Comments - The New Toyota Corolla: Who Cares?

Published: Jun 07, 2013
Description: There are cars we enjoy reporting on here at CarBuzz, and there are cars we don't. Put your thinking cap on and we're sure you can figure out where economy cars like the Toyota Corolla fit in. But he...
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Michael Spochi Jun 10, 2013
@rvuch46 your facts are messed up... Ford never went on he verge of bankruptcy. GM and Chrysler went bankrupt in recent years, but not Ford.
Fabián Ruiz Madriz Jun 08, 2013
Ohhh Irony
Jordan Jackson Jun 08, 2013
Apparently someone at CarBUZZ cares since this has been the top story for two days, lol
Gary Alaina Jun 08, 2013
Rofl, best story yet!
Tim Hooker Jun 08, 2013
Because we keep commenting on it
Bala Uncc Jun 08, 2013
Why is this still the top story?
Troy Heffner Jun 08, 2013
I had an 86 Hyundai Excel when I was in high school- wow- has Hyundai come a long way!
Troy Heffner Jun 08, 2013
keep in mind these cars come with warranties and most don't keep the same car but 6 years. So if you bought used then you don't really know the history of the car. I have yet to see many new cars sit on the side of the road, not like 20-30 years ago
Troy Heffner Jun 08, 2013
@Tim- I wholeheartedly agree with you in that the Fords, Hyundai, and Kia, have come to be reliable brands. I would say on par with Toyota. I would go back to the notion that cars that ate taken care of (well maintained/ driven well) last a long time
Tim Hooker Jun 08, 2013
Your argument is valid.
Tim Hooker Jun 08, 2013
I figure you all are defending Toyota of the 90s not Toyota of today. They were great back then but they have lost their way. Kia Hyundai Ford and several others now compete with a better product. Go find a time machine...cause that's the only way
Troy Heffner Jun 08, 2013
*frequency of repairs
Troy Heffner Jun 08, 2013
I would argue most folks that but lower priced cars don't take care of them as well as higher end cars. We are talking about cars that will fill high school parking lots in 2-3 years, so lets not talk about resale value of an econobox.
Troy Heffner Jun 08, 2013
If the goal of being in the car business is selling cars- then regardless of frequency of repaid- for has 3 of the top 10. More than any other manufacturer; and the Focus sells quite well compared to the Corolla. Maintenance is a key factor.
Aaron Abely Jun 08, 2013
Rvuch it's still a boring toyota. Still a boring carolla. Toyota doesn't build a damn thing worth mentioning. Don't say gt-86 or fr-s. those are designed and built by Subaru.
Kyle Kloewer Jun 08, 2013
Not me
Ilya Kravchik Jun 08, 2013
Wow Toyota Corolla gets way more comments then any supercar
rvuch46 Jun 08, 2013
Michael Spochi.... riddle all of us this....If ford is better than Toyota, then why did the American car companies go to the verge of bankruptcy? you have your facts mixed up. Per Capita, (if you don't know what that means you have to look it up) more Toyotas have had less problems than fords and any other American cars. They also hold their value longer. Actually do the research and stop making u...
rvuch46 Jun 08, 2013
you know what is funny is Tim Hooker calling people idiots, but the guy can not spell corolla.
Gary Alaina Jun 08, 2013
I don't respect that its they have sold over a million cars, Marilyn Manson has sold millions of Cd's same with gay boy Bieber and I certainly don't respect them. Its mainstream and people who enjoy fridges and talking bout bingo buy it. This is not a car its a personal taxi for people who put driving in the same category as going toilet (it has to be done, you don't have a choice)
Tim Hooker Jun 07, 2013
I wonder why someone would ask what one drives is that one does not care....odd. Also you look like WT.
Jason Ware Jun 07, 2013
No one cares what you drive. I don't like these cars either but at the end of the day It's a Toyota and if your a car guy n ever turned a wrench then you know you can trust a Toyota n with proper maintance you will get every dollar you paid out of it
David Justice Jun 07, 2013
It's both reliable and cheap, enough so that it sells units by the millions. Nothing says failure like that, right? Ha.
