Comments - The Ideal Audi A6: Gas or Diesel?

Published: Jun 08, 2013
Description: So you’ve ruled out a hybrid luxury sedan for a number of reasons, mainly due to lack of solid performance. Your choices are now either a gasoline or diesel-engined machine, and although you do have ...
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Aaron Abely Jun 10, 2013
Band aids like EGR/ PDF and SCR.
Aaron Abely Jun 10, 2013
With some new innovations I have a feeling diesels will feel and act much the same as a gas motor. Mazda has made huge strides in making them seem and feel more peppy. I'd keep a close eye on their technology as it doesn't need any emissions
Jason Brown Jun 09, 2013
The torque didnt make much of a difference for me. In fact the diesel seems more sluggish and nose heavy. The vibration at the steering wheel when idled at the traffic light didnt help either.
Madjid Mirmohamadsadeghi Jun 09, 2013
Numbers do matter and you can't generalize the driving style of people who drive Audis...
Michael Henderson Jun 09, 2013
Its not just numbers though. For the driving style that most A6 customers will have, the bottom end torque that the diesels will give will make it a no brainer surely?
Aadil Hafiz Jun 08, 2013
Yeah, once that car is remapped it's a beast!
Madjid Mirmohamadsadeghi Jun 08, 2013
Definitely the 3.0 TDI Biturbo with its insane 650 Nm torque (480 lb-ft in imperial units)
Description: The boys over at XCar were obviously wondering this same thing so they decided to pit the two against one another in this latest video. Funnily enough, since filming this video, Audi has dropped the T...
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Aaron Abely Jun 10, 2013
Was less than regular here in Oklahoma not long ago.
Peter Winter Jun 10, 2013
I have a passat tdi and get 37-40 mpg. And diesel is same as gas where i live in cali right now.
Olivier Chaput Jun 09, 2013
Mohd, you are actually saying that gas engines arn't sporty??
Jason Brown Jun 09, 2013
Mohd, you should have considered the A7 or S7. That is a better balanced car with a more nimble feel. That will get your heart pumping going down winding hills. A7 wasn't large enough for my family needs. But I like the A6 looks much better.
Michael Davidson Jun 09, 2013
Yeah here in the US, diesel is almost 50 cent more per gallon than gas.
Aaron Abely Jun 09, 2013
And makes a ton of power and torque.
Aaron Abely Jun 09, 2013
Is lower in the states. So it's produced less and the returns are lower because of it. So they have to recoup the money in slightly higher costs. A shame really. But my 8000 lbs truck will get in the 20s mpg on the highway thanks to its engine.
Aaron Abely Jun 09, 2013
I LOVE diesels. But the US doesn't really care. I think that it's starting to change and a lot of credit goes to the Germans for that. So thank you VW/ Audi/ merc/ BMW. As for why its more expensive here, even though its cheaper to produce the demand
mohd.almarzooqi Jun 09, 2013
I have gas engine, with s line, it looks so much good i love it but it simply not fun, idont know about diesel, but gas simply not sporty, yes it has launch control, dubble clutch gearbox, but not fun im gonna sell it dunno either i take m5 or new x5m or m6 grancoupe
Yamaha Rone Jun 09, 2013
I go with diesel audi VW gasolines engines are garbage they are good in diesels
Sascha C. Jauk Jun 09, 2013
Poor Americans... The new Dieselengines are pretty cool! Not a VW-Fanatic but V6-Diesels give you the 150mph on Autobahn at around 18mpg.
Tanton Stoneman Jun 09, 2013
I would take the diesel. My dads jetta tdi has more torque than his TL SH-AWD
Jason Brown Jun 08, 2013
Price is the same for both engine options here too. I hear Audi will charge $4,000-5,000 premium for the diesel in the US. With the higher diesel prices and premium on the engine, it will be a long time before you see any benefits from fuel savings.
Jason Brown Jun 08, 2013
Diesel fuel is about $.20 per liter cheaper here. Many people get diesel BMWs but the Audi A6, still the 3.0T gasoline dominate the market here. GE diesel model is low end torque and the first 2 seconds gives you a nice thrust, but that's all...
Louai Sy Jun 08, 2013
Diesel perfomance is amaizing and also has more efficiency, but if some drove your car and put gas on it, say bye bye to your audi !
Jeff Swartwood Jun 08, 2013
I live in Germany and drive a euro spec diesel Land Cruiser. I drive my buddy's BMW 3 series wagon diesel, Volkswagen Passat diesel and occasionally a C class diesel. Aside from a little lag on the C class at takeoff the diesels can't be beat.
Carlos Dorantes Jun 08, 2013
Diesel is the fuel of choice outside the US and particularly in the EU. For some "strange" reason it is overpriced and underused in the US. PS, Audi rules!!!
William Ramirez Jun 08, 2013
No, not a baller. I got for cheap and no rims, haha! Not my thing, but soon a chip tune!
Ben Wright Jun 08, 2013
I had an A6 3.0 V6 TDI for a few days. The power and grip was simply phenomenal, even in the wet. Let down by the gearbox though.
Fakir Smith Jun 08, 2013
William you're a baller. Shot caller. Get some 20" blades yet?
Cuan Humberstone Jun 08, 2013
@ William, nice :) wish I could afford one!
William Ramirez Jun 08, 2013
Just recently purchased a BMW 335d M sport, it's amazing. The "shove" from the 425 tq is bliss!
John Hyland Jun 08, 2013
I'd have no problem with a diesel. The only down side is lack of diesel gas stations near my house
Lucas Raggio Jun 09, 2013
Wow that is disappointing
Jason Brown Jun 09, 2013
Stephen, I have the Audi A6. It is the most disappointing car I have bought in terms of reliability. Over all comfort and luxury is below my initial expectations. Considering the car cost close to $90,000 USD in my country, very disappointing...
Stephen Reed Warren II Jun 09, 2013
Jason's your a4 or a5 haha
Jason Brown Jun 09, 2013
I agree, the headlights are nice. But the full LED does not support adaptive headlight... The only reason I didn't get that option on mine.
Jacob Burford Jun 08, 2013
Love the headlights! Very modern cool look!
Jacob Burford Jun 08, 2013
Very n
Lucas Raggio Jun 08, 2013
Ooohhh Tyrone that's a good pick vv I love the rs6
Tyrone Smith Jun 08, 2013
I like the '06 RS6 best. Next to the R8 it's my favorite audi.
Christopher McSween Jun 08, 2013
I'd rather have this than a BMW 535.
Matt Piccolo Jun 08, 2013
I love Audi....
Lucas Raggio Jun 08, 2013
Good looking car but I'd save for the s7 if it was my money
Tyrone Smith Jun 08, 2013
Hard to tell new Audi's apart.. That's my only complaint.
Taylor Rosello Jun 08, 2013
I love Audi, their cars are gorgeous
Christopher McSween Jun 08, 2013
Agree gents. I see a navy blue 2013 S6 pass by my job once in a while. It is absolute automotive art at its finest!!
Matt Piccolo Jun 08, 2013
Beauty! Sedans don't get much nicer than this
Tim Hooker Jun 08, 2013
That's a sexy car. I would rather have it in blk