Comments - Ronaldo Copycat Totals Aventador

Published: Jun 08, 2013
Description: 26 year old Hungarain Soccer star Balazs Dzsudzsak might not be as good as Ronaldo on the soccer field, but when it comes to wrecking supercars they are just as gifted. The Real Madrid superstar wrot...
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Imroz Ali Jun 08, 2013
He couldn't bend it like Beckam, so he ruined it like Ronaldo.
Bobaloo Anderson Jun 08, 2013
Lila Lam Jun 08, 2013
A great piece on Lambo's
Roz Rodriguez Jun 10, 2013
Daniel so you think soccer is for gay idiots
Jacob Burford Jun 08, 2013
Poor Lambo!
Johnny Matias Jun 08, 2013
Johnny Matias Jun 08, 2013
Lol I wanna see what Brittanys first comment was. Daniel next time reword your comments into recognizable opinions and you won't piss so many people off. Btw I love football/soccer. It's my favorite sport but then again I don't really hate many
Ben Knorr Jun 08, 2013
Brian - he gave a sincere apology, there's no need to antagonize him.
Brian Howard Jun 08, 2013
Daniel just shut up we all know your just mad because you got cut from your soccer team when you were young.
Ben Knorr Jun 08, 2013
It's all good Daniel. 200 cool points for you.
Taylor Rosello Jun 08, 2013
Nooooooo! Poor Aventador! Hopefully they can fix it, it doesn't look too bad
Carlos Dorantes Jun 08, 2013
HELLOOOOOO! This is a CAR forum, F*ck all sports!!
Daniel Zizka Jun 08, 2013
I'm really sorry everybody and I mean it... I didn't want to offend anybody... You see, I hang around with friends who don't like football too, I didn't realize we aren't alone in this world... I'm very sorry again and I hope you'll accept my excuses
Will Will Jun 08, 2013
I agree we should respect daniel's opinion, but its really a little too extreme. I'm ok with him being a Porsche fanboy and all, but stigmatising players of a sport with an opinion that's almost unfair is dangerously close to extremism.
Adam Thomson Jun 08, 2013
Stop hating on Daniel its his opinion and you butthurts shouldn't care if you dont like what he wrote.
Oscar Galvan Jun 08, 2013
Comment, on a car app....
Oscar Galvan Jun 08, 2013
Daniel that was one of the most ignorant comments I have ever heard. How old are? Soccer is the world's most popular game. One thing is not liking a sport, I personally don't like baseball but I would never insult it or post a completely ignorant
Fakir Smith Jun 08, 2013
If you actually watch soccer - sorry, it's SOCCER; it is more entertaining than football. NOT college football though. You can keep the NFL.
cole.maniglia Jun 08, 2013
daniel. you really need to shut your mouth and whine about how superior your porsche is.
Brittany Sawyer Jun 08, 2013
Carbuzz deleted my first comment and i dont blame them. I've been playing soccer since i was six, so that makes me a gay idiot with ugly hair? Wow daniel
nxs Jun 08, 2013
hahaha typical predictable butt hurt babies who cry over ppls opinions
Greg Kenerly Jun 08, 2013
Still cooler than wrecking a Camry
Ben Hislop Jun 08, 2013
Jacob Burford Jun 08, 2013
Jacob Burford Jun 08, 2013
@Daniel Shut up! Your the new Jack Brandon!
Ben Knorr Jun 08, 2013
Just admit it Daniel, your comment was very rude and completely untrue. Soccer is one of the toughest sports to play, I just wish they weren't so obvious when they take a dive. It's hilarious sometimes.
Donte Perino Jun 08, 2013
@Daniel Shut your ignorant face. We can all have our opinions, but footballers aren't the only ones who crash these expensive supercars.
Tyler Howell Jun 08, 2013
So do a lot of athletes, rappers, and other artists. You can't just bash the players of a particular sport simply because you don't care for it.
Daniel Zizka Jun 08, 2013
Well people, we re on a car app, and look at what footballers do to they're cars !!!! Proof is here... And when they don't total they're cars, they tune them with horrible taste ! Afterwards, we all have our opinion about football...
Troy Kessler Jun 08, 2013
I think 3 billion fans would disagree ..
chris.bridgers.94 Jun 08, 2013
Soccer one of, if not, the most watched sport in the world. Not many are on an international level like the sport is.
Ian Barger Jun 08, 2013
I used to like you Daniel, because of your love for Porsche, but now I realize what an ignorant ass you are.