Tim Hooker Jun 07, 2013
Can someone please let him know what I drive...I don't keep it a secret
ismail.moosa.186 Jun 07, 2013
looks like toyota needs better designers for the corolla. hyundai and kia styles are way better
Cian Mac Gearailt Jun 07, 2013
I must say carbuzz have never had such an interesting article dem comments i guess everyone looks for different things in car's but me personally i rather have a second hand alfa it's worth the terrible reliability for some character and passion
Anthony Richardson Jun 07, 2013
I got to say, Carbuzz, I've read every article since 2010 on this app and this one was very unneeded.
Nader Karama Al-Jaberi Jun 07, 2013
Looks ugly,, but interior is very nice...
Jorge Gonzalez Jun 07, 2013
These are cars for your average joes. The people who see cars as appliances and nothing else. I don't know how many gearheads really give a shit about these.
Dylan Bruder Jun 07, 2013
I don't care lol it's so boring
Carlos Galicia Jun 07, 2013
Everybody getting way too TU over the corolla... For real Shelby it got too crazy
Bobaloo Anderson Jun 07, 2013
I don't hate the corolla but there are better options
David Lee Jun 07, 2013
I'm an enthusiast, and I like the Corolla. It looks good.
Brittany Sawyer Jun 07, 2013
Just because your an enthusiast doesnt mean you have to hate a corrolla or toyota. I dont like the fact that its so boring, but respect that it produces a million a year
Mark Messier Jun 07, 2013
Tim what car do you drive? A corolla?
Nick Benz Jun 07, 2013
Michael Spochi- its because the all the fords have already been parted out lol
John Lanzetta Jun 07, 2013
I absolutely hate this car as an enthusiast, but I want to know about all cars no matter of my opinion so I can expand my knowledge about any car
Tim Hooker Jun 07, 2013
What a fun debate. Good job Buzz revealing who all the idiots are on this app...aka the ones defending a carolla! Seriously guys..I stand by Buzz in saying this thing is more boring than watching two paraplegics have sex
Michael Spochi Jun 07, 2013
Your argument is invalid... You are the weakest link, goodbye.
Michael Spochi Jun 07, 2013
Riddle me this Kyle... Why have I seen more corollas on the side of the road and in scrap yards than I do Fords?
Shelby Cassandra Jun 07, 2013
I'm not even going to take the time to go through and pick apart all the stupid comments.
Gary Alaina Jun 07, 2013
Ill take a corolla, I want people to know I'm completely boring and have a very low income that I worry so much about fuel and insurance, I also want people to know I'm settled down, and the most extreme thing I do with my life is listen to Justin briber and paint flowers on recyclable paper. 👍
Lizmary Mendoza Jun 07, 2013
I'll take a corolla. Great gas mileage looks nice and very reliable. Sold over a million corollas. Wow.
Gary Alaina Jun 07, 2013
Fact is their so many better second hand cars out there. Everyone who supports the corolla says the same two things. 1) oh it's so reliable! 2) perfect for the family or kids!.... My God people, is their no other car you can think of that is reliable and can hold four adults for not to much money? Volkswagen, ford, Honda to name a few have fun cars that are reliable, have lots of space, and don't ...
Garrett Petersen Jun 07, 2013
Yuck. Corolla= dirty taste in my mouth
Kyle Malcomson Jun 07, 2013
Awful article by the way car buzz, who cars well more of the car buying public than care about any other car
Kyle Malcomson Jun 07, 2013
Riddle us this Michael you buy your ford what do you drive while its getting repaired. Or buy a Toyota and you won't have to spend all day riddling
Michael Spochi Jun 07, 2013
Sorry focuses not fusions
Michael Spochi Jun 07, 2013
First off, last year Ford sold more fusions than Toyota did corolla and also Ford has a car on the market that gets over 100 mpg and is about the same price if not cheaper... SO RIDDLE ME THAT TOYOTA!!
Thai-Chau Ha Jun 07, 2013
I tell you why it is a boring car. Because people refuse to put nice rims or body kits on it. Give it one spoke ghetto rims. Some stickers. Nice mufflers. Raise it up on some 35". Turbocharge it. Something!
