Comments - Mercedes Reveals CLA45 Edition 1

Published: Jul 01, 2013
Description: After the special CLA, A45 AMG and S-Class, Mercedes’ latest Edition 1 program has been rolled out for the CLA45 AMG. Featuring the carmaker’s Night package, the CLA45 AMG “Edition 1” comes with red ...
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Anwazi Jul 02, 2013
not sure about this CLA. will have to see in person but looks like designers had to Compact, what would otherwise look good on a bigger wheelbase model, the curves. makes it look oddly shaped. too much fluidity in the lines. its like they let everyone draw a curve somewhere like its someones going away card. IMO
Stephen Krane Jul 02, 2013
I would take an Audi rs3 over any other hot hatch or super compact
Sergio Montelongo Jul 02, 2013
@jacob true but have you heard how the past amg tuned Mercedes sound if this sounds as good as the past amgs Mercedes I wouldn't mind
Jacob Burford Jul 01, 2013
Looks great! Shame that all the first reviews are saying it is disappointing to drive!
BentleyMike Jul 01, 2013
If this car was available in a stick shift I'd already have put down my deposit.
Scuttle Buttocks Jul 01, 2013
I hate the profile of this car. A squashed cls isn't cool remotely.
Mike Bradnan Jul 01, 2013
I like the red accents. This car is gorgeous!
Rocco DePerno Jul 01, 2013
Carlton Salmon Jul 01, 2013
Lose the cheap-looking side decals, the red accents around the grille and the black, ugly wheels and you're good to go.
Bala Uncc Jul 01, 2013
I think it looks very good Jul 01, 2013
initially, i wanted to get 1. but after looking at so many pictures of the cla it got uglier n uglier. so hv to cancel.
Luke Purdy Jul 01, 2013
This looks beast!
Gary Alaina Jul 01, 2013
Everyone is going special editions now and they the biggest joke. Less slap afew colours here, a dash of colour there, less make that tiny piece of whatever carbon and hey presto! A worse looking car that is 10k more 💩💩💩 (maybe not worse looking lol, but you could do better yourself wight he money)
Talal AbolTell Jul 02, 2013
So sporty
Petro Maalouf Jul 01, 2013
Lovely as usual .... The best or nothing
Willie McGonagill Jul 03, 2013
v Well arent you a little automotive engineer?
Adrian Cordova Jul 01, 2013
The problem with this rear is that it's too long. It needs to be shorter, the rear end needs to be higher and the car needs to be wider. The only car that can pull off a rear that sloped is the g37, but it's wide and high enough it still looks good
Jacob Burford Jul 01, 2013
Sexy rear
Scuttle Buttocks Jul 01, 2013
Who the hell puts a meme as a profile pic.
Andrei Alexandru Jul 01, 2013
Meh...I just can't seem to like this back, there's something off about it, I'm not sure what.
Evan Liebgott Jul 01, 2013
What did i just read?vvv
Rocco DePerno Jul 01, 2013
@fakir, I'm more of an afternoon shitter. Except for when I'm in school, I don't fuck with public bathrooms. I tend to shit anywhere from 2-7, I don't like pooping at night though because my bathroom light flickers and it's scary.
Bala Uncc Jul 01, 2013
Very nicely done
Fakir Smith Jul 01, 2013
Horrible. It's the shape of every one of my morning bowel movements.
Tyler Wallace Jul 01, 2013
the wheel arches need to flared
maarten.nijhuis.7 Jul 01, 2013
the back looks really mean
Scuttle Buttocks Jul 01, 2013
I'd that fake carbon fibre?
Bala Uncc Jul 01, 2013
Just curious, they are getting around 350 go from this TT 4 cylinders, how reliable is it going to be for long run?
Jacob Burford Jul 01, 2013
Looks sporty, but still classy!
Scuttle Buttocks Jul 01, 2013
Me too.
Bala Uncc Jul 01, 2013
Like everything except gps
Craig Smith Jul 01, 2013
GPS looks like a cheap afterthought IMO
Gary Alaina Jul 01, 2013
Merc make exquisite interiors even at this price point.
Imroz Ali Jul 01, 2013
I like how Merc's using the SLS air vents and gear shift in other AMG models.
Jason Ware Jul 01, 2013
Those seats look like they reach out and hug you when you sit down
Tyrone Smith Jul 01, 2013
It'll be all paddle shifters. No more 3 pedals. Sad, but it'll turn out to be necessary.
joshua.robbins.5249 Jul 01, 2013
Manual in a MB ya no way. Double clutch gear boxes are more efficient. don't take me wrong I love a manual gear box but unfortunately by 2017 manuals will be dead. A certain few car makers might still offer a three pedal but it's un likely.