Comments - CHiPs Comes to Leno's Garage

Published: Jul 01, 2013
Description: A guy like Jay Leno is not the biggest fan of police cars. It’s known that he loves to drive the many cars in his collection at various speeds (mostly high) on California highways. But since he’s a c...
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austin.fogel.3 Nov 19, 2013
ill take the vic
Description: Unlike most police departments, the CHP actually had some pretty cool cars in its lineup over the years, such as an old Fox body Mustang V8 with a five-speed manual. And yes, that car was meant to cha...
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Angelo Baclay Jul 02, 2013
Lol fucker smut
Debdoub Tin Jul 02, 2013
Be nice
Fakir Smith Jul 01, 2013
This guy has too much money for being so unfunny. Seriously what does he do? He can't even buy a different shirt. At least Carson put in some effort and the show showed it.
John M Weishahn Jul 01, 2013
State troopers had them here in NY, too.
ryan.chamberlain.3532 Jul 01, 2013
Fox body cop cars is where it's at...
Mitch Campbell Jul 01, 2013
We had them as DPS cars in texas. Looked cool, except when being stopped by one.
David Parenti Jul 01, 2013
Didn't know California Highway Patrol had the 5.0 back in the day, I've seen a few Fla Highway Patrol 5.0's at carshows and in magazines
Jerrod Swenson Jul 01, 2013
Polara was a C-body the Coronet was a B-body
Chris Woller Jul 01, 2013
It does say Polara on the side. The Coronet was smaller (I believe)
Jordan Jackson Jul 01, 2013
I think your right Dylan
logan.neet Jul 01, 2013
I'm thinking Polara but I could be wrong...
Dylan Bruder Jul 01, 2013
Jacob Torres Jul 01, 2013
Well taken care of for a cop car
Tyrone Smith Jul 01, 2013
No way. That Vic is way ahead of the dodge.
Chris Woller Jul 01, 2013
I'll take the Mopar. That will stomp that Vic.
Bobaloo Anderson Jul 01, 2013
Hell yeah I love crown Vic's