Comments - 12 Year Old Punks Everyone, CarBuzz Included

Published: Jul 01, 2013
Description: No-one likes being duped. But we’re going to have to hold our hands up on this one. It turns out the 12-year-old that pissed everyone off because he claimed to own three Ferraris is just an ordinary ...
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Aaron Crisp Jul 02, 2013
I drive a 2001 Ford Focus. YOU HEAR THAT EVERYONE!!!!
Matt Close Jul 02, 2013
Ha faggot
Tyler Tarbox Jul 02, 2013
which is sad. I don't see the point of it. One guy on the documentary constantly posted pictures of a Bentley GT when he actually drives a 2001 Ford Focus.
Tyler Tarbox Jul 02, 2013
@Jesse. I actually just finished watching a documentary on how thousands of people are creating fake lives for themselves on Instagram just to be famous on the social networking site. Your account, like many others, leads people to believe false info
Fakir Smith Jul 01, 2013
Jacob Burford Jul 01, 2013
Yeah we all suspected it!
logan.neet Jul 01, 2013
@Jesse well your instagram is real.. then again there are a million fake IG accounts.. if your for real, I'm jealous lol.
Nick Rowe Jul 01, 2013
Not bothered cause he wouldn't have the skills to drive any of them
rgao.007 Jul 01, 2013
I don't know of you're being sarcastic, but there is no Porsche 918 Turbo S
Jesse Davidson Jul 01, 2013
Ill be a 100% honest I have a ferrari, a Porsche Turbo S edition 918 spyder, an Acura NSX, and a couple Mercedes lol. Carbuzz you should look at my instagram @jessedcars
Bob Billy Jul 01, 2013
Edward Galligan Jul 01, 2013
CHRIS EVANS.That is why he looked so familiar.....
Taylor Garry Jul 01, 2013
Peter that's true. Weirder things have happened
Peter Skorokhodov Jul 01, 2013
he seemed too normal to own 3 ferraris. you'd most likely have to be super introverted and a recluse in order to have the success he claimed to have. regardless I believed him; weird shit like that happens these days
Jackson Michael Jul 01, 2013
Lol I'm sure my parents would love it; three ferraris for them to drive for 4 years!
David Parenti Jul 01, 2013
Great sportsmanship showed by CarBuzz, they admitted defeat. Nobody likes to do that.
Michael Luck Jul 01, 2013
People fell for this?
Zeus Mocha Jul 01, 2013
Idk, my parents wouldn't mind. They have always known my passion for cars. Also I was 70/30 on it. 70% I believed it, mainly because I didn't care. 30 because he was acting weird and the name thing was an issue.
Paul McGuire Jul 01, 2013
Haha! Bet he's a legend at school now though!
Ben Knorr Jul 01, 2013
I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt unless things really don't add up. The kid had me fooled.
Matthew Darius Razavian Jul 01, 2013
Also what parent in their right mind would let their 12 year old- who can't even drive- buy a Ferrari at all..
Luke Purdy Jul 01, 2013
I was actually thinking about this kid two hours ago and thinking why on earth would he buy 3 Ferraris which he's not allowed to drive when there could be a new model coming out at the time he is allowed a license
Description: In his defense, so did we. Check out the video where the truth comes out.
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Justin Tang Jul 08, 2013
Boris Doe Jul 02, 2013
Or is it a double lie so that he can still have his secret
Jeda Malik Jul 02, 2013
I knew it this kid doesn't even look like a 12 year old standing taller than the interviewer
Tomas Arango Ferreira Jul 02, 2013
Legend this kid. He had me fooled. I've tought of this kid for the past week and told everyone how if an 8 year old can make a succesful app and make millions why can't i? Now i feel a bit better...
Jonathan Luna Jul 01, 2013
Well, this is just disappointing.
Jommel Marcella Jul 01, 2013
Wow. Liar.
DjVegar No Imitations Jul 01, 2013
And there's no comment back wonder why? Lol
Ben August Jul 01, 2013
"2 weeks" hahaha!
Pete Hager Jul 01, 2013
@david, I was thinking the same thing lol
Jordan Thatcher Jul 01, 2013
That little bitch
Miko Reginella Jul 01, 2013
I'm sure Garret is being sarcastic
Malachi Monteiro Jul 01, 2013
Garret, if you were me, you would've read the damn article.
Bill Estep Jr Jul 01, 2013
That was a great story he's clever lol
Edward Galligan Jul 01, 2013
@ malechi-No
Garrett Murrell Jul 01, 2013
@malachi he has a Ferrari at twelve years old. If I were you, I'd shut my mouth.
Harrison Armstrong Jul 01, 2013
Seems like a funny kid.
Malachi Monteiro Jul 01, 2013
Is it possible for him to look any more like a nerd?
Oleg Odessit Jul 01, 2013
Haaa haaa, all you haters, do you see how stupid you look now???
David Parenti Jul 01, 2013
Looks like Ralfie from A Christmas Story.
Tyler Tarbox Jul 02, 2013
I'm surprised the majority seem to prefer this to the 458. I would prefer the 458 without a doubt.
Jacob Burford Jul 01, 2013
These are awesome even if you do or don't believe it deserves the GTO badge!
Patrick Schalk Jul 01, 2013
Love the 599 GTO. I would also have one over a 458
Jared Oteri Jul 01, 2013
Would take a 599 gto over a 458 any day
Austin Sullivan Jul 01, 2013
I like this more
Juan T Garcia Jul 01, 2013
Not as beautiful as the 458 below
Zeus Mocha Jul 01, 2013
Daniel Bellafonte Jul 01, 2013
Beautiful. That is all.
Jacob Burford Jul 01, 2013
My fav current Ferrari! Everything a mid engined Ferrari should be!
Christian Young Jul 01, 2013
I am proud to say Daniel and I aren't related. This is gorgeous
Senthil Namasivayam Jul 01, 2013
For once I'll say this, but Daniel, nobody cares for your opinion....
Jason Ware Jul 01, 2013
Sex on wheels
Edward Galligan Jul 01, 2013
Your a weird human being
Daniel Young Jul 01, 2013
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jul 01, 2013
My mr2 looks like this lol
Miko Reginella Jul 01, 2013
So clean
Jul 02, 2013
doping everyone at THIS age.... 20 years from now this guy WILL own several ferraris The Vette Chick
Jack Howard Jul 02, 2013
What makes him a nerd? Glasses?
Craig Lafey Jul 01, 2013
FU kid
Bobaloo Anderson Jul 01, 2013
At least he's not Steve erkle
John Patten Jul 01, 2013
Is it possible to become a bigger nerd than that?
Jason Ware Jul 01, 2013
Filthy lil liar.