Comments - AWD Showdown: Audi S4 vs. Volvo S60 T6

Published: Jun 08, 2013
Description: Volvos don’t exactly have a reputation for being performance machines, but the now Chinese-owned brand is hoping to change that perception with the help of the Sweden-based Polestar motorsports team....
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Asma Siddiqi Jul 12, 2013
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Description: Both luxury performance sedans are all-wheel drive and are aimed at the same group of buyers. Has Volvo turned over a new leaf with the ability to successfully take on the proven and hot-selling S4? C...
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Steve Caton Jun 24, 2013
Audis are great cars but they are as common at Chevys here in Colorado where people love all-wheel-drive. As for me, I love the uniqueness of the Volvo and it's an amazing car.
Jordan Nishida Jun 10, 2013
Love the Volvo. Audi is ok. Not my kind of car.
Serg Karchevsky Jun 09, 2013
S4 + APR = beast that can't be beaten. Looks nice as well. You get more attention driving Audi than Anything else.
Samuel Reid Jun 09, 2013
Why take these when there's the Polestar and the RS4
Daniel Anglevik Jun 09, 2013
Volvo, easy choice. BUT...the new upcoming facelift.
Evan Liebgott Jun 08, 2013
By pictures that they found on the internet
Evan Liebgott Jun 08, 2013
Am I the only one who gets kinda annoyed that most carbuzz "articles" are just videos from other car websites/magazines followed up b
Jacob Burford Jun 08, 2013
S4 for me, but that is quite a nice Volvo!
Philippe-E Bergeron Jun 08, 2013
Oups sorry, but on there's no c350 4matic Anyway at 59k I'd go with a c63 amg and real fun to drive!!!
Nur Adham Zafran Jun 08, 2013
I have volvo S60 and i love that car! The look of S60 is excelent. I feel secure when i driving it. It also have powerful engine. Congurats Volvo! Keep the thumbs up!!
Aaron Abely Jun 08, 2013
It's. damn autocorrect.
Aaron Abely Jun 08, 2013
IRS not only available in Canada. My friend owns one. In the US
Philippe-E Bergeron Jun 08, 2013
Audi s4 and a4 look to much like Japanese (suppository shape) My 2 cent!!
Philippe-E Bergeron Jun 08, 2013
I went to buy a 2013 S4 and find my self at Merc trying the new c350 4matic sedan (only available in Canada) and yes it's a bit less powerful but with all the option and the black panoramic roof and the prestige of MB I find it more appealing!
Robi Dunay Jun 08, 2013
The S4 looks nice but boring. Id get the Volvo
Austin Sullivan Jun 08, 2013
My mom is choosing between these two for her next car... How about that.
Matt Piccolo Jun 08, 2013
Audi for me please
Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Jun 08, 2013
I love my 04 s60 r. I just wish the new ones had a bit more power and a manual transmission
Carlos Dorantes Jun 08, 2013
I sincerely respect the fact that he was unbiased even though he disclosed that he drives a Volvo!
joshua.robbins.5249 Jun 08, 2013
I love my 07 S60 R . Plenty of power for now about to start the mods. Can keep up with my buddies 05 s4 no problem. And I think my body looks a Lil better than the new ones but I would still take it.
Michael J Solimene Jun 08, 2013
Lol s4 doesn't do 0-60 in 4.4 seconds haha
Aaron Abely Jun 08, 2013
I'd honestly take the Volvo. More interesting design.
John Lanzetta Jun 08, 2013
I wish volvos got more respect...
Daniel Zizka Jun 08, 2013
I love all new Volvos ! They're so good looking and so safe ! Of course, people will reply to this saying that they want 800 bhp and don't care about safety, but we all know deep inside us that safety is really important on any type of car...
Lila Lam Jun 08, 2013
Sorry, but your vehicle assessment is is skewed.... I refuse to watch your videos in the future.
Lucas Raggio Jun 08, 2013
I can't believe I'm saying this but I think I'd take the Volvo
Adam Beiersdorfer Jun 08, 2013
Wow... I know I'm biased towards Audi's on here... But now it seems Carbuzz is rocking an S4 article every other day that shows it in good light. Haha.
Tin Nguyen Jun 08, 2013
S4 for me. Quicker, dual clutch and a superior interior.
Jordan Nishida Jun 10, 2013
Not liking it
Daniel Anglevik Jun 09, 2013
Jacob Burford Jun 08, 2013
Very sharp look
Tyrone Smith Jun 08, 2013
Yeah.. Looks photoshopped.
Aaron Abely Jun 08, 2013
I don't believe this is actually a picture.
Daniel Zizka Jun 08, 2013
Does anybody know where that pic was taken ? It looks weirdly like a little Spanish town called Estartit... But I'm probably wrong
Jordan Nishida Jun 10, 2013
Would love to have a S60 or an S80
Daniel Anglevik Jun 09, 2013
Justin Barter Jun 09, 2013
Looks like a fish - just can't think of the name of the fish...clearly that fish left about as much of an impression on me as this Volvo does :/
Jacob Burford Jun 08, 2013
Gotta respect Volvo
Vinny Coppola Jun 08, 2013
Yeah one thing about Volvo is they are safe as hell
Tyrone Smith Jun 08, 2013
He said "You're lucky to be alive. You wanna know why you survived?" My dads friend asked why. The paramedic replied with "because you were driving a Volvo." Apparently of he was in his old ford Taurus, with the same crash, he woulda died.
Tyrone Smith Jun 08, 2013
Audi is great, but Volvos are put together so well. My dads friend go into a really bad car accident about 10-15 years ago. I remember he told me and my dad that the paramedic was a big car guy, and he told us what the paramedic said to him..
Vinny Coppola Jun 08, 2013
Yeah I don't want to piss anyone off but I effing hate Volvos! I mean I would never ever ever buy this thing over a Audi!
Tyrone Smith Jun 08, 2013
I could see myself buy this. Only the R though.
Gary Alaina Jun 08, 2013
I don't wanna offend anyone but this thing is down right hideous
joshua.robbins.5249 Jun 08, 2013
My R looks more aggressive than the new ones. Look at ones likes 5,6 years back. They look better.
barry.stewart.16 Jun 08, 2013
Something about Volvo design says "goofy", to compete against Audi, they need a more serious look.
Erik Rudolph Jun 08, 2013
Love these