Comments - Nissan GT-R Looks Sexy on Strasse

Published: Jun 08, 2013
Description: Godzilla may have supercar capabilities but it was never styled to win beauty contests. Thankfully, owners do have ways to sharpen up their GT-Rs, and a new set of wheels is one of the easiest ways t...
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Aaron Abely Jun 08, 2013
Nailed it hector.
Hector Delgado Jun 08, 2013
But it's under the category tuning
Caleb Starovasnik Jun 08, 2013
They didn't say anything about tuning because they obviously didn't do anything else to the car other than switching the wheels. They don't even say tuning anywhere in this article.
Aaron Abely Jun 08, 2013
THIS ISN'T A F*^%ING TUNING JOB! It's a set of wheels! How many times does CB do this? Adding a set of wheels an nothing more is not tuning a vehicle!
timothyhubert1 Jun 10, 2013
I don't think those rims work on a gtr
Allen Kim Jun 08, 2013
Not many cars on the street are going to beat the GTR.
Jun 08, 2013
Tyrone Smith Jun 08, 2013
I don't find the GT-R ugly, I just ind it boring looking. Probably the same reason why I don't love the Aventador anymore. I've seen too many pictures of it and people talk about it like crazy.
nxs Jun 08, 2013
@carlos the teenager, you dont know the definition of trolling so please stfu before you open idiotic remarks, k thx.
Vinny Coppola Jun 08, 2013
I rather a set of Vossens on this
Carlos Galicia Jun 08, 2013
Finally nxs not just trolling Yeah I love the gtr I thought it looked okay but in person it's real nice! some rich middle eastern kid has one up my street it's bittersweet.
David Lee Jun 08, 2013
Near perfection.
Carlos Dorantes Jun 08, 2013
Jordan Nishida Jun 08, 2013
Love it.
Gary Alaina Jun 08, 2013
This looks super clean, really liking this choice of wheel
Tic XKing Jun 08, 2013
In my opinion these rims r better than the stock but there r better rims for a gtr than this
nxs Jun 08, 2013
I dont see how ppl ppl say gtr is.ugly
Greg Kenerly Jun 08, 2013
An article about rims?
Jordan Smith Jun 08, 2013
Yeah, I'm undecided. They're not too bad but there's better.
Ben Knorr Jun 08, 2013
looks ok. doesn't suit the car that well though. These rims would look better on a Benz I think.
Lucas Raggio Jun 08, 2013
Looks good
Lee Gardner Jun 08, 2013
*tires gosh I hate this phone
Matt Piccolo Jun 08, 2013
I'm undecided.... I think the stock wheels are better
Lee Gardner Jun 08, 2013
Could use a little less tired maybe a lower profile of ture
William Downs Jun 08, 2013
No them rims gotta go, that's a horrible design in general
Saajan Patel Jun 08, 2013
I may b the only one that thinks the rims dont work on this car well enough
Matt Wolodkiewicz Jun 23, 2013
I don't think these rims fit this car at all. They would look good on an STI thoug.
Logan Lauer Jun 08, 2013
A car like this needs thicker spokes. Those thin ones just look wimpy :/
Guo-Sheng Huang Jun 08, 2013
Loving this!
Bassa Eddy Noureddine Jun 08, 2013
Mati Araujo Jun 08, 2013
Love those wheels
Tyrone Smith Jun 08, 2013
I love those exhaust tips.
Logan Lauer Jun 08, 2013
Not so bad from this angle
Tic XKing Jun 08, 2013
At least they bothered to put the GTR logo on it
Javier Alonso Rivas Jun 08, 2013
ok thats perfection
Austin Sullivan Jun 08, 2013
I think it's just the light but I know what you mean
Rashid AlGhafli Jun 08, 2013
Is it just me or the those wheels are darker than the ones in the other pics?
John Edwards Jun 08, 2013
Michelin Super Sport, best tires so far from Michelin