Matt Piccolo Jun 07, 2013
I think Wayne needs to see a doctor.... He just put fun and corolla in the same sentence...
phillthegman Jun 07, 2013
the fact that this car sells so well is not to it's own credit but to the fact that we as a segment (gear heads) are a rare and dying breed, quit defending this appliance of a car
Taylor Garry Jun 07, 2013
Once again, it's the internet. So chill out and laugh at the article. They're just trying to make it more interesting, not call you out for liking a corolla
Tony Hernandez Jun 07, 2013
I agree with you David! And Carbuzz is also talking crap about how boring is it and who cares, but at the same time you have an article a couple down from this one about Fiat fridges!!! At least the Corolla will take you places!
Jack Howard Jun 07, 2013
Are they forcing you to read this article? I'd like to know what the latest Corolla is about because I like knowing about every car on the market.
Wayne Joseph Borean Jun 07, 2013
Hey, the Corolla is a great little car, and it handles fairly well too. I have a 2002, and it's. fun car to drive, while being practical enough. Yeah, I'd love a Camaro, but where do you put the passengers? I have two kids over 6 feet tall!
David Parenti Jun 07, 2013
The people knocking this article are ignorant. Yes this is an app for cars, not sports cars, ALL cars. You may not care that the corolla is #1 selling worldwide, but some do. It's still interesting none the less.
Taylor Garry Jun 07, 2013
Haha good job carbuzz you offended the people with no sense of humor. Love it
Gary Alaina Jun 07, 2013
This car is like a very ugly fat women, she's reliable because she ain't gunna cheat on you, and she might even cook for you to. But at the end of the day she's boring as shit. If you drive this car that is what you become, someone who settles for crap. If you a new driver by a civic, they pretty quick and very reliable, and you wont have reliable looking women hoping in your passenger seat.
Shawn Sullivan Jun 07, 2013
I look at this app to read about cars that are not ordinary. If I wanted to read about Corolla I would read MT or car n driver. Just saying
Gary Alaina Jun 07, 2013
If you are defending the corolla and you call yourself an car enthusiast you having a laugh. I'd get more enthusiastic if I had to take a girl with HIV to bed than drive this POS. This car is everything you should hate about cars if you a "car enthusiast" it's bland, its common, it has absolutely no go, and it looks like crap. Being reliable just doesn't cut it.
Henz Herrero Jun 07, 2013
Cuz everyone needs to be driving a sports car right.. Its funny how there are so nany closed minded or ignorant people out there.. Ya we should give a 15 year old a 300hp sportscar..
Cian Mac Gearailt Jun 07, 2013
And what i like about cars isn't reliability and being practical i like a car with personality and passion and the corolla don't cut it. It doesn't make you wanna just go for a drive it just makes you think you saved some cash and it's dependable
Cian Mac Gearailt Jun 07, 2013
Yeah David there was an article about the focus corolla and how it seems the corolla was ahead marginally but there are so many sub models and so on that really it's like ford calling all there car's focus to an extent
max.baugh.10 Jun 07, 2013
a breath of fresh air? hardly
Scuttle Buttocks Jun 07, 2013
I dgaf about Toyota
Lucas Raggio Jun 07, 2013
It really is such An excellent car but not really news worthy IMO
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jun 07, 2013
Walter Alexander Thomas Jun 07, 2013
Look much better than the out going in my opinion
David Parenti Jun 07, 2013
Someone maybe do some research? I'd like to know if it were the focus or the corolla.
David Parenti Jun 07, 2013
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, Fords goal recently with the focus was to outsell all manufacturers. The focus is a global car, sold in the U.S., Europe, etc. I was told that the focus was the #1 selling car this year or the last year.
rvuch46 Jun 07, 2013
Devon doesn't appreciate reliability and simplicity. I ride race bikes, so even cars that are faster than a corolla are still slow to some of us.
timothy.chen.5439 Jun 07, 2013
Best seller equals cockroach car, many people refuse to buy corolla because they are everywhere.
rvuch46 Jun 07, 2013
I'll be buying one in the next six months.
timothy.chen.5439 Jun 07, 2013
corolla sprinter GT-S is dead. No point looking at corolla unless they revive sprinter GTS
Bruce Tumblin Jun 07, 2013
@Devon, you do understand that they are a lot of people in this earth who like the Corolla for whatever reason it may be!
Devon Smithers Jun 07, 2013
You can buy an exciting used car for as much or less money, and not hate it every time you see it. IMO the idea that anyone who claims to love cars could get excited or interested about this is laughable.
