Comments - Medieval Catapult Hurls Peugeot 100ft into the Air

Published: Jul 02, 2013
Description: Employed in the Middle Ages, a Trebuchet was a powerful catapult that was used to hurl stones, darts, sharp wooden poles and firebrands at enemy opponents. And if they had cars back in the 1300s they...
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Nick Schnee Jul 02, 2013
Makes so much sense for a Christian community to name their trebuchet after an ancient Greek god.
Description: The red Peugeot was left a broken mess after being launched 100ft into the air, but the event did raise enough money to buy the church a new organ.
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Raymond Reynoso Jul 03, 2013
Lmao @ Ibrahim
Ibrahim Bedwan Jul 03, 2013
Bet it can't lift Rick ross
Jackthorn Morknoy Jul 02, 2013
How funny?
Anthony Perugini Jul 02, 2013
Brb gonna go play burnout
Tyrone Smith Jul 02, 2013
That was disappointing to watch....
Brandon Broussard Jul 02, 2013
Should have put the barrel inside the Peugeot!
Corey Alan Kelley Jul 02, 2013
Dang half the organ went the wrong way
Chris Mallinson Jul 02, 2013
They could of taken the speedlines off of it first
Jacob Burford Jul 03, 2013
It would be pretty damn sweet to watch live!
Henning Rosendal Andersen Jul 03, 2013
Peugeots are made by old piano parts. Lol
Nick Schnee Jul 02, 2013
Looks like one of these airburst Napalms they used in Vietnam.