant again, this could be a huge first step.
Zachary Maurer Jul 02, 2013
Although I do agree about what Jackson said, this app isn't about politics, I don't need to listen to all the complaining on tv, go on here and read the same crap I just heard.
Jonathan Romero Jul 02, 2013
The cover of the Cadillac XTS design for the beast looked pretty promising.... How sick it would be if they designed it based on the new Gen Cadillac CTS?! B)
Zeus Mocha Jul 02, 2013
Blah blah blah, lets talk about cars peeps, this will only lead to arguments.
kposkey1 Jul 02, 2013
@whoeversaidit...Obama will probably not get two limos in his presidential term...this new one will probably be for the next president.
Bruce Tumblin Jul 02, 2013
Yea, what Jackson ⬇ said!
Jackson Michael Jul 02, 2013
I hate how people think that the president is behind every fucking decision the government makes. I don't give a shit who the president is or what stupid ass party you're from (because they both suck), just try to learn how your own damn government works before bitching about it.
Kaigan Viner Jul 02, 2013
Air Force 1 is to be replaced in 2017. That will easily be at least $2 billion tax dollars
phillthegman Jul 02, 2013
this is pathetic my card would have been cut off a loooooooooong time ago but this a**hole can just do whatever the f he wants with our money it's called a budget dick
Bruce Tumblin Jul 02, 2013
Guys our president is busy trying to run a country, the head of secret service is probably handling this; besides you would want something that's safe & up to date for you & your family to ride in right!
David Grady Jul 02, 2013
President spending our money again!
Vinny Coppola Jul 02, 2013
That's right Serg, it ridiculous. I mean they used the same presidential limo that JFK got shot in all the way up to the Carter term. They just cleaned it up after he was shot and put it back to work. Asshole Obama gets 2 limos during his presidency.
Serg Karchevsky Jul 02, 2013
Obama just wasting our money like its nothing.
Mitchell Cherry Jul 02, 2013
Government is Government More waste right here
Brittany Sawyer Jul 02, 2013
Actually politicians dont decide on anything in the beast. All of its specs are specific requirements the secret service gives to a company, in which the company carries out.
Zachary Sindelar Jul 02, 2013
So politicians can decide on this but can't decide on wether to keep student loan interest the same or raise, so they go on vacation and forget about it so now its raised to 6.8%. Amazes me!
Jack Howard Jul 04, 2013
Just buy an Zm1 Abrams.
Sam Shikora Jul 03, 2013
Looks sporty as hell to drive!
Colby Church Jul 03, 2013
Lol, you people are hilarious...
Jesper Jensen Jul 03, 2013
Damn its ugly. Hope the new one looks better.
Aj White Jul 03, 2013
@Carlos So uncalled for. U need to kill that shit forreal. The fuck is your problem?
James Donnelly Jul 03, 2013
Interesting fact they did the armour plating at a company here in the city I live in
Jacob Burford Jul 03, 2013
Gets the job done.......... until you stumble upon an Irish speed bump!
Lou Guerrero Jul 02, 2013
If JFK had one of these, he'd be alive. An attempt was made on Ronald Reagan's life in 1981 just outside of his beast. Crazy people are out there and you can't take chances. A VW Golf?! Lol
paul.murray.7146 Jul 02, 2013
specs for the beast- bomb and bullet proof nbc proof full medical kit on board most advanced car ever built and a speed bump in Dublin Castle, Ireland stops it dead,
Louai Sy Jul 02, 2013
Not sure if its fits on mcdonalds drive way
Aaron Crisp Jul 02, 2013
A lot of people want to kill him (Not me, secret service) and I believe many don't dare because of how hard it would obviously be.
Oleg Odessit Jul 02, 2013
Gta also tough that you can save game, let me know how that will fly :)
Bobaloo Anderson Jul 02, 2013
Gta taught me that you can run around with an rpg and not get in trouble
kposkey1 Jul 02, 2013
it's based on the GMC top kick chassis
Oleg Odessit Jul 02, 2013
Define commercial. Cz even 1500 pick up is commercial
David Lee Jul 02, 2013
Isn't it based off of a commercial truck?
Will Will Jul 02, 2013
But I'll agree with one thing: the president's car IS downright ugly. This car needs a redesign so badly that I wouldn't mind the president using some taxpayers dollars for a new presidential limo.
Will Will Jul 02, 2013
You'd already know where is his exact location, trying to disguise him in a mainstream car is no use.
Will Will Jul 02, 2013
Abt launching a missile from the air or from another place and let it fly all the way into the city, its way too easy to detect. And you can't let the commander-in-chief ride a golf, its downright disgraceful. And by tracking cell signal via GPS
Will Will Jul 02, 2013
From the general public. You can, however, run around New York City with sniper/grenade launcher in a black bag without anyone noticing a thing. That's why the best was built to withstand such attacks from grenades and snipers. And if you're talking
Carlos Dorantes Jul 02, 2013
Let me guess, he's gonna put spinners and a big subwoofer on it? Classic!!
