Comments - Koenigsegg CCX Crashes into the Crowd

Published: Jul 01, 2013
Description: Car accidents are sadly regular occurrences and some are more brutal than others. But this recent one involving a Koenigsegg CCX is particularly painful to see as the car itself was totaled and, more...
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Mitchell Cook Jul 02, 2013
Shut up, Aaron potato chip
Aaron Crisp Jul 01, 2013
Mitchell's just trolling to piss of Colby, grow up man.
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 01, 2013
Yup Mitch is right, this is a CCR... Koenigseggs in general are very rare but I would say the CCR is rarer.
Killian Wright Jul 01, 2013
So sad. I read somewhere else it was because he decided to show off with the traction control off. And aren't CCR's rarer then CCX's?
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jul 01, 2013
Man that sucks all those people got hurt glad no one died
Mitch Pchelarov Jul 01, 2013
It is a CCR that crashed not a CCX
Mitchell Cook Jul 01, 2013
Not at all man. It's because C5s are cheaper, and there would have been less damage costs
William Downs Jul 01, 2013
Cause that would make the fact that 19 spectators got hurt better somehow?... What a dick
Mitchell Cook Jul 01, 2013
Pity it wasn't a C5 :/
Description: It spun out of control due to accelerating too fast and the hit the curb. Witnesses claim the CCX driver, who was not intoxicated, tried to impress the crowd by accelerating really hard from the start...
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Faris Shihab Dec 21, 2013
They should hang that guy in a hook for 5 years.
Matt Close Jul 02, 2013
Traction control?
Victor Ijustwannagofast Pitts Jul 02, 2013
Russia? Lol, jk
Sergio Montelongo Jul 02, 2013
This is the car that scared the shit out of Jeremy clarkson even he said that it was very difficult to drive so I, not surprised still I want one they so cool
Ben Hislop Jul 01, 2013
Another video for World's Dumbest Drivers.
Harry Fisk Jul 01, 2013
first trees now people
suzuki.gixer.9 Jul 01, 2013
Throw your legs in the air like you just don't care.
Paul McGuire Jul 01, 2013
What a complete moron it looks like he hit those people pretty damn fast. Hope they're ok. Maybe it didn't have the Top Gear rear wing?
Jeffrey Galea Jul 01, 2013
I'm just glad the car is ok lol jk
joshua.robbins.5249 Jul 01, 2013
Nevermind I guess I'm drunk haha.
joshua.robbins.5249 Jul 01, 2013
@Garrett what are you talking about, car buzz never said anything about the car being totaled. so I think your drunk.
Garrett Murrell Jul 01, 2013
Go home carbuzz, your drunk. Not totaled.
Malachi Monteiro Jul 01, 2013
Maybe this is a good chance to pick up a used Koenigsegg!
Oleg Odessit Jul 01, 2013
Cold tires
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jul 01, 2013
If you watch closely you'll see that he never had control from the get go. He just kept tail whipping from one side to the next and never let off the gas. My friend did the exact same thing with the same result. (Minus the people)
Carlton Salmon Jul 01, 2013
Such a shame a Koenigsegg was trashed by an inexperienced show-off in front of a nearby crowd. I hope all those injured will be okay.
Ethan Amo Jul 01, 2013
That was like going bowling..with people as the pins and a million dollar car as the ball
David Harris Jul 01, 2013
Hope those people are fine
Tim Hooker Jul 01, 2013
I know the crowd. I ran over them as well.
Tyler Abrams Jul 01, 2013
Hop the cars ok look ok thank god
Tyler Abrams Jul 01, 2013
Gta style on the people
Fakir Smith Jul 01, 2013
Every comment here - "Trash the driver - trash the driver. I'm an expert. I'm an expert. We need more laws. Hope everyone is ok."
Mitchell Cook Jul 01, 2013
Haha. I've never met this henrik guy before. Just a random comment haha
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jul 01, 2013
Lmaoooo @mitchell you just shot hendrick down soo hard
William Downs Jul 01, 2013
VvV- bingo!
Jul 01, 2013
Hope those people are fine...
Dylan Bruder Jul 01, 2013
Oh dang I hope they're ok
Jason Ware Jul 01, 2013
It should be mandatory to take a super car driving course when you purchase a car like this.. If it is your first.
