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Published: Jun 07, 2013
Description: Some say that he checks the CarBuzz app five times a day and is convinced that Gone in 60 Seconds is a documentary. All we know for sure is that he’s called the Stig. A household name for Top Gear fa...
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Raymond Reynoso Jun 08, 2013
Cole is such a loser- never has anything productive to add to the world.
David Lee Jun 07, 2013
@Cole Obvious troll is obvious.
Ben Knorr Jun 07, 2013
lol @ Daniel. pretty much
cole.maniglia Jun 07, 2013
daniel, nobody cares
Daniel Zizka Jun 07, 2013
Me too ! Even more than ten ! To see all the idiots who comment stupidness !! But seriously this is a great app, I learned a lot of things I didn't know ( like everybody in te world likes the P1 apart me ) :)
Jun 07, 2013
me too lol
debritannia.toxy Jun 07, 2013
LOL I check this app more than five times a day.
Description: In 2009, prior to being revealed as Ben Collins, the Stig took on jets onboard the HMS Invincible. The mystery racing driver was tasked with hitting 100mph and stopping before running out of road. You...
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Raymond Reynoso Jun 08, 2013
Schumacher was not the Stig except for that joke with the Ferrari. There's an entire page on Wikipedia dedicated to the Stig. It seems CarBuzz may also utilize this knowledge.
Zeus Mocha Jun 08, 2013
Donovan, no, that's the episode the FXX was being lapped around the track and that's the only time he drove, as others below me have stated as well. Ferrari wouldn't let anyone else drive the FXX.
Donovan Ybanez Jun 08, 2013
Yeah Schumacher definitely was. They interviewed him on an episode of Top Gear shortly after he retired his role.
Ventilatedbrain Jun 08, 2013
this was not Ben Collins .. Schumacher was never the stig. was just a publicity stunt for the fxx and to shut up some newspapers ..Ben Collins was the one they sacked before the middle east special
Jacob Burford Jun 07, 2013
Poor old stig
Kyle Malcomson Jun 07, 2013
Schumacher was the stig once as stated below
David Gray Jun 07, 2013
Collins wasn't the best. The new Stig is the best, he's destroyed Collins' times around the track in a few cars. Schumacher was never the Stig either
Ben Knorr Jun 07, 2013
Collins was the best. new stig is probably an unknown small time pro racer like Ben was.
michael.luck.372 Jun 07, 2013
Schumacher was never the Stig. He ran the track in the FXX and that was it. It was the only way Ferrari would let the car go around the track. It was McCarthy then Collins. Occasionally, Tiff has stood in, and a couple other drivers for the challenges. That's a pretty well known "secret". Collins was known before he outed himself.
Martin Groves Jun 07, 2013
Oops. I mean first was perry McCarthy, then Schumacher, then Collins, and now someone else
Martin Groves Jun 07, 2013
You guys don't know much do you. I think it was
David Gray Jun 07, 2013
This was like 2004. Perry McCarthy was the first stig, wrote a book revealing himself so he got binned
Jackson Michael Jun 07, 2013
Ya this was well before 09 haha
debritannia.toxy Jun 07, 2013
what car was that? jaguar?
Dylan Kelly Jun 07, 2013
This was from before it was Ben Collins, it was another guy and he revealed himself so this is how they got rid of him
Description: The latest incarnation of the Stig has been doing the business since the end of 2010. Whoever it is behind the wheel, hope that he doesn’t have a day job as a taxi driver. Check him out as he gives Pi...
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Adam Ouellette Jun 08, 2013
Much of this footage had no rear passenger in the back... Lol
Djameh.K Jun 08, 2013
haha it's an evo 8 with a cabby body on top
Ventilatedbrain Jun 08, 2013
I have a sneaky suspicion that its either Jason Plato or tiff
ferrarienthusiast7 Jun 07, 2013
I thought that Viper cop car was going to do something.
Julio Valdez Jun 07, 2013
Where do they have a viper cop car?!
