Comments - BMW i3 Coming July 29

Published: Jul 02, 2013
Description: Two years to the day BMW debuted the i3 Concept, the carmaker will officially unveil the final production version of the electric car on July 29. To build some hype, BMW has revealed this very odd te...
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Sascha C. Jauk Jul 04, 2013
Vorfreude! These marketing guys are funny. Today once again the prototype of the i8 passed me and once again the 3cyl engine was running.... Seems to work good on Autobahn!
James Campbell Jul 02, 2013
Great my birthday is now ruined!
Robi Dunay Jul 02, 2013
We want the i8! We want the i8!
Gary Alaina Jul 02, 2013
Tyrone always knows whats up!
JB Kolod Jul 02, 2013
I don't mind it
Taylor Greenfield Jul 02, 2013
Nailed it Tyrone
Tyrone Smith Jul 02, 2013
Honestly, who gives a fuck? The car is ugly as hell.
Description: The first of BMW’s i-family (to be followed by the i8 supercar at Frankfurt in September), the i3 will be offered with a 168hp all-electric powertrain and a plug-in range-extender called the REx.
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David Jefferis Jul 03, 2013
Cute chicks, dunno about the car. Wait until the 29th I guess.
johnlbattersby Jul 03, 2013
Worst commercial EVER! Way to water down your brand image BMW!
Dennis Choong Jul 03, 2013
Looks like GAP commercial
Daniel Alexander Soutar Jul 03, 2013
That was the most irrelevant video for a car I've seen recently ==' As for the i3, I don't think we should all put it down - like Tesla, this (sub-)brand is making a car designed to be electric from the ground up. It could yet be a revelation...
Jared Berry Jul 03, 2013
What's the song?
Phillip B Jong Jul 03, 2013
What in the actual Fcuk is this. Whoever decided this was a good idea should be fired immediately.
Ilya Kravchik Jul 02, 2013
Tesla showed the world that EVs can be cool. Thanks for taking 2 steps back bmw
Carson Ogden Jul 02, 2013
Harrison Trapnell Jul 02, 2013
WOW! The hype level for the i3 is insane low.
Nick Sti Jul 02, 2013
Hahaha Nihal
Tyrone Smith Jul 02, 2013
@JB nah, I'm good... I think I'll stay here and continue to say how ugly and terrible this car is...
Nihal Pradhan Jul 02, 2013
Is the i3 a new clothes brand?
Gary Alaina Jul 02, 2013
Vorfreude = homo
JB Kolod Jul 02, 2013
@tyrone how do you know it's terrible before its even officially announced? Get out
Louai Sy Jul 02, 2013
Stupid video, what does the people taking pictures have to do with the electric car, i like the car tho
Tyrone Smith Jul 02, 2013
The i8 is cool. But the i3 is just terrible.
Brandon Broussard Jul 02, 2013
The i8 was in the latest Mission Impossible! It was awesome
mike.ralsh Jul 03, 2013
Those tires are huge!
Edward Galligan Jul 03, 2013
Wow it looks amazing! I can totally see the car in this picture!!
Felix E. Romier Jul 16, 2013
@timothy.chen.5439 China was on America's side in WWII....
timothy.chen.5439 Jul 04, 2013
cute BMW. FWD? Mini has already ruined BMW's RWD pure blood so w/e
Davey Edwards Jul 03, 2013
The golf cart of the future
Edward Galligan Jul 03, 2013
It's a plastic and glass smart for two
David Jefferis Jul 03, 2013
I don't mind the looks, even if like most of today's BMW's it's too fussy. Not sure my GF will want strangers looking at her undies thru those transparent doors though!
Jed Hamilton Jul 03, 2013
Worst bmw ever
Jul 03, 2013
Why so many haters?? It doesn't look that bad
Adam Thomson Jul 03, 2013
Make just the i8 instead.
Phillip B Jong Jul 03, 2013
Marshall, I definitely agree. It needs much less suck and much more car-like design. BMW, take notes from the electric SLS and R8 (just don't feature a repelling blue paint job).
Omar Aboul-Houda Jul 02, 2013
I like the front lights.
Jacob Burford Jul 02, 2013
It isn't great, but I don't find it too bad.
Jordan Jackson Jul 02, 2013
VV and that's an insult to beetles, lol
Marshall Barr Jul 02, 2013
I just don't understand why they have to make electric cars so damn ugly. Why not make it look like a standard 3 series coupe or better yet the z series. I'm sure they have to be lighter then the standard car but seriously come on. That's a beetle.
Tyrone Smith Jul 02, 2013
Gustavo Kelso Jul 03, 2013
This should make a decent mainstream car, BMW is making something new, and should be celebrated for doing so.
Carlton Salmon Jul 03, 2013
Where's the 'Hofmeister Kink' gone? :-(
Fakir Smith Jul 02, 2013
I like it. Problem is... Price, range, etc.
Daniel Anglevik Jul 02, 2013
Like the rims...thats it
Max Dell Jul 02, 2013
I'd key the crap out one lol
John Patten Jul 02, 2013
I'm a huge BMW fan boy, and I hate this, the I8, eh it's ok, needs a real engine though
Max Dell Jul 02, 2013
40,000$ lol
Davey Edwards Jul 03, 2013
Bionic tires?
cole.maniglia Jul 02, 2013
that's the shit I don't like
Daniel Anglevik Jul 02, 2013
Looks like a sad face
Tyrone Smith Jul 02, 2013
BMW is gonna make me throw up.