Will Will Jul 02, 2013
Phantom stretch limo looks nicer. And you, my friend, are absolutely ignorant if you think presidents don't need armoured cars. You can't carry a missile launcher and run around New York City looking for the president without attracting attention
Will Will Jul 02, 2013
Length car on the planet. You should be comparing, say, a normal length Lincoln town car to the Lincoln town car stretch limo. Which looks nicer? Definitely the latter. Or how abt the phantom normal length vs phantom stretch limo? Of course the
Will Will Jul 02, 2013
@daniel your theory of normal length cars being more classy than longer limos simply does not hold, because you are not comparing the long and short versions of the SAME car, rather you were comparing a long run-down limo to the most luxurious normal
Oleg Odessit Jul 02, 2013
6-7 tonnes. U need chassis to hold it together in case of a land mine or such
Zeus Mocha Jul 02, 2013
No this isn't the other limo nor is it the beast. It's the old presidential limo.
kposkey1 Jul 02, 2013
This isn't even "The Beast" is one of the other armored limos in the presidential motorcade...this one is like the one that got stuck in that driveway in Europe.
npalowitch Jul 02, 2013
Daniel why do you need four comments to say nothing? Most countries have limos for high ranking officials. POTUS probably needs the space in the car, I'm sure he conducts short meetings and gets some work done while he's being driven around. And yeah the proportions look odd but that's probably because there's ARMOR in it.
James Donnelly Jul 02, 2013
Daniel just no... It's more of a presence thing my personal opinion is they should use a escalade limo they exist I see them almost everyday... Oh yeah and throw some rims on ir
Daniel Zizka Jul 02, 2013
Presidents should just have normal silver VW Golfs, with maybe tinted bulletproof glass, like that no terrorist could know where he/she would be ! IMO it's a good idea ! Discretion is the answer for te safety question !
Daniel Zizka Jul 02, 2013
Anyway, even for presidents, I don't see the point of having bulletproof cars ! If somebody really wanted to kill them, they could use a missile ! It's kind of unrealistic I know, but it's possible !
Daniel Zizka Jul 02, 2013
They're not ! I saw an old white Caddy limo the other day, and it looked so cheap ! Normal length cars are much more classy IMO. Like the Phantom ! It's not the longest limo in the world, and it looks a lot better than this !
Daniel Zizka Jul 02, 2013
The front looks so large and it looks as the lights are too small. The thing is dated and hideous. Why don't they make a limo that looks like the Sixteen ? That would be awesome ! And anyway, why do they have limos ? They're so cheap looking, although
Description: More than likely, "The Beast" will be officially retired once the new car is ready. The big question, however, is whether Cadillac will be rewarded the presidential limo contract again or whether Linc...
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paul.lissona Jan 12, 2014
Sukhwinder yah ha that's true.
Ryan Delano Thomas Jul 03, 2013
If they had a new town car they might've
Dylan Bruder Jul 02, 2013
Lincoln won't get it
Jonathan Ippolito Jul 02, 2013
Yes the current limo rides on the Escalade platform . My bet is that the new limo will ride on the new Escalade platform .
Zeus Mocha Jul 02, 2013
On a top kick chassis? That's huge. I thought it was more like the Escalade chassis.
Sukhwinder Singh Jul 02, 2013
They should put some listening devices in there so the NSA knows what Obama is talking about... It is only fair.
kposkey1 Jul 02, 2013
Yes it is speculated that "The Beast" is built on a GMC Topkick chassis
Ben Doolittle Jul 02, 2013
Isn't the current one built on a truck chassis?
Aj White Jul 03, 2013
@Daniel I'm so sick of u! Shut the fuck up!!!! The Prime Minister of Great Britain rides in a new Jaguar XJL for fuck's sake!!!!! A bulletproof cadillac, basically DTS is over the top?!!!!
Connor Smith Jul 02, 2013
It should be a stretched rover 75.
Gustavo Kelso Jul 02, 2013
@Petro, that would be great, however, it simply wouldn't be right for the US president.
Petro Maalouf Jul 02, 2013
The s pullman is the best choice
Aaron Crisp Jul 02, 2013
These limos can withstand ridiculous amounts of radiation.
Tyrone Smith Jul 02, 2013
Daniel wants them to drive in Porsche Limos.
Nick Schnee Jul 02, 2013
Leave the German cars to German politicians. Merkel drives an A8, Obama drives a Cadillac, it makes sense this way.
Will Will Jul 02, 2013
Daniel's just pissed it isn't German engineered like the s guard.
Daniel Zizka Jul 02, 2013
@Oleg, TANK !!
Justin Mancuso Jul 02, 2013
Yeah people don't realize thus thing is nearly bomb proof it's not just a show car.