Devon Smithers Jun 07, 2013
I can't believe anyone is trying to defend a damn Corolla. Regardless of what you can afford as your own car, from an automotive enthusiast standpoint this car is kryptonite. Boring, bland, numb, and all that is miserable.
Bruce Tumblin Jun 07, 2013
I think this would be a great car for a kid fresh out of high school going to college
Gary Alaina Jun 07, 2013
POS the old school ones are much better. If I wanted a reliable everyday car for doing absolutely nothing but getting from A to B I would look to the used car market. This thing is for people who have no personality at all.
Patrick Schalk Jun 07, 2013
Haha well I don't care about this turd box. Give me something with some character. This is like driving a washing machine or fridge.
Michael Horne Jun 07, 2013
Supercars are all good and well, heck, everybody loves them, but I'd kinda like to see more reporting on normal cars. The stuff average folks drive.
Cian Mac Gearailt Jun 07, 2013
Well people who do own them do you actually like the car?other then running costs and price new i mean they are horribly boring cars made with no passion and last way to long
Daniel Zizka Jun 07, 2013
Nxs, what car do you have ?
Nick Rowe Jun 07, 2013
Over a million a year. A lot of people care
Saajan Patel Jun 07, 2013
Btw i dont hav a corolla but my dad had one 10years ago
Joe Delaney Jun 07, 2013
Boring and practical, still. Which, apparently, is the Toyota way. I would say pretty ugly too, with that 4x4 stance and the massive amount of wheel gap. Just looking at these pictures is making me nod off.
nxs Jun 07, 2013
and there you have it for the ppl who defend carbuzz. they just said who cares to the top selling car in the world and insulting the ppl who own this car on this app...
Saajan Patel Jun 07, 2013
I respect this car for its reliability and practicality.. Thts y it sells well nd thats y i care
nxs Jun 07, 2013
so many kids have this car and try to rock it with their blasting music and fifty hats and I drive next to them and smirk
Duncan Gibson Jun 16, 2013
Its trying way too hard to look sporty and cool. The people who buy these don't want to stand out. Can't Toyota realize this?
Benjamin McCormick Jun 09, 2013
Cow don't care.
KyHoBro951 Jun 09, 2013
I'll take this over public transport. yea my life sucks lol
daming.yu.94 Jun 08, 2013
Obviously this matters since it's the top story on carBuzz.
John Car Jun 08, 2013
People must be jealous they can't afford one.. Hah
Drew Storrusten Jun 08, 2013
@aaron and Matt, good I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing a little bit of the dart in it. Hahah.
james.ortiz1990 Jun 08, 2013
this car is hideous.
jmusial2 Jun 08, 2013
Toyotas suck in the first place
Dale Schroeder Jun 08, 2013
Oh hey look, a tacky black plastic insert in the grille just like every other car from Asia. How innovative.
tasakidog Jun 08, 2013
stupid. looks like a scion. new toyotas suck
John M Weishahn Jun 08, 2013
Is that a bison?
Jorge Gonzalez Jun 08, 2013
Go home Nick your drunk.
Manuel Vasquez Jun 08, 2013
Such a simple car with 51 comments lol
Fakir Smith Jun 07, 2013
A Kia and Dart had a kid!
Angelo Baclay Jun 07, 2013
Its is now a coolrola!
Jacob Burford Jun 07, 2013
I stopped caring for Toyota a long time ago!
Geoff Novak Jun 07, 2013
I feel like this is the child of a dodge dart and a hyundai genesis..
Matthew Jun 07, 2013
much better than before
Brett Abbott Halverson Jun 07, 2013
It looks good , but it's still ugly
Walter Alexander Thomas Jun 07, 2013
Better than before.
Dylan Bruder Jun 07, 2013
So ugly
Facundo Planas Martinelli Jun 07, 2013
Toyota tries harder to make their cars look uglier generarion after generetion... and they really succeed!! This thing is horrible and so cheap-looking!!!!
Alvaro Perez Jun 07, 2013
I wouldn't be surprised at all if teens try to makes this car look cool or try anything stupid with it
Stephen Royal Jun 07, 2013
Hahaha @tim
Shelby Cassandra Jun 07, 2013
Nick is either being sarcastic or he's stupid.
