Comments - Jaguar F-Type Coupe Spied

Published: Jul 02, 2013
Description: Brits love their convertibles, and for a brand which banks as heavily on the image of being British as Jaguar, convertibles are important. This is why our first taste of the new F-Type spots car was ...
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James Kao Jul 02, 2013
Doesn't look like they'll be able to keep the side-hinged hatch, a la e type coupe, as seen on the original concept car
Nick Rowe Jul 02, 2013
Can't beat the sound of the motor with the roof down. An F Type on a mountain road is the best experience I've had so far
Description: This version is also equipped with the 495-horsepower 5.0-liter V8 which is the top-tier engine option for the car. The coupe appears to be a bit shorter than the roadster as well, and we’re eager to ...
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Edward Galligan Jul 03, 2013
Nice engine
Adam Ramey Jul 02, 2013
There was a lot of tire squeal, I couldn't really hear the engine
Carlton Salmon Jul 02, 2013
I really hope Jaguar make this version with the 700bhp they mentioned recently. This would literally fly out of the showrooms!
Jacob Burford Jul 02, 2013
Can't wait for this!
Jed Hamilton Jul 02, 2013
I want a white one with gull winged doors
abraham.mendoza.39 Jul 02, 2013
I. can't wait......hnngng
Tyrone Smith Jul 02, 2013
Looks more like a crazy paint scheme than a camo. What's the point?
Daniel Alexander Soutar Jul 02, 2013
I approve of Justin's comment XD Gorgeous thing, although indeed why they bother with camo is slightly beyond me...
Justin Harris Jul 02, 2013
I like how there's camo on everything except the new roof.
Ben Doolittle Jul 02, 2013
Why the camo? Everybody's already seen the original concept.
Luke Purdy Jul 02, 2013
They are giving the XK an overhaul now so I guess we'll just wait and see
Vinny Coppola Jul 02, 2013
I was wondering, with this being on the Jaguar fleet, Who will buy the XK now over this?
Daniel Zizka Jul 02, 2013
I love the F, don't get me wrong, but I'm not interested in these pics. I mean, we all know what it's going to look like, there will be no surprise. But I have to say again that this is beautiful !
James Kao Jul 02, 2013
Think the issue with the spoiler is related to where the cut line is for the trunk on the roadster and hatch for the coupe. The spoiler spans the entire width of that opening. Appears the hatch opening on the coupe is narrower than the roadster trunk
Robi Dunay Jul 02, 2013
Looks great everywhere
Chris Mallinson Jul 02, 2013
Just a shame the spoiler looks like a shitty crossfire one
Jad Chaar Jul 02, 2013
Loving the lights.