Comments - 1943 Jeep War Hero Returns Home

Published: Jun 08, 2013
Description: On June 3, 1943 an original Jeep Willys MB left the assembly line at the Toledo, Ohio production plant on its way to its new owner – the US Army. One month later it arrived in Sicily where it took pa...
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Lou Guerrero Jun 09, 2013
Good for Mr. Argento. Solid bro move.
Dylan Bruder Jun 08, 2013
Description: The classic off-roader recently made the return trip across the Atlantic and was then driven 1,000 miles through New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio as it made its way back to Toledo. Many things have c...
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Jason Ware Jun 09, 2013
Dylan Bruder Jun 08, 2013
I commend him for that awesome
Rowan mathieson Sep 30, 2013
that's really cool
Lou Guerrero Jun 09, 2013
Daniel, mine did too. This vehicle is why I'd trade my sports car for a wrangler.
Jacob Burford Jun 08, 2013
A must drive
Johnny Matias Jun 08, 2013
Looks great
Bobaloo Anderson Jun 08, 2013
These are fun to ride in
Jordan Smith Jun 08, 2013
It's pretty much impossible to not like this.
Lucas Raggio Jun 08, 2013
I would love to have one of these
Daniel Zizka Jun 08, 2013
My grandfather has one ! It's dark metallic blue with white details ! It's absolutely great fun, especially because he lives in Spain, next to the beach, and that jeep is perfect to cruise ! I love it
Ethan Amo Jun 08, 2013
That's pure awesome
Jason Ware Jun 09, 2013
I salute you
Jake Knickmeyer Jun 09, 2013
There's one of these that has an lsx stuffed into it in my town. The owner of our hookah bar has turned it into a street/strip car...runs low 10s now.
Johnny Matias Jun 08, 2013
Looks amazing!
Robert Young Jun 08, 2013
God Bless you Soldier.
Mike Puno Jun 09, 2013
Where are you from Randall?
Justin Routh Jun 08, 2013
@Randall thats random. Care to elaborate?
Jacob Burford Jun 08, 2013
I'll take the one in the middle
Johnny Matias Jun 08, 2013
Fakir at least they kept the original style. That couldn't be said for cars like the Beetle. I like the new ones but not as much as the older ones.
Patrick Schalk Jun 08, 2013
Fakir, you're an idiot.
Josiah De Jun 08, 2013
What's with the haters they want to knock on the things that are to good for them lol😝
Justin Routh Jun 08, 2013
With the old one there you would think both of the new ones would be the 2 door not the unlimited
Fakir Smith Jun 08, 2013
Look a jeep and two wannabe overpriced fat bloated nothing like the original jeeps.
John Hyland Jun 08, 2013
Willys Jeeps and Wrangler TJs were the best Jeep ever had IMO
Dylan Porteous Jun 08, 2013
Can't wait to get my rubicon!
Sascha C. Jauk Jun 09, 2013
Oh, in it's labour ward. Brave little soldier!
Johnny Matias Jun 08, 2013
Lol see Fakir. Someone did get one for under 21k.
Josiah De Jun 08, 2013
Has any one driven a new 2013 jeep they cost a lot cuz they are what the consumer wants a rugged and nice SUV they drive so nice and smooth but if I feel like it I can jerk the wheel into the ditch and do some off road crazy shit oh yea
Aiden Bass Jun 08, 2013
There's a 2012 vinyl wrangler with 15k miles for $20,999 where I got my car
Justin Routh Jun 08, 2013
Inflation buddy... Get your head out of the 90s
Adrian Lokker Jun 08, 2013
Yes, because Obama takes time from the White House to help Chrysler set the prices for a new Jeep :p
Adam Dietz Jun 08, 2013
Oh so you could buy a jeep for 13k in President Bush's day? Right..
Fakir Smith Jun 08, 2013
I love how nobody cares how expensive they are now. A jeep soft top with vinyl doors used to be 13k all day long. Now you can't leave for less than 21 and no cool half doors or anything. I miss the pre-obama America.
leavingmarks Jun 08, 2013
I want a Jeep so bad. Thinking about trading my focus in once it gets around 90,000 miles.
Daniel Zizka Jun 08, 2013
How could they be too hot if they have no windows, no doors and no closed roof ? My grandpa has one, and heat never was a problem, and he lives on the Costa Brava ( Spain )
Joey McClary Jun 08, 2013
The one on the left is cool, but I'd take the one in the right. It has AC. Wouldn't have to listen to the wife and kids complaining about being too hot in the summertime.