Mitchell Cook Jul 01, 2013
No you haven't, henrik. And by the way man, why did you leave our school? Because your bike got stolen right??
Darren Nardo Jul 01, 2013
That's a shame hope no one was seriously injured. Seems kind of stupid to be standing right on side of a long stretch of road where exotic cars will most likely be doing triple digit speeds and expect not to get hit. Driver error or not.
Luke Purdy Jul 01, 2013
What a fool
Zachary Sindelar Jul 01, 2013
Damn! That's crazy! Doesn't look like anyone got ran over, just smacked. So hopefully no one suffers from this.
Henrik Sandven Jul 01, 2013
I know the owner, i have driven in it.
Carlos Galicia Jul 01, 2013
Damn that was harsh Shouldn't have entered the race if he can't control the car, that couldn't been worse
Jason Smith Jul 01, 2013
Just shows the damage an inexperienced driver can cause when driving a very powerful car - I don't think that he had control of the car from the very start of his run. Also, considering the proximity of the crowd to the road, those skinny crowd control barriers would never have cut it here in the UK.. Just hope the people injured are okay.
Adam Thomson Jul 08, 2013
Not so bad damages
Stephen Krane Jul 02, 2013
to oranges. Corvettes are incredible but the zo6 and zr1 don't compare to the agera or the ccx or cc8 or ccr or any other car they built. It isn't fair to compare the corvette to koninsegg because they are Hypercars not sports or supercars
Stephen Krane Jul 02, 2013
I'm a corvette junky I love the new ones and I love the old. I know tons about their rich history. And their racing past and present. However konenseggs (I know that's incorrect) are a far superior automobile. Who makes more money is comparing apples
Justin Mancuso Jul 02, 2013
Randal shut up because in case you didn't know koenigsegg made the CCGT which was fully prepped for racing.
William Downs Jul 01, 2013
That depends on the body damage u can't see, it's carbon fiber so it has to be thoroughly inspected, and since its structural any kind of crack could total out the car for safety reason alone
matt Wilson Jul 01, 2013
im sorry but that does not look 'totaled'
Aaron Crisp Jul 01, 2013
Aaron Crisp Jul 01, 2013
Josh you must drive a Honda. Sure, GM isn't my favorite brand but please get some knowledge.. You're talking out of your ass as well and sound like such a cool. Just grow up a bit man.
Daniel Kenneth Babler Jul 01, 2013
Josh.. Wow... Have you owned a GM product?
Fadi Najor Jul 01, 2013
Paul McGuire Jul 01, 2013
More pointless Corvette comments! This is an article about a god damned Koenigsegg mother suckers!
Josh Andrews Jul 01, 2013
Lol who cares if the corvette has more history at the end of the day its still a shitty GM product ,lol government motors
Dylan Bruder Jul 01, 2013
@randall 1953 was the start sir
Colby Churchwood Jul 01, 2013
Koenigsegg in their defence does make cars by hand
Dylan Bruder Jul 01, 2013
Yup he's about as bad as nsx now
Mitchell Cook Jul 01, 2013
Tyler. Serious, you think a corvette is better than a HyperCar? Lets be realistic man
Tyler Wallace Jul 01, 2013
@ mitchell u just talkin out your ass now
Mitchell Cook Jul 01, 2013
Still better than a corvette
Mitchell Cook Jul 01, 2013
It'll buff out
Aumi Haq Jul 01, 2013
Mitchell Cook Jul 01, 2013
Cops cars, sound their alarms!
luckylukebrooks Sep 06, 2013
this pictures hilarious knowing no one died
Justin Mancuso Jul 02, 2013
Look at the poor lady on the top left! She's about to be in a world of hurt!!!!!
Janya Pulusu Jul 01, 2013
It's better than getting run over by a prius
Ben Hislop Jul 01, 2013
Alex Bean Jul 01, 2013
this is the craziest picture ive ever seen
Aaron Crisp Jul 01, 2013
Geez.. You'd imagine that they'd have some cement barriers up.
suzuki.gixer.9 Jul 01, 2013
bwaahahaha! What a knob! I bet moments before this he uttered those famous words... "Watch this!"
