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Published: Jun 07, 2013
Description: A Honda Odyssey is not the kind of vehicle that would usually make us sit up and take notice. Sure, the new model has a built-in vacuum cleaner, and that's clever, but it's still a minivan, and miniv...
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Todd Randall Jun 08, 2013
Ahem. Mercedes Benz R63?
Jesse Williams Jun 08, 2013
@Jake. Actually your the idiot for choosing that ugly piece of crap Ford. Oh, and Honda is crap too! Nothing but a ricer. May you die in your Ford.
Caleb Haynie Jun 08, 2013
I need to upload the video of this van going around the track. The cover photo is from Nola Motorsport. This van and 50 other cars covered 3,000 miles in 7 days. Racing at highly known racetracks in the US. There was also a Honda Pilot racing as well
dmacchiarola Jun 08, 2013
vtec kickin in.
Donovan Ybanez Jun 08, 2013
Uh, hello Mr. car salesman sir. I would like to test drive that pikes peak version of that mini-van over there. And I would like to get a good deal on it as well or I'm walkin.
Jake Dula Jun 07, 2013
Jesse, you're an idiot. The Caravan is crap... Just all around crap.
Jason Ware Jun 07, 2013
Ok. But this is a FWD soooo it will need to be converted.
Corey Alan Kelley Jun 07, 2013
Ok to the first comment that got the Honda vs Dodge argument started Why the HELL would Honda work on a dodge mini can for this...
Macoy Pizzute Jun 07, 2013
I know the guy who put in the roll cage in this. The car was in Akron, Ohio for two weeks for a roll cage fitting. I had the lucky opportunity to see it in garage where I get my classic Fiat parts from.
Sascha C. Jauk Jun 07, 2013
Time from Home to School: 11min 27sec Time for cleaning up childrens vomit: 20min +
Juan T Garcia Jun 07, 2013
Must have it
Aiden Bass Jun 07, 2013
Hahaha my dad, whos a captain in the navy, and is a flight surgeon, drives a god damn Odyssey. I'm trying to convince him to get a 750Li
Scott Fleming Jun 07, 2013
@tyler, it matters a lot what platform you start with, I don't care what parts and power you throw in it. I was talking stock vans to jesse's comment. Honda has been doing this for 5+ yrs check out wicked5479 or onelapofamerica on utube for cool vids
Janya Pulusu Jun 07, 2013
The RT is a body kit and nothing else.. It still has a twist beam... The base odyssey has independent rear suspension
David Parenti Jun 07, 2013
Yeah but at the end of the day it will still be a minivan. It may handle better but it's still slow and can't take a turn at 60. An R/T minivan is a joke.
blcklblskt Jun 07, 2013
@David: Dodge sells an R/T version of the Caravan that handles better than the other models. I've seen SRT4 swapped minivans before, but this one is ridiculous! I'd love to drive it.
Sam Saechao Jun 07, 2013
This is what Honda does instead of trying to build an actual sporty/sports car. They might as well use the insight or civic hybrid
debritannia.toxy Jun 07, 2013
honda EP3 civic sitting on steroids
David Parenti Jun 07, 2013
So comparing the odyssey with the dodge, is irrelevant. They didn't just slap on a turbo to the stock 3.5 and get 500+ hp.
David Parenti Jun 07, 2013
Jesse, here's where you're wrong, you used "sporty" in a sentence talking about a dodge minivan. And are you seriously comparing stock for stock? I bet the engine in the odyssey isn't the stock mill. Sounds like they did a swap.
Cian Mac Gearailt Jun 07, 2013
Should have more powerful engines in minivans instead suv's are getting all of the power
Tyler Ray DeFord Jun 07, 2013
It doesn't matter what they start with its heavily modified. Read much?
Matt Piccolo Jun 07, 2013
This is a mini van I'd drive....
Scott Fleming Jun 07, 2013
The Dodge may have 30+ more hp than the Honda but its still .5 seconds slower 0-60 and in the 1320. The Honda also handles and brakes better too. The Honda to me drives more like a car.
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jun 07, 2013
Read about this in grass roots motorsport pretty kool
Janya Pulusu Jun 07, 2013
The dodge would have handled like shit
Jesse Williams Jun 07, 2013
Should have done the Dodge. They are much more sportier, they have a lot more power than the regular Oddysey, and they also have a lot more engine growl.
martin.ronn.9 Jun 30, 2013
Ray Garcia Jun 10, 2013
Over sized civic from this angle
John Car Jun 08, 2013
Wouldn't expect a hockey player to have good taste in anything
Michael Horne Jun 08, 2013
*sigh* I do wish our plant would get to make an exciting product for once, minivans, suv's, and whatever you wanna call the Ridgeline aren't exactly exciting! At least I've got a better job than assembly line, I guess xD.
Jacob Burford Jun 07, 2013
Agree Connor! Screw this!
Connor Scanlon Jun 07, 2013
Yeah sorry either way that can was insane.
Eric Henning Jun 07, 2013
Jag v6 you mean
Ismail Nabhaan Shamoon Jun 07, 2013
Connor, I can't agree with you more.
Connor Scanlon Jun 07, 2013
The van on top gear with the jag v12s better
Tanton Stoneman Jun 07, 2013
I'm going to tell my dad to put the R10 engine in his jetta. Maybe that will be the same as this, lol
debritannia.toxy Jun 07, 2013
Type R!
Description: Along with its 532 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque, the racing Odyssey has been upgraded with 19" BBS alloys wearing Michelin PS2 rubber, packing competition-spec brakes and fitted to a dropped sus...
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T.c. Balamir Ataman Jun 08, 2013
They are not bbs they aw enkei rpf1's
Justin McLeod Jun 07, 2013
They're Enkei's, NOT BBS'
Eli Bonner Jun 07, 2013
I was just gonna say that; they're gonna have to do something to get rid of that FWD
Janya Pulusu Jun 07, 2013
It better have been converted to AWD or atleast RWD
Eddie Cook Jun 08, 2013
@peter I have some gold rpf1's on my bb s2000 an it looks clean! 👍
Jason Ware Jun 07, 2013
Each sticker adds 5 horse power
Shane Sharma Jun 07, 2013
It has a Garrett turbo should be fast
jrydout Jun 07, 2013
peter 1 car buzz 0
Fadi Najor Jun 07, 2013
Does anyone know where I can see all the cars honda is using at pikes? I mean actual pictures not just the name and kind.
Peter Mark Gacek Jun 07, 2013
They look alright on this odyssey, but better on my S2000
Eddie Cook Jun 07, 2013
Hahaha yup! Def not bbs
Peter Mark Gacek Jun 07, 2013
These are Enkei RPF-1's, not BBS
martin.ronn.9 Jun 30, 2013
Jason Ware Jun 07, 2013
Close the door. Soccer moms nipples are getting hard
Caleb Haynie Jun 08, 2013
I went to this event down here in New Orleans. That CRX did very well. I believe, if I remember correctly, it was in the class with the GT-R's.
Jason Ware Jun 07, 2013
Is that a crx in the back Yup