Oleg Odessit Jul 02, 2013
Daniel, there are two option, tank or this. I dnt think that tank anywhere near as comfortable
aaron.samuels.184 Jul 02, 2013
@ryan Keith. I remember that gas incident lol
Stephen Cobbs Jul 02, 2013
@Daniel. If you were president you would want more than just Plad interior to protect you from an attack,
ryan.keith.1238 Jul 02, 2013
I disagree Daniel, in many countries that these are driven in, people don't like Americans. Our Prez (whoever he or she may be) needs protection. Also need several to have them staged at the next location(s), or in case the new guy puts the wrong type of gas in it!
Brittany Sawyer Jul 02, 2013
Each one of those "limos" has an expert driver and expert shooter to deal with any outside threats. Its the president of the US, if you think they would put him in a foreign car like the gulf, your mistaken
Daniel Zizka Jul 02, 2013
Absolutely ridiculous and it's over the top by a million miles ! " OH LOOK AT ME !!! I HAVE A HUGE BLACK LIMO !!! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME !!! That's what these cars are saying IMO
Colby Church Jul 03, 2013
Lol @Will
logan.neet Jul 02, 2013
This looks safe
Will Will Jul 02, 2013
You must've been a very talented 5 yr old.
David Lee Jul 02, 2013
Looks like something I drew when I was 5.
Andrew McNeal Jul 02, 2013
Wasn't this Reagan's?
Daniel Zizka Jul 02, 2013
@Yasan, what ?!?!
Daniel Zizka Jul 02, 2013
The rear roofline is weird no ?
Waddah Aloqab Jul 03, 2013
This car is awesome 😍
Jacob Burford Jul 02, 2013
Ian Barger Jul 02, 2013
Yeah seriously! Its beautiful.
Peter Skorokhodov Jul 02, 2013
bring this baby back
Omar Aboul-Houda Jul 02, 2013
David Lee Jul 02, 2013
Dat overhang.
Tyler Benoit Jul 04, 2013
If he chooses chrysler, this limo had better have an SRT8 badge somewhere...
Justin Mancuso Jul 03, 2013
The interior for the newer models are beautiful
Vibhu Shakelli Jul 03, 2013
If my memory serves me correctly, Obama did own a 300, which he was very attached to. It's weird that Chrysler isn't jumping on the opportunity. I'd be surprised if Obama chose Lincoln or Cadillac over Chrysler.
Aaron Crisp Jul 02, 2013
Yeah we've chatted like 5 times today... I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious!!
Tyler Steiz Jul 02, 2013
Ehh I think this would actually look pretty sick for a limousine
Jacob Burford Jul 02, 2013
To aggressive to be a limousine.
cole.maniglia Jul 02, 2013
in mean limousines aren't really supposed to be that eye catching. they're meant to look classy
Jack Howard Jul 02, 2013
Your mom goes to college.
Scuttle Buttocks Jul 02, 2013
Says the kid.
Christian Young Jul 02, 2013
Aaron you do mean his imaginary one right?
Louai Sy Jul 02, 2013
I like this car
Aaron Crisp Jul 02, 2013
Just like your girlfriend.
David Lee Jul 02, 2013
I have seen properly done 300 limos and they all looked boring and unimpressive.
cole.maniglia Jul 02, 2013
it would make a good presidential limousine. look at it. just extend kt a bit and you have a truly beautiful limousine
Ryan Sansossio Jul 02, 2013
...why is this here?
Mason Sch Jul 21, 2013
Of course u do Colby cuz u have a clear bias of Chrysler or any Chrysler products
Colby Church Jul 03, 2013
I think it's pretty nice, definitely a start in the right direction for Lincoln.
Dylan Bruder Jul 02, 2013
Nope not for me
Jacob Burford Jul 02, 2013
Not bad. Good by Lincoln standards!
dylan.berry.543 Jul 02, 2013
It looks like a whale.
Jonathan Ippolito Jul 02, 2013
This would make one pathetic and ugly presidential limo .
Aaron Crisp Jul 02, 2013
Idk, don't really love it. Does look good though. Don't imagine it looking very good stretched though.
Nick Schnee Jul 02, 2013
The MKC concept looked sweet.
Dillon Dixon Jul 02, 2013
I really like the optional sliding full glass roof. That thing is sweet
mario.lalane Jul 02, 2013
still fwd
Bruce Tumblin Jul 02, 2013
The MKS is the top car then the MKZ
David Lee Jul 02, 2013
Oh god. I think I'm blind.
Tanton Stoneman Jul 02, 2013
I like the MKS better(IMO, no arguments please) but this thing looks very sharp.
Oleg Odessit Jul 02, 2013
From what i know they have new designer, from one of the italians firms
Andrew McNeal Jul 02, 2013
Not bad, Lincoln seems to be getting away from only making car for the elderly
Jackson Michael Jul 02, 2013
Really a decent looking car
keewey Jul 02, 2013
I saw one yesterday it look so better than the picture lol
Nick Rowe Jul 02, 2013
I actually like this!
Dan Morris Jul 02, 2013
That's the new Lincoln MKZ.
Daniel Young Jul 02, 2013
That's sharp!