Carlton Green Jun 07, 2013
Gettin better
Daniel Carvalho Jun 07, 2013
Looks better than the old one, that's for sure.
Daniel Kenneth Babler Jun 07, 2013
I'm sorry but I fail to see how this "oozes originality" it looks like every other econobox. Also I don't get a hard on for everything with a Chevy badge.. I like Dodge too!
Tyrone Smith Jun 07, 2013
Looks a lot better than the previous one. I still would NEVER buy it though.
matthew.jarosinski Jun 07, 2013
A big improvement for sure but I still like my Focus better.
Tim Collgate Jun 07, 2013
Oh yay can't wait for teens everywhere to put a 6ft spoiler on this -_-
Jack Howard Jun 07, 2013
Looks good enough to where I wouldn't hate the people who buy this
Benjamin Hardaway Jun 07, 2013
Better than the old one at least.
Sam Saechao Jun 07, 2013
Can someone do a photoshop and put smaller wheels on it?
Miranda Pavelle Jun 07, 2013
Needs bigger wheels... Other than that, it's ok... I guess...
timothyhubert1 Jun 07, 2013
at least its more exciting and stylish than previous versions and at least no more boring than other cars in this segment....
Nick Sti Jun 07, 2013
I thought this was a dodge dart for a second... Lines are soooo bland :(
kyle.morris.3979 Jun 07, 2013
Please quit it with the blacked out wheels.
Greg Kenerly Jun 07, 2013
I see Kia Forte in this
Nick Williams Jun 07, 2013
I'm sorry but the corolla oozes of originality. The stingray is just the same recycled shape since.. Oh, the stingray. So maybe not me, but you are the stupid one, as you've been brainwashed into getting a hard on for anything with a Chevrolet badge.
Daniel Kenneth Babler Jun 07, 2013
Nick if you're saying that this looks better then the new Stingray and the Camaro... You're a special kind of stupid. But that's just my opinion
Nick Williams Jun 07, 2013
Simply breathtaking. Chevrolet's designers need to take note of this. Their sub par corvettes and camaros will be left in the dust before too long
Lucas Raggio Jun 07, 2013
Not bad at all. I like it
Bala Uncc Jun 07, 2013
Not too bad
Scott Lenahan Jun 07, 2013
That front end is so not right... It's worse now than before, which isn't saying much!
Jeremy Ngo Jun 07, 2013
You check out the new Australian version of the corolla because it looks nicer than the American one.
Matt Marchant Jun 07, 2013
Front looks like a laferrari, but not in a good way
Donovan Ybanez Jun 07, 2013
Definitely better than before.
Alex Semaan Jun 07, 2013
It looks like a prius and dodge dart fucked
Jad Chaar Jun 07, 2013
It isn't an eye sore like the 2013 one.
Bruce Tumblin Jun 07, 2013
Good car but a little too bland for me
Abdulla Ahmed Haji Jun 07, 2013
Not bad at all, look nice
Shane Sharma Jun 07, 2013
When thyre moving they look like mopar wheels
Shane Sharma Jun 07, 2013
Those look like mopar wheels
Matt Piccolo Jun 07, 2013
Ahah Brittany, that's a perfect description!
Jun 07, 2013
Finally... Corolla is not a boring car anymore!! But... somehow it look like Dodge Dart
Aaron Abely Jun 07, 2013
Better? Maybe. Still boring though.
Mr.Mercedes-Benz Jun 07, 2013
I woke up in a new carolla
aaron.samuels.184 Jun 07, 2013
anyone else see dodge dart a little bit?
Kevin Carlin Jun 07, 2013
Looks like a Kia Forte
Brittany Sawyer Jun 07, 2013
Looks like an aggresive bubble
Tanton Stoneman Jun 07, 2013
Yeah, that looks better
Tic XKing Jun 07, 2013
Better than the 2013 one
Description: That's important when you consider how far more stylish cars like the Hyundai Elantra and Dodge Dart have taken things in the last couple of years. New Corolla buyers will be able to choose from two s...