Kevin King Jun 07, 2013
Kevin King Jun 07, 2013
Yeah I would say its ken blocks but I don't think he was y'all enough. Ken blocks is like 6'4"
Shawn Sullivan Jun 07, 2013
Was that a viper cop car at about 1 minute?!?!
leavingmarks Jun 07, 2013
Maybe it's Ken Block.
Description: It took some convincing, but the Stig was finally allowed behind the wheel of the Bugatti Veyron, the fastest car in the world at the time of the run, and was rewarded for his efforts by being given a...
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Joel Mitchel Kanny Jul 20, 2013
Pagani is one of my favourite manufacturers alongside BMR,Rolls-Royce,Lamborghini,Maserati and Lancia!
Joel Mitchel Kanny Jul 20, 2013
Bulky Bugatti! In the past it wasn't about speed, it was about weight! It was light but Bugatti lost it and focused on speed! :(
Jacob Burges Jun 08, 2013
"Like a shark in a funny hat."
Jacob Burford Jun 07, 2013
Most people would, although I still like the Veyron!
joshua.robbins.5249 Jun 07, 2013
Zonda for me all day.
Description: The Stig has driven some wickedly fast cars on the Top Gear track. But none hold a light to the limited-edition million-dollar F1-style track-only Lotus T125, which comes powered by a 3.5-liter Coswo...
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ferrarienthusiast7 Jun 07, 2013
Love it.
Jacob Burford Jun 07, 2013
Very true
Ferniand Silvia Jun 07, 2013
The Stigs American cousin wouldn't fit in this f1 car. Sorry fat Stig.
Description: The Stig has also driven plenty of duds on the show, the pick of the bunch being this Reliant Robin. The small three-wheeler is not the ideal carriage to chuck around the track. But that didn’t stop t...
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Bill Estep Jr Jun 18, 2013
Even the stig can't make it around the track without flipping it over :( lol
Jonathan Romero Jun 07, 2013
Lol why was this car built! If it can't take a slight turn haha
Kyle Kloewer Jun 08, 2013
Used to be my wallpaper
Jason Ware Jun 07, 2013
There's a boss 302, a mclaren, and million dollar bugatti and you want the VW? If someone gave me that Vdub I'd say thank you and list it for sale on Craigslist the next day
Jacob Burford Jun 07, 2013
Total boss
Blake Antil Jun 07, 2013
The Stig: proof that actions speak louder than words.
Jordan Jackson Jun 07, 2013
I'll take the Boss and the McLaren, I don't really like veyrons
Vladan Grujicic Jun 07, 2013
Vladan Grujicic Jun 07, 2013
Guts you are missing the most important car, the Mclaren
Ben Hislop Jun 07, 2013
Some say he invented the curtain, and that the only thing he litteraly fears is fear itself. All we know is, he the most interesting Stig in the world.
Casimir Le Grand Jun 07, 2013
I'll take the VW! 200HP is more than i need
Shane Sharma Jun 07, 2013
It has a Garrett turbo should be fast
Lior Markovich Jun 07, 2013
Sorry but The real boss is the veyron ss
ryan.chamberlain.3532 Jun 07, 2013
boss! !!
austin.jobes Jun 08, 2013
some tractors are actually pretty fast. a guy i know took one to new york. we're frome the thumb in michigan. did 65 mph..
Jason Ware Jun 07, 2013
Like a boss
Jacob Burford Jun 07, 2013
Jacob Burford Jun 07, 2013
Drubbing tractors is a hobby of his
Rishi Sawla Jun 07, 2013
@cian yeah it hit 40 mph
Cian Mac Gearailt Jun 07, 2013
Fastest tractor in the world saw one on the autobahn in Germany once
Daniel Zizka Jun 07, 2013
@Sean, some say he always spends his Tuesday afternoons helping a farmer... Oh by the way, it's a tractor ! :)
Sean Coco Jun 07, 2013
What the hell is that lol