Comments - Hot Russian Lip-and-Drift-Syncs in New Music Video

Published: Jul 01, 2013
Description: Russian girls love singing in cars. We’ve seen it before of course, but this production is a bit more polished. Yet to break into the Russian Top 20, it’s only a matter of time for Catrine judging by...
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Jarrett Sheppard Jul 01, 2013
She looked good for certain. Don't bad she can't do it for real. Sing or drive. lol
Description: Here she’s met by a couple of cop cars filled with speed munching clubbers and the video descends into generic dance music video trash with water sprinklers an everything.
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Raymond Reynoso Jul 02, 2013
But... Does he ever get the kiss???
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jul 01, 2013
Lol i like this she was pulling hand brakes and every thing
Jul 01, 2013
oh yes... The Vette Chick
Colby Church Jul 01, 2013
I bet you guys already had this on your office playlist and one of you just happened to look up the music video right? Haha :)
Joshua Sweeney Jul 01, 2013
Basshunter did a vid just like this called "Angel in the Night". I believe the woman in basshunters is more attractive. Thoughts?
Aaron Abely Jul 03, 2013
Least I think that's a JDM front end. Not a Japanese car guru.
Aaron Abely Jul 03, 2013
I'm not a fan. A drift car isn't supposed to look flashy. But they don't have to look hobbled together either. The s15 does not look good. It looks half done. The outlandish paint on the Silvia is not my cup of tea. But the JDM front end is.
Stephen Krane Jul 02, 2013
they ugly and or overdone
Stephen Krane Jul 02, 2013
Shut the fuck up Gary. What body kit one has a front lip and the other has a Silvia front. I don't care what you have it doesn't mean shit. What matters is what you say and you're being ignorant. These are real drift cars not show cars. In no way are
Gary Alaina Jul 02, 2013
My misses r32 we drift crazy. Rb26det (400rwhp), adjustable suspension, camber kit, 18x10 enkei wheels, sway bars, bride bucket seats, slammed on its ass. And it looks bad ass! These are IMO crap, way overdone. So easy to get these looking right and they failed.
Gary Alaina Jul 02, 2013
These look overdone, the 240 has a roof scoop, ugly bodykit, ugly paint colour, ugly bonnet, and gay stickers. The s15 has ugly as guards, ugly bonnet and wheels, crap headlight covers and again, gay stickers.
Gary Alaina Jul 02, 2013
I very much understand what these are. I own a r32 skyline. And all my friends own 180sx, s13-14-15, ae86's, cefiro's, sourers, supras, RWD evo's and Rex's etc.. I very much am part of the jdm seen, especially drifting. And I hate show car drift cars, I like plain cars with worked engines, just the necessities.
Stephen Krane Jul 02, 2013
They don't even look like beaters. But if they aren't show cars everyone says how ugly they are. Even when it's not true
Lou Guerrero Jul 01, 2013
Yeah, a lot of my friends have missiles. Cheap, boosted beaters for practice.
Tyrone Smith Jul 01, 2013
Yeah Drift cars aren't supposed to be all flashy and fancy. I actually prefer them to be all beater-ish. It makes them look more bad ass.
Byakka Miyamoto Jul 01, 2013
@lou There ignorant They dont kno wat these cars even r, lol
Lou Guerrero Jul 01, 2013
Lol they're drift cars. Probably gonna rub a wall or a few cars at some point. No need for flashy jobs.
Gary Alaina Jul 01, 2013
The 240 and s15 can look so dam good to. These look like crap
Colby Church Jul 01, 2013
That's an ugly ass car.
Toni.Maura Jul 02, 2013
Darian Vorlick Jul 01, 2013
God bless Russian women.
Avery Williams Jul 01, 2013
Those are sum huge heels!!!!!
Carlton Salmon Jul 01, 2013
Oo-er, mind the paintwork, love!
Colin Ornelas Jul 02, 2013
Haha they had to censor the sponsors to avoid copyright.
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jul 01, 2013
Damn thats sexy