Comments - Sebastien Loeb Storms Pikes Peak, Shatters Record Time

Published: Jul 01, 2013
Description: There’s winning a race and then there’s this kind of feat. It’s no secret that Sebastien Loeb is an amazing rally driver, and when he brought his Peugeot to Pikes Peak, there was always a very real c...
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conan45 Jul 03, 2013
To all those that say this time is not impressive because the track is all paved now. the previous record holder set a new record himself but was still 49 seconds slower than Loab. Still think this time was not impressive? Let's see you do better!
Barry Boo Wilson Jul 01, 2013
Never mind I didn't realize it was all paved now. Not that impressive now.
Barry Boo Wilson Jul 01, 2013
Wow that is crazy.
Kyle Malcomson Jul 01, 2013
Loeb is a bit special
Jose Carlos Jul 01, 2013
Amazing run!!
Dylan Bruder Jul 01, 2013
Jeez that man is unstoppable
Luke Purdy Jul 01, 2013
That Peugoet is seriously one of the most mind boggling machines I've ever heard of...
Description: This isn’t something that is seen all that often in motorsports, such a huge jump forward in the space of just a year. But the video is here, and you can watch it for yourself.
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Steven Eppler Jul 03, 2013
Since it's paved all the way up now, time to get some F1 sleds to make an attempt...
Steven Eppler Jul 03, 2013
Awesome drive....shitty, clueless announcers, crappy coverage of the climb.....I'll wait for the onboard.
Ryan Clark Jul 02, 2013
Wow what shit commentators!
Kyle Kloewer Jul 01, 2013
For better videos, go to YouTube at WRC's channel is much better
Kevin Blockley Jul 01, 2013
No dirt section anymore ,All paved!! didnt the previous record have a combination of both paved and Gravel? All the same good Job To Leob. If this is the case Redbull Racing should just bring Sebasten Vettel in his F1 RB9 and smash this record
Carlton Salmon Jul 01, 2013
So what happened to the interior cam shots they promised at the beginning of the clip. Well done Sébastien Loeb, by the way...
Jacob Burges Jul 01, 2013
These commentators are awful... They knew absolutely nothing about the track, or the car.
Barry Boo Wilson Jul 01, 2013
Good lord that was terrible commentators and camera work. Had to cut it after a couple minutes lol.
hsanchezescalona9545454 Jul 01, 2013
this is the shittiest narration I have ever had the bad luck to listen to
logan.neet Jul 01, 2013
Yeah this race was so much more impressive when it was still partially dirt. But I'd still love to drive it
Christian Billman Jul 01, 2013
@Brandon Truth.
Sasa Jungic Jul 01, 2013
Brandon Largent Jul 01, 2013
I'd be a lot more impressed if this was achieved before the track was paved. There's no doubt that was fast, but it is a whole new track vs what the old record was set on. To me, that takes away from his accomplishment.
Lou Guerrero Jul 01, 2013
This car had a lot of hype surrounding it and it didn't disappoint. Loeb is a complete boss too.
Garrett Murrell Jul 01, 2013
8:20 "hairporn" turns. I wonder what he was thinking about.
Artem Sharoshkin Jul 01, 2013
What a terrible video production. Good for Loeb though.
Gueric Payraud Jul 01, 2013
Vive la France !!!! :-b
Michael Mayfield Jul 01, 2013
VV yuuuppp
Julio Valdez Jul 01, 2013
This isn't very surprising, this is the first year that the entire route of the race is completely paved. I'm pretty sure when Millen set the first record there were parts with dirt. That's why they both beat it by so much
Aung Thant Hein Jul 01, 2014
V He predicted Koenigsegg new car
Gary Alaina Jul 01, 2013
1 to 1 power to weight ratio!
Kyle Kloewer Jul 01, 2013
Who doesn't? Lol
Lou Guerrero Jul 01, 2013
I want that life
Hunter Nolte Jul 01, 2013
The Peugeot is smiling cuz it knows its won
Jacob Burford Jul 01, 2013
Awesome machine in an awesome shot!
logan.neet Jul 01, 2013
That's a great shot
Justin Harris Jul 01, 2013
Ah I didn't think about the altitude factor Lou! Good input!
Lou Guerrero Jul 01, 2013
Food for thought. Less air density, less downforce available to affect the wing element. Also why nearly every car is turbocharged.
Kyle Malcomson Jul 01, 2013
I guess that's the difference between a full manufacturer who can go to wind tunnels etc and a privateer effort that has to, to some extent guess
Tara Fitria Jul 01, 2013
Doesn't need all that much downforce compared to that FUBAR NSX that was on here recently.