Posted on: Jul 11, 2013
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Next-Gen Bugatti Veyron Exclusive

These may be the only images of the next generation Veyron you'll see this year.
Bugatti sources recently claimed a final edition 1,500 horsepower Veyron would have "fantasy" performance levels, a top speed of 280 mph and a price tag of around $7.7 million. That’s a car we all want to see, but these exclusive images sent to us by a source close to the French carmaker gives us a first look at what Bugatti has in store for the next-generation Veyron. Whether these come direct from Bugatti’s drawing table or are an interpretation based on information the tipster has gleaned is unclear.

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However, it is apparent the next generation model is going to be more evolutionary than revolutionary in terms of design. Wider, longer with a more swept back profile and aggressive air intakes, the tighter, more muscular lines will match the improved 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 engine’s output figures that will almost certainly have to make the same sort of statement the original Veyron did when it broke cover in 2005. Over 1,500 horsepower? Don’t rule it out when the next-generation model arrives sometime in 2016.

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by Adam Lynton
Next-Gen Bugatti Veyron Exclusive
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