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Lotus Enthusiast Jun 09, 2013
Elantra is ugly as crap. Worst looking car ever mass produced. There is a place reserved in hell for the elantra and other cars alike (such as the pt cruiser, Nissan cube, pt cruiser, pt cruiser, and pt cruiser)
Dylan Gomes Jun 08, 2013
Dodge Neon*
Jorge Gonzalez Jun 08, 2013
They make four speed ATXs still? That's crazy, in a world with dual clutches and cvts they still make those.
Jake Dula Jun 07, 2013
Toyota decided to top off their newest model with a transmission from the 70s? Not a good idea.
Frankie Ferreira Jun 07, 2013
Probably the only car that still offers one that I can think of
Dylan Bruder Jun 07, 2013
How are they still getting away with that 4 speed that's ridiculous
Frankie Ferreira Jun 07, 2013
Benjamin Hardaway Jun 07, 2013
Yea the dart looks a lot better than this
Aaron Contic Jun 07, 2013
The dart looks pretty damn good when you buy the right trim level
Michael Mayfield Jun 07, 2013
The dart is just as ugly?
Gustavo Kelso Jun 10, 2013
Ghetto rims they will never put on the production car.
Mathew Cameron Hebb Jun 09, 2013
I don't see any originality in this.
John Car Jun 08, 2013
Stupid and japs leave their cars on the market much longer without a refresh. Try using that Internet connection of yours
John Car Jun 08, 2013
Fakir.. Your name is stup Jun 08, 2013
Easily looks like a more refined Hyundai Santa Fe taillights.
Jorge Gonzalez Jun 08, 2013
Damn japs, build a supra already and shove these damn corollas.
Bala Uncc Jun 08, 2013
Sorry I meant Hyundai Veracruz.
Fakir Smith Jun 07, 2013
It's the same car underneath. They are saving bucks here. Typical Japanese approach actually. It is how they can refresh their cars quicker than Americans.
Cory Deines Jun 07, 2013
Holy wheel gap...I had no idea the new Corolla was a CUV.
Douglas Goncalves Jun 07, 2013
Not bad for an econo car.
andy.n.cho Jun 07, 2013
I dont care about how it looks... I am just so glad new model is out as corolla was getting too old!! lol
Thai-Chau Ha Jun 07, 2013
Damn japs. Put some styling into this and shut everyone up!
Jun 07, 2013
Chris Woller Jun 07, 2013
Meh. The best Corolla, but that's like saying someone makes the best vanilla ice cream or white bread. Kind of looks like it's on stilts - sits too high
kyle.morris.3979 Jun 07, 2013
ugly wheels
Matt Piccolo Jun 07, 2013
Bala, In what way?
Brandon Willis Jun 07, 2013
*cough* No one cares
Bala Uncc Jun 07, 2013
Looks like previous gen Hyundai Santa Fe tail lights
jared.millstead Jun 07, 2013
yea they are identical. lol wtf
Juan Quintero Jun 07, 2013
Someone look at the wheels for the 2010 mustang Gt premium. The 19 inch wheels on the mustang are almost identical. Fml. I better get new wheels fast :(
Matt Piccolo Jun 07, 2013
Back is a big improvement
Tic XKing Jun 07, 2013
Tic XKing Jun 07, 2013
My h bette
Miko Reginella Jun 08, 2013
Much better
Raymond Reynoso Jun 08, 2013
Lol! I remember Black Honda. Probably the same guy too!
Evan Liebgott Jun 08, 2013
Looks like the put the corolla body on a highlander platform
Evan Liebgott Jun 08, 2013
Hmmm... Not low enough
Fakir Smith Jun 07, 2013
And the ford focus is right behind it in numbers globally. So point? And toyota kept the name and built it up. Most dump their names for something newer. A lot of people voted for obama too, that doesn't make him the best president.
Jason Ware Jun 07, 2013
Well said bud
Luke Melanson Jun 07, 2013
They sell so many because: 1. They are affordable 2. Easy to drive 3. Reliable 4. Have excellent re-sale value 5. Comfortable & Roomy 6. Fuel Efficient 7. Toyota's reputation 8. Safe Now stop asking stupid questions, and think about it for a moment.
Dylan Bruder Jun 07, 2013
I don't understand how they sell so many
Frederick Perez Jun 07, 2013
a sideskirts will look better
Thai-Chau Ha Jun 07, 2013
Japs. Please give a trim with a 2jz in it. Like GRT engine in a juke. Something serious.
