Comments - Forza Director Elevates Drifting to a Work of Art

Published: Jun 08, 2013
Description: If the dope dealer from American Beauty thought a plastic bag caught in a dust devil was beautiful, he would absolutely love this drift video. Granted it isn’t that hard to top the average drift prod...
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Victor Ijustwannagofast Pitts Jun 12, 2013
@ Phil, whenever I get my fully built SR put into my s13, consider it a road trip from Texas!
Alen Bobby Jun 08, 2013
I'm confused, what does this article have to do with Forza. I can't watch the video in mobile for some reason.
Phil Johnson Jun 08, 2013
Thanks Victor! The track is in Canby Oregon, it's about 20 miles South of Portland. If you ever make it out be sure to say hi! I'll be in the pits next to a blue AE86, and a red S13 hatchback!
Victor Ijustwannagofast Pitts Jun 08, 2013
Phil* lol
Victor Ijustwannagofast Pitts Jun 08, 2013
I want to come check it out!! Nice choice in car, Pat! Rock on!
Phil Johnson Jun 08, 2013
I love Pats Acres! Amazing how much coverage our little go kart track has been receiving!
Description: BMW E36s, Pontiac GTOs and RX-7s have never looked so good. These may be machines but there’s an art to making them go sideways. Landin Williams’ Monochrome video is an ode to the wonderful art form w...
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Bill Hofman Jun 09, 2013
Me ether
Chris Scherzer Jun 09, 2013
I can't find anything by that title
Chris Scherzer Jun 09, 2013
Video doesn't work on mobile. What's it called?
Adam Sampson Jun 08, 2013
Photo is of an E30. Just saying.
Tyrone Smith Jun 08, 2013
Randall, they still look better though. If the trailer was even slightly touched up it would still be better without the enhancements. Gt6 looks like forza 4 in graphics.
Lee Gardner Jun 08, 2013
Jake Dula Jun 08, 2013
This isn't on Forza, it's a photo of a real car -_- lol
Jackson Michael Jun 08, 2013
God it looks so good
Tyrone Smith Jun 08, 2013
I believe so. The signature above the passenger side door looks like it.
Kevin Carlin Jun 08, 2013
Kevin Carlin Jun 08, 2013
Thus was Rhys Millen's old ride, wasn't it?
Anthony Perugini Jun 09, 2013
Would trade my rx8 for a rx7 any day
Killian Wright Jun 08, 2013
That lip on the wheels :O
Tyrone Smith Jun 08, 2013
RX-7 was a beast.
Bobaloo Anderson Jun 08, 2013
That quad rotor sounds insane!!!
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jun 08, 2013
Mad fucking mike!!!!!!!