Comments - Lamborghini Builds 2,000th Aventador

Published: Jun 08, 2013
Description: We knew Lamborghinis were fast, but apparently we can now start saying the same of the company that builds them as the 2,000th Aventador has roared to life off the assembly line. The milestone came j...
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Aaron Abely Jun 10, 2013
I'd feel special if I got to look at one.
Mason Lampe Jun 09, 2013
I think the exclusivity of it is that not many people can afford that kind of car. It's like Rolex. They make them in unlimited numbers but you are still special if you have one.
Daniel Carvalho Jun 09, 2013
Come on, wouldn't you feel special to own a 6.5 L V12 700 hp Lambo?
mohd.almarzooqi Jun 09, 2013
Yea but aaron with this price its already should be exclusive, cars like sesto more like concept not fully production, they should make it exclusive while we can say sesto is very rare just like p4/5 others ferrari concepts
Aaron Abely Jun 09, 2013
Maybe they will make a tier above who knows. If they're selling though then lambo can make more exclusive cars, sesto elemento for example. That bonkers veneo or the single seater as well. Selling more gives them room to make exclusive cars.
Ilya Kravchik Jun 09, 2013
I still can't decide whether I want one in black or white
Will Will Jun 09, 2013
As long as they are not produced up to corvette levels I'm more than happy with the current rate of production. I don't think its a cause for concern, for now at least.
Cian Mac Gearailt Jun 09, 2013
He does speak wisdom 2000 i mean i don't think a car is special with those numbers same reason why toyotas aren't mass production sucks the passion out of cars
mohd.almarzooqi Jun 09, 2013
But after buying a car that cost that much you see many, you say is it really special or just a normal car you see it daily, while ferrari f12 for example once people see it take pictures cause its hard to see it again just like mclaren thats what i mean by exclusive, make customers feel special
Dainius Kuodis Jun 09, 2013
Yeah make it more exclusive and make them cost five times more. Yeah!!!! :D
mohd.almarzooqi Jun 09, 2013
I don't agree with what lamborghini is doing they are selling unlimited numbers aventador, for car that cost more than 350k$ it should be more exclusive like ferrari doing reducing production of next year to make it more exclusive otherwise you cone to dubai, you will see 10 aventadors in same street, you go to mall you will find more hotel more, thats not exclusive
Daniel Anglevik Jun 08, 2013
Aaron - true
Aaron Abely Jun 08, 2013
You need to know this because it means Lamborghini is doing well. If thy have the demand to build them this fast, all of the wonderfully ridiculous super cars that they make are thankfully not in danger of going extinct.
Tyson Broadbent Jun 08, 2013
I've seen 4 of em in Vancouver
Donovan Ybanez Jun 08, 2013
Love the car, but why do I need to know this?
Jorge Gonzalez Jun 09, 2013
I mean aventador.
Jorge Gonzalez Jun 09, 2013
Clean 599.
Tyler Tarbox Jun 09, 2013
Y'all are crazy. I don't care how many pictures I see of it, it is still stunning. It's honestly one of the few things driving me to finish my degree so I can one day own something like this
Shawn Sullivan Jun 08, 2013
I have seen too many pictures of this damn car yet I am still completely enjoying looking at these! This car is purely amazing! Now, to see one in person...
Jacob Burford Jun 08, 2013
Gorgeous car with nothing but personality and typical Lambo brutality! Can't wait for the SV version, but that will probably not be here for another few years!
Aaron Abely Jun 08, 2013
You'd have to sell both for one. Probably a kidney as well. It'd almost be worth it.
matt.piccolo.773 Jun 08, 2013
Matt Piccolo Jun 08, 2013
so sexy
Lucas Raggio Jun 08, 2013
So they've hit 2000. Maybe they'll do a special edition to commemorate
Jason Smith Jun 08, 2013
So much for the economic downturn...
Austin Sullivan Jun 08, 2013
@Tyrone I completely agree. I love them so much but they're just ehh now in pictures because of so many.
Tyrone Smith Jun 08, 2013
Oh, I know for sure that's why I don't like it as much anymore. I've seen SO MANY pictures of this, I've lost count. But I don't disagree that if I see it and hear it in person, my love for it would return. I've never seen or heard one in person.
Johnny Matias Jun 08, 2013
I guess I'm a bit bored with the pictures. But I don't love it any less. I'd sell my left nut for one.
Rohil Chauhan Jun 08, 2013
Yeah it's possible to get bored of anything if you see it enough times, this is such an iconic car now and I'm sure it will be a future classic for the way it's styled
Justin Mancuso Jun 08, 2013
Yeah I saw and heard this in real life, trust me, it makes you love it again lol.
Will Will Jun 08, 2013
@tyrone its because you've seen too many pictures of it. Trust me, it happens with any car, see too many pictures of it for an extended period of time and you'll naturally get a little bored of it. But when you get your own it'll be something.
Tyler Tarbox Jun 08, 2013
My friend's dad bought one of these two days ago. Absolutely amazing machine. Only made me want one more.
Mindy Jones Wilkins Jun 08, 2013
Really cool and Extremely nice
Ben Hislop Jun 08, 2013
Tyrone Smith Jun 08, 2013
I loved it when it came out. I'm bored of it now.. I'm not saying it isn't beautiful but It doesn't do anything for me anymore.
Gary Alaina Jun 08, 2013
Prob best Lamborghini ever made.. IMO anyways
Will Will Jun 08, 2013
Who doesn't?
Tj Marten Jun 08, 2013
How do people not like the way this car looks?
Description: That still doesn't come close to more mass-market automakers and their products, but is a significant pace at this market position. Aventador #2000, painted in Nero Nemesis (Lambo-speak for black), go...
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Jon Wheel Jun 09, 2013
Lambo-speak for matte black, to be specific
Stephen Healy Jun 09, 2013
Great... Another super car i cant afford in my hometown during Polo Season, at least their beautiful to look at.
Aaron Abely Jun 10, 2013
Ehh he can keep his suit. Give me the polo and a wrench. I wanna work on it.
Will Will Jun 08, 2013
@matthew thats just an unfinished aventador.
nxs Jun 08, 2013
austin, european suits are the best. I own 2 suits and nothing attracts womens attention more than a well fitted suit on a man
Jason Smith Jun 08, 2013
Now there's a factory I'd work in..
Matthew Crighton Jun 08, 2013
Hats that car right above everyone in the background? It's not a Lamborghini, at least not one I've ever seen.
Austin Sullivan Jun 08, 2013
God I am so jealous of his suits though they're all freaking perfect
Ricky Austin Bride Jun 08, 2013
Lamborghini boss always looks pimpin in his suits
Ben Hislop Jun 08, 2013
Which one is the owner?
nxs Jun 08, 2013
hopefully ill be two thousand-ish
Julian Pilinci Jun 08, 2013
No this is not is SUPER hot!
Robi Dunay Jun 08, 2013
I dont know what you guys are talking about this looks hot
Austin Sullivan Jun 08, 2013
I'd prefer matte but this is good too
Johnny Matias Jun 08, 2013
This isn't the greatest angle. But there is no ugly angle of this car.
Justin Mancuso Jun 08, 2013
If you ask me this is the best angle.
Miko Reginella Jun 08, 2013
Hate to say it, but this angle is pretty ugly
Jacob Burford Jun 08, 2013
The rear is the best part of this car IMO