Tim Collgate Jun 07, 2013
Oh shit I think that Kevin kid is the new black Honda (for those of us that remember him)
Brad Wood Jun 07, 2013
4x4 model? Could they make it any more hacked up?
Garrett Middleton Jun 07, 2013
at least it looks better than the current generation. those are as bland as plain oatmeal.
Patrick Schalk Jun 07, 2013
Not really Randall. But ok.
Joel Hope Jun 07, 2013
Looks nice from this angle imo
Karst Kingsley Jun 07, 2013
Those wheels look so bad
joshua.robbins.5249 Jun 07, 2013
It looks better than the older body but it's still not great.
Brendan Morreale Jun 07, 2013
This is what all the hype was about??? Really???
Jun 07, 2013
Way sportier than ever before I think that's because rivals like Elantra, Civic, Dart, and Focus are all pretty sporty looking compact sedans
Matt Piccolo Jun 07, 2013
For a corolla, this is nice. Still the ugliest car in its class as far as I'm concerned
Patrick Schalk Jun 07, 2013
This is a fail as far as Im concerned.
Elias Harb Jun 07, 2013
Those rims say: im trying too hard
Ventilatedbrain Jun 07, 2013
I don't think the corolla is boring... I think its pretty decent ...the abundance of it is what makes it boring
Eli Bonner Jun 07, 2013
Eli Bonner Jun 07, 2013
It look a lot better
Rashid AlGhafli Jun 07, 2013
Looks great inside out
Roger Guilemany Mortimer Jun 07, 2013
What the hell did I just read?!
Nick Rowe Jun 07, 2013
That made no sense
kevinmangson Jun 07, 2013
lol,I guest, it will come out like magic,himmm you release according to my bday, n now huhuhuhu,,,,
FrickenNinja Jun 09, 2013
Dodge Dart mich?
Farshad Broumand Jun 08, 2013
I see Avalon and Camry inspiration, not Hyundai
Sam Harris Jun 08, 2013
I just looked up the rims on the Gt premium. Again, the look more like frs/GT-86/Brz rims.
Mason Lampe Jun 08, 2013
On the GT premium it was an option. Same style.
Jason Ware Jun 07, 2013
Umm. I have mustang at the shop from 010 and they do not have the same rims
Mason Lampe Jun 07, 2013
@sam if you look up the 2010 mustang gt premium then the rims are identical.
Jonathan Romero Jun 07, 2013
For what it's worth it looks really good B)
justin.thebodeau Jun 07, 2013
looks like it hit a stump head on and toyota didn't care you replace the missing plastic...
Alanna Galligan Jun 07, 2013
Where's the hatchback version? - oh wait,I don't care.....
Tino Domingue Jun 07, 2013
This car looks like it's all drug out... Or at least really, really sleep!
P.j. Singleton Jun 07, 2013
So now Japan is copying Korea as gas as design is concerned...what has the World come to
Sam Harris Jun 07, 2013
I agree with the genesis looking front end, but mustang rims? I would disagree. More or less they look like the Fr-s/GT-86/Brz rims.
Mason Lampe Jun 07, 2013
That lower grille with that kind of bumper is right off the Genesis. Lol Toyota can't come up with anything new. The rims are mustang rims.
peter.sauer.940 Jun 07, 2013
let's face it the south Koreans, kia and Hyundai are building far more exciting cars these days,then the Japanese makes !!
max.baugh.10 Jun 07, 2013
not feeling it
William Downs Jun 07, 2013
The front reminds me of the Sonota hybrid, but Toyota used this design on the new Avalon witch looks even closer to the hybrid sonata
Matt Piccolo Jun 07, 2013
Personally, I'm seeing Camry and especially Avalon here. No Hyundai
aaron.samuels.184 Jun 07, 2013
@ed lol
EdMiller Jun 07, 2013
hey toyota I heard Hyundi called and wants its Elantra/Genesis coupes back...
Jorge Gonzalez Jun 08, 2013
Rally ride height son! Is this thing AWD?
Isaac Taylor Jun 07, 2013
Beautiful color! Wow
Shelby Cassandra Jun 07, 2013
This looks like something that would've competed with the 2002 focus. Terrible. Will probably look used on a new car lot.
