Comments - Factory Five's Rare GTM Supercar Draws Crowds

Published: Jul 01, 2013
Description: You don’t see many kit supercars, but it makes sense for the company manufacturing this one to be Factory Five. Known primarily as one of the biggest manufacturers of AC/Shelby replicas, Factory Five...
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Jul 02, 2013
@nick it looked so good until they said they've watered down the specs with vw beetle parts The Vette Chick
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Jul 01, 2013
Factory is legit down the street from my house in Wareham Mass. I know a few people who have worked there and these things really are monsters!
Nick Williams Jul 01, 2013
It looked so good until it said the mechanical components come from a c5
Cory Deines Jul 01, 2013
Factory Five us legit. These GTM's are beasts!
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jul 01, 2013
I agree Aaron. Best a Germany and best of America = amazing car.
Aaron Abely Jul 01, 2013
911+ corvette= amazing.
Daniel Kenneth Babler Jul 01, 2013
My brother is building a factory five Daytona coupe. It's gonna be sick
Description: Car & Driver once called it “the fastest car you’ll ever build in your garage,” and some examples have been built with 1600 horsepower and the ability to hit 60 in under 3 seconds. They are extrem...
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Jeda Malik Jul 02, 2013
This is what a corvettes should be like rear engined
Jeric Lacuna Jul 02, 2013
Sounds awesome but i got dizzy
Senthil Namasivayam Jul 01, 2013
My friend is building one of off his C5 Z06, should be fun!
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jul 01, 2013
I wonder what the top speed is if it has 1600hp
Chris Cernok Jul 01, 2013
Looks like the Ford GT and a ferrari had a baby.....
Dylan Bruder Jul 01, 2013
These are pretty cool
Mark Hammer Jul 01, 2013
Could that camera be ANY shakier?
Carlton Salmon Jul 02, 2013
That's a stunning colour!
Jay York Jul 02, 2013
Thought it was a Ford GT for a sec...
Tomas Arango Ferreira Jul 01, 2013
Or black
Tomas Arango Ferreira Jul 01, 2013
Vents in body colour would look better i think
Shelby Cassandra Jul 01, 2013
Very nice.
Jacob Burford Jul 01, 2013
Man that's monstrous
Justin Harris Jul 01, 2013
The vents are custom Carlos, I believe the vents are black stock or don't even come with them.
William Downs Jul 01, 2013
I'm getting a ford gt with a little Aston flare from this thing idk why but that what I see
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jul 01, 2013
Car is beautiful. But the vents don't sit we'll with me. Maybe in black?
jeff.reissner Jul 01, 2013
really nice color choice. looks really good on this car
Demid Petrov Jul 01, 2013
Paul Dickey Jul 01, 2013
I do like these a lot. Would be fun to build in your garage.
Jesse Andersen Jul 01, 2013
This looks awesome. I can only tell it was a Vette because they said it was, it looks pretty good not too much.
Erik Rudolph Jul 01, 2013
It looks kind of like a ford gt
timothyhubert1 Jul 01, 2013
looks awesome from that angle
Edward Galligan Jul 03, 2013
I'll have the Ferrari in the background
Fakir Smith Jul 01, 2013
Looks as good as any other.
joshua.robbins.5249 Jul 01, 2013
Ya I see a little noble in it. I also see Ford gt40 in the front and something about the side I see Saleen S7
Cory Deines Jul 01, 2013
You could definitely build one for $90k including the engine.
Justin Harris Jul 01, 2013
Actually much less than that. Including many of the parts needed its 24 grand plus engine and corvette parts so I'd say around 60
Mike Railton Jul 01, 2013
Pretty sure it's not expensive for a super car. Probably around $90k without the engine
Dylan Bruder Jul 01, 2013
These are pretty expensive too
Damien carnesi Jul 01, 2013
@Pete, same here
Pete Hager Jul 01, 2013
The back from certain angles reminds me of an M600 at times
Pete Hager Jul 01, 2013
Corvette and a GT combined! awesome styling, great article carbuzz!
Dylan Porteous Jul 01, 2013
This is sweet, I didn't know they even existed.
David Parenti Jul 01, 2013
Wow, who wouldn't love to drive this beast?