Comments - 599 Owner Strokes Velvet 599 Fur-rari

Published: Jul 01, 2013
Description: Having come across the Porsche Panamera wrapped in velvet, it was only a matter of time before we stumbled upon another exotic coated in the same luxurious material. And here it is. Caught on tape in...
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Fakir Smith Jul 01, 2013
Enough with the velvet!
Lou Guerrero Jul 01, 2013
Description: Just check out the cute female passenger of the Rosso Corsa-coated 599 who alights the supercar to stroke the black velvet. And when the Arab driver of the 205-mph Prancing Horse drives off, he can’t...
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Andrew Schussman Jul 02, 2013
He just couldn't resist...
Jed Hamilton Jul 02, 2013
Really that's not something he should have done you should never touch another persons ferrari
Angelo Baclay Jul 02, 2013
Can you stop the ferrari so i can touch the ferrari?
Andre Bigueur Jul 02, 2013
Arab was like, "tag you're it!"
Brandon Broussard Jul 02, 2013
Just wait till it rains!
Aaron Contic Jul 01, 2013
This is stupid
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 01, 2013
Questa macchina sembra migliore in grigio!
Mitchell Cook Jul 01, 2013
Haha. Lifestyles of the rich and famous haha
Corey Alan Kelley Jul 01, 2013
Haha y'all fight about it And I'll just sit back and wonder how fast you have to go for the velvet to peel off
nxs Jul 01, 2013
vvv gay vvv
Will Will Jul 01, 2013
@bob I hope people who walk past you don't stretch out their hands to feel your velvety ball sac.
edgar.hernandez.906638 Jul 01, 2013
The owner should atleast carry a lint roller around, or better yet get rid of the velvet all together.
Bob Billy Jul 01, 2013
Again a ball sac springs to mind
Craig Lafey Jul 01, 2013
Another d-bag yet again ruins a gorgeous car
aaron.samuels.184 Jul 01, 2013
stupidest wrapping fad yet hahaha. what's next.....?
Brandon Willis Jul 01, 2013
Typical gold-digging female specimen.
Demid Petrov Jul 01, 2013
Why would you ever do that?
nxs Jul 01, 2013
lol again typical fugly guy with a cute girl
Jed Hamilton Jul 02, 2013
Because people take awesome cars and ruin them
Rommel Powell Jul 02, 2013
Why do people get angry at what other people do to THEIR cars? If you don't like it, buy one and DONT do it.
Guo-Sheng Huang Jul 02, 2013
Jason Ware Jul 02, 2013
I prefer chinchilla Jk
Josh C. Williams Jul 02, 2013
Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
Mitchell Cook Jul 01, 2013
He can take it off guys. Chill. Just peels off
Jacob Burford Jul 01, 2013
You've got to be kidding me!
Stanner Kj Jul 01, 2013
Not good enough. Do it with suede.
Philipp Kentner Jul 01, 2013
Hate it
John Santana Jul 01, 2013
At least get Rosso Corsa velvet*
John Santana Jul 01, 2013
At least get Ross
Fabián Ruiz Madriz Jul 01, 2013
Aaron Crisp Jul 01, 2013
I'm sure he was plenty of cents in his piggy bank, he owns a Ferrari!
Gary Alaina Jul 01, 2013
I'd spit my gum at it. This is seriously stupid. The maintenance of cleaning this thing is going to be extreme, people are going to be touching your car all the time, and it just looks like turd. This guy has more money than cents.
Bobbie Dalia Jul 01, 2013
Ferrari For dress designer
Demid Petrov Jul 01, 2013
Paul, this guy doesn't really care about selling it. He probably can buy another one with the click of his finger... Its just a matter of taste, those people lost this sense long time ago
Senthil Namasivayam Jul 01, 2013
If I had a 599, I would use it for performance and looks, not just looks...
Paul McGuire Jul 01, 2013
This is up there with that Range Rover covered in coins in Dubai.
Paul McGuire Jul 01, 2013
Horrendous. Can you imagine when a bird shits on it? Or you hit bugs? Or it rains and its damp? Or when you have to sell it?
Andrei Alexandru Jul 01, 2013
Its unique, I actually like it.
andrew.gombac Jul 01, 2013
Looks awful. What idiot would decide to do that to one of the best cars in the business.
Garrett Murrell Jul 01, 2013
Need to shave bro.
Tomas Arango Ferreira Jul 01, 2013
This photos look like a videogame....GTA velvet
Jason Ware Jul 02, 2013
As my Aunt Flo would say.. Tacky. Just plain tacky.
francisco.murillo.7967 Jul 02, 2013
someone with more money than taste/brains.
Justin Harris Jul 01, 2013
One with no sense...
Jordan Jackson Jul 01, 2013
One driven by pure evil... **said in a doctor evil voice**
John Hyland Jul 01, 2013
What kind of monster would do this?