Matt Sutton Jun 08, 2013
Always that ONE guy....always.
Brian Micinski Jun 08, 2013
That's a nice OPINION you have there Daniel. Try not to pass it off as fact most. Most people would tend to disagree with you.
Steven Wenzel Jun 08, 2013
You are one of the most ignorant people I've ever seen. Wow.
Daniel Zizka Jun 08, 2013
All people that like or play football are gay idiots !!! It's one of the world's worst sports ever, and the players are all girly little losers with ugly hair !
Shawn Sullivan Jun 08, 2013
Not the story I wanted to see this early in the morning! Bummer
Jakob-Kyle Gilbert Jun 08, 2013
Some one good would buy that and restore it :)
Colby Church Jun 08, 2013
Poor Aventador. Luckily it doesn't look too bad.
Description: After hitting an S-Class on a rainy road in Budapest, things went a bit sideways. Thankfully, the player walked away with just a few scratches. Shame the same can’t be said about the Raging Bull, whic...
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Will Will Jun 08, 2013
Its like the corvette, there's always another one. Cant say the same for the lambo though. Even if its repaired, it may never be the same again, and if its totaled, that's one lambo off the road.
Will Will Jun 08, 2013
Didnt cause the crash, either the insurance company or the lambo driver will pay for all repairs. At the end of it all, the s class driver walks away with a car that's as good as new, without paying anything. And even if the s class is totaled,
Will Will Jun 08, 2013
Everyone would be happier if the lambo knocked on something else instead of another car, but nobody cares about what happens to the s class. Lets face it: he didnt knock on a prehistoric s class, so parts are easy to find, and if the s class driver
Lucas Raggio Jun 08, 2013
I love the s class so I would say that I would have been happier ( not that much) if the Lamborghini had hit a tree instead of recking an excellent luxury vehicle
Will Will Jun 08, 2013
Awwww, the poor s class got hit...said no one ever.
Bransen Morris Jun 08, 2013
I love the wheels.
mark.goldman.5832 Jun 08, 2013
Clay Bar it, it'll be awesome.
chris.bridgers.94 Jun 08, 2013
I have a feeling he was driving like a tool.
andrew.gombac Jun 08, 2013
Written off!
Lucas Raggio Jun 08, 2013
It looks like they are trying to show off the work they did on the car when they put on those super chargers (sarcasm)
Nathan Lo Jun 08, 2013
So sad....
Preston Harris Jun 08, 2013
Duct tape can fix it!
suzuki.gixer.9 Jun 08, 2013
This is what T-cut was invented for!
Zeus Mocha Jun 08, 2013
I'll still take it
Jakob-Kyle Gilbert Jun 08, 2013
That truck is more aerodynamic now
Daniel Zizka Jun 08, 2013
Isn't it dangerous to just attach a totaled car like this on a truck like that ?? Looks like some pieces of the bumper and wing remains could fly off the truck
Matt Paunicka Jun 08, 2013
That'll buff right out.
Lucas Raggio Jun 09, 2013
I know quite a few people around here that have your same last name
Eli Bonner Jun 08, 2013
@Lucas Not that I know of.
Lucas Raggio Jun 08, 2013
Out of curiosity ( and I'm serious) do you have any family in the Levittown area of Pennsylvania?
Lucas Raggio Jun 08, 2013
Umm I don't know of you noticed in my earlier comment I already stated that I fully realize I will never have the car
Eli Bonner Jun 08, 2013
@Lucas Try looking at the insurance quotes for a 17-year-old with an Aventador. My bad lol, you look 12 and you talk like it too
Lucas Raggio Jun 08, 2013
Good for you vvv I hope you succeed my freind
Johnny Matias Jun 08, 2013
That's no way to think of it! Work hard and you'll have one someday. I know I will.
Lucas Raggio Jun 08, 2013
Wow so you really are an asshole huh Eli I'm 17 and obviously it's a car ill never have
Eli Bonner Jun 08, 2013
@Lucas Try looking into the insurance quotes for a 12-year-old with an Aventador.
cole.maniglia Jun 08, 2013
@daniel your jokes aren't funny but your opinions are.
Lucas Raggio Jun 08, 2013
Such a good looking car I'd love to have one especially with the front bumper from the 50th anniversary one
Daniel Zizka Jun 08, 2013
@Eli hahaha... Not.
Eli Bonner Jun 08, 2013
Sorry lol I couldn't say that with a straight face
Eli Bonner Jun 08, 2013
I don't see the damage