Frederick Perez Jun 07, 2013
I hate when they put steel rims on lower models
blcklblskt Jun 07, 2013
Look at the ride height! It's ready to go off-roading.
Eli Bonner Jun 07, 2013
Eli Bonner Jun 07, 2013
Oh wow as soon as the S trim is gone, it look horrible
Jun 07, 2013
Worst color for this car
Tic XKing Jun 07, 2013
This type is crap
hiren.nabhoya Jun 07, 2013
good design than previou corolla...
luis.sandoval.125 Jun 07, 2013
kind of looks like the outgoing kia forte.
Jun 07, 2013
Both Lexus and Scion are owned by Toyota
Jordan Smith Jun 07, 2013
95% will be bought in this color.
michael.evans.77964 Jun 07, 2013
Grumpy cat face
timothy.chen.5439 Jun 07, 2013
looks better
Alen Bobby Jun 07, 2013
Toyota owns Scion so probably
Derek Soanes Jun 07, 2013
Is that you scion tc
Jun 07, 2013
Looks like Scion
Matthew Jun 11, 2013
i like it
leolys.pierrelouis Jun 09, 2013
The steering wheel SICKENS me...
Bala Uncc Jun 08, 2013
Thisn't bad but this is the highest trim though
Fakir Smith Jun 07, 2013
I like it. Best part of the car. Now give me a manual.
Jason Ware Jun 07, 2013
If I didn't see the emblem on the steering wheel I woulda thought Carbuzz put the wrong pic in here
Jared Miller Brown Jun 07, 2013
Ugh typical Toyota crap.. And look at that clock.. They've been using that same clock for 30 years
Vidur Dewan Jun 07, 2013
Definitely easy to tell there's Lexus DNA in here. Or vice versa, however you wish.
jamal.ayub Jun 07, 2013
very nice
Nick Sti Jun 07, 2013
This is really nice. It shares a lot with its competition
Brad Wood Jun 07, 2013
Honda civic - 1.... Corolla - 0
Mason Lampe Jun 07, 2013
The first half of this picture is boring but the second half actually looks pretty cool, which is crazy coming from a Toyota hater.
Garrett Middleton Jun 07, 2013
that actually looks pretty cool for a little econobox
Tim Preisinger Jun 07, 2013
I agree Patrick. I think the exterior is pretty bad but the interior is pretty nice
Jun 07, 2013
Matt Piccolo Jun 07, 2013
Well they got one thing right. This I nice. Personally I think the civic is still nicer. My mom is looking at a 2013 si and it's a lot nicer than the 2012. I've always liked the 2 tier dash.
Patrick Schalk Jun 07, 2013
Outside looks like balls but I'll admit this is pretty nice for the price.
Will Will Jun 07, 2013
Absolutely surprised by the corolla's interior. No wood, but for a car of this price i don't expect wood, just a decently designed interior. And this pulls off the job real well. That said i never liked Lexus interiors, Germans are still better.
Tic XKing Jun 07, 2013
@Mitch Continue. If u want a fully loaded civic its more expensive than a fully loaded corolla it's not much but compared to the prices of the cars the difference is big I'd take a German car
Tic XKing Jun 07, 2013
@Mitch the civic has a better interior it also has a white leather option which looks nice but its a little bit more expensive than the corolla
Mitch Campbell Jun 07, 2013
I wish the civic had an interior that looked this good. I assume they compete because of size. Not character. The civic si can be a lot of fun to drive.
EdMiller Jun 07, 2013
typical boring toyota...I don't think the Ford Fiesta needs to worry...even the Dodge Dart is much better looking
Adrian Cordova Jun 07, 2013
This does not at all look like an economy car in here, this is pretty good looking from the inside. Lexus and toyotas have my favorite interiors. They just LOOK so expensive and high quality. Plus you know non of the trim will fall off like ever!
Saajan Patel Jun 07, 2013
Wow for a corolla.. This is nice
Tic XKing Jun 07, 2013
This is much improved so amazing all this in a corolla I mean its a corolla
Bala Uncc Jun 08, 2013
The leather looks better than bmw's rough one
hiren.nabhoya Jun 07, 2013
looking nice but it's not comfort
Jason Ware Jun 07, 2013
Looks cheap and uncomfortable.