Rocco DePerno Jul 01, 2013
Whoops, it appears that i'm a dick...
Rocco DePerno Jul 01, 2013
Colby Churchwood Jul 01, 2013
The kid in blue is doing the mackaraina
Joshua Sweeney Jul 01, 2013
I think everyone should have to get a special license to be able to drive a car like this. I'm sick of seeing people get in accidents like this cause they don't know how to drive a super car. Also people shouldn't be so close to the side. Jersey barriers will stop a car, not a steel fence. Maybe the person going to jail should be the event planner.
Darian Vorlick Jul 01, 2013
That's gonna leave a bruise.
Gary Alaina Jul 01, 2013
Jeez he could go to jail for something like this!
Taylor Rosello Jul 01, 2013
Whoa! Hope they were ok!
Mitchell Cook Jul 01, 2013
Hope that they are all ok :/
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jul 01, 2013
Ouch. That doesnt look good
Luke Purdy Jul 01, 2013
You can tell that there are going to be a lot of broken legs
mohd.almarzooqi Jul 01, 2013
I hope everyone is ok
Carlos Galicia Jul 01, 2013
Holy crap, they look like ragdolls unfortunately
Jared Oteri Jul 01, 2013
Oooooo sheeeeeeeettttt
Ben Knorr Jul 03, 2013
Ya, longer because of the restyled bumpers. Wheelbase is the same as it was 18 years ago.
Stephen Krane Jul 03, 2013
You need to check your eyes the agera is longer too so how is it different
Ben Knorr Jul 03, 2013
I specifically ignored the 997 vs 991 comparison because it was so ridiculous. that is easily recognizable because the wheel bases are different along with every other dimension. You really need to get yours eyes checked bro.
Stephen Krane Jul 03, 2013
First of all don't fix what isn't broke. Second is that if you look at them side by side you'll see that there are a lot of changes. Also as I said before more then the 997 carrera to the 991
Ben Knorr Jul 02, 2013
That's my point Stephen. They do still make this model, it appears they just restyled the headlights, tail-lights, front and rear bumpers and started calling it the Agera. If you can't see that's all they did then u need to get your eyes checked.
Stephen Krane Jul 02, 2013
@ben they don't make this model anymore so how would its shape change. Also their new model the agera looks much more different then the ccx, then the 997 carrera to the 991 carrera
Ben Knorr Jul 02, 2013
even the 911 changes all of its body panels every 5 yrs or so. The doors, windscreen and side panels are exactly the same on the k-segg as they've always been. And if you don't think there's room for improvement with the design you'd be wrong.
William Downs Jul 02, 2013
Why would they change the body witch has been proven aerodynamically efficient, Porsche has done the same thing with the. 911, its there image why change it when it works perfectly fine
Ben Knorr Jul 02, 2013
I said nearly 20 years ago. K-segg was founded in 1994 first prototype done by 1996 which looked pretty much like this. Most cars change their look every 6-8 years, at most not more than 10 years. its time for an all new model imo.
Stephen Krane Jul 02, 2013
@ben this wasn't made 20 years ago and even if it was how does it change its shape over time
Adam Thomson Jul 01, 2013
I think it looks great, but Agera is better looking.
Paul McGuire Jul 01, 2013
I agree Ben, not a fan of the styling from day one. All the important things are there like being super low and super wide, but could be so much better
Ben Knorr Jul 01, 2013
Not a fan of these. Not sure if its because they lack any racing pedigree or the fact that the cars look the same as they did nearly 20yrs ago.
Stephen Krane Jul 02, 2013
The ccr is my favorite cause its so much more mechanical
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 01, 2013
That's not what I meant, but whatever, I could care less about which Koenigsegg I would have because they're all awesome. I prefer a manual though
Sam McCracken Jul 01, 2013
I'll Go With The Agera R
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 01, 2013
I'll go with CCR
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 01, 2013
The car in the video wasn't a CCX, it was either a CC8S or a CCR....
Mitchell Cook Jul 01, 2013
Stop the trolling man
Carlos Galicia Jul 01, 2013
This really looks like another car but can't put my thumb on it hmm(sarcasm)