Comments - House Built Surrounding Owner's Porsche 911

Published: Jun 07, 2013
Description: When designing a house, architects typically try to hide the garage in the basement or around the back. Car collectors aim to showcase their collections in display garages, which in some cases aren't...
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michael.robinson.75033149 Jun 07, 2013
Its Japan and if its Tokyo r a big city space is at a premium so & they drive a lot if micro cars so this car would be special
Peter Mark Gacek Jun 07, 2013
It's a 993 Carrrera S
Thai-Chau Ha Jun 07, 2013
Remember kids. This is Japan. Everything is expensive given it is an island and over populated unlike Hawaii. To own this is like a 5-10 millions dollar home is the Key west. Equivalent of owning an apartment in Manhattan.
Lucas Raggio Jun 07, 2013
I've designed a couple houses of this style with autocad
Lucas Raggio Jun 07, 2013
Wells is a fool
Matt Teves Jun 07, 2013
Not a turbo
DeUahn Wells Jun 07, 2013
House is cool but way too sterile looking, the porsche is crap
Daniel Zizka Jun 07, 2013
That is my dream !!! I love every pic although I think the 993 is a Carrera 4 with a turbo rear wing... But anyway, it's beautiful ( the car and the house ) and I would not change a thing !!!
Shawn Sullivan Jun 07, 2013
If I had the money to design my house the garage would be proudly displayed just not as part of the house itself.
Jason Ware Jun 07, 2013
There should def be some ass prints on the hood and panties thrown into a corner somewhere
Oleg Odessit Jun 07, 2013
Description: Glass-block ceilings and open stairways also allow it to be seen from the floors above, too.In keeping with Japanese aesthetic style and in order to resist earthquakes, the steel-frame house ends up l...
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ismail.moosa.186 Jun 07, 2013
Peter Mark Gacek Jun 07, 2013
993 Carrera S
Tony Chen Jun 07, 2013
It's a narrow body 993 Carrera 2 with front and rear spoilers.
Jake Dula Jun 07, 2013
@Braxton, I agree completely. Well said. This car is not my cup of tea, but I totally get falling in love with a car like that.
nxs Jun 07, 2013
oh my goodness I dont have a pic! I dont exist, maybe in another dimension...
ferrarienthusiast7 Jun 07, 2013
wow beautiful.
Vladan Grujicic Jun 07, 2013
I really love the red Porsche.
Matt Marchant Jun 07, 2013
Not a turbo, this has the NA 2 litre
Jordan Jackson Jun 07, 2013
Wow, I love it when trolls call other people trolls...
Aadil Hafiz Jun 07, 2013
nxs; you have no picture so why you putting down others. The 993 are the last air cooled Porsches and are holding their values well/and are actually starting to appreciate. Why all the disrespect? P.S, I drive a diesel.
nxs Jun 07, 2013
lol lucas u look very emo in ur pic no wonder hate u hater and fyi bobabitch I drive a g37 ipl what do u drive?
Bobaloo Anderson Jun 07, 2013
Nxs it's better than your car I wouldn't be surprised if you drive a geo metro
Lucas Raggio Jun 07, 2013
Holy shit I hate you vv
nxs Jun 07, 2013
there he goes again this bobabitch opening his mouth cuz he is an angry troll monster. for a car that is mad cheap now you build an expense house for that one car? gg get good
Bobaloo Anderson Jun 07, 2013
There goes nxs being an asshole
Anthony Iron Maiden Lucero Jun 07, 2013
Carrera S
Chance Hales Jun 07, 2013
Cool house. Not a turbo. Clearly says Carrera on the back.
Malachi Monteiro Jun 07, 2013
The only generation of the 911 I like! Nice house and car
michael.luck.372 Jun 07, 2013
Careful backing in... Love the house and car though!
Zeus Mocha Jun 07, 2013
Like the idea. The house overall is very bland though.
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jun 07, 2013
@nxs i dont see why it matters if its not a zonda this is the car he loves a real car enthusiast would appreciate his dedication
Aaron Contic Jun 07, 2013
That's the point, he can drive it. The garage is basically part of the house, hence why you can see the garage door.....
Ben Hislop Jun 07, 2013
What's the point of displaying a car in your living room like a trophy anyway? You've got the car, so f@&#%*g drive it!
Paul McGuire Jun 07, 2013
Best looking Turbo for me.
Tyrone Smith Jun 07, 2013
So what if it is this old car? That porsche looks good from here...
Jun 07, 2013
Love that tail lamps
nxs Jun 07, 2013
lol this old car, I would understand a zonda or konn, etc... and it should fit more than 2
Aaron Contic Jun 07, 2013
That's hot
Aallan Terry Pantera Baker Jun 07, 2013
If you look at the next pic you can see the entrance/exit to the garage is depicted in this photo. Not feeling the perfed steel, looks tacky.
Aallan Terry Pantera Baker Jun 07, 2013
To the left.
Ben Hislop Jun 07, 2013
Where's the car?
daming.yu.94 Jun 08, 2013
and who said this garage can not be used for other cars?
Kyle Kttheman Jun 08, 2013
Yeah, I agree with what was Said below. @Eli... Thanks bud! If only it was mine! Lmao
Jake Dula Jun 07, 2013
I agree completely, I'd build a house around my Fiesta if I could LOL. You don't have to like it, it's not your car. This guy clearly adores his 911, and that's awesome. True car enthusiast there, unlike most douchebags on this site...
Mark Fei Ling Jun 07, 2013
I'll be proud to show my 1988 Honda prelude SI 4ws in the middle of my house. That's my first, not matter how many cars I drove, she can't be replace.
Eli Bonner Jun 07, 2013
@Kyle That is a sick Lambo!! (In your picture)
Tyrone Smith Jun 07, 2013
It's just the way they take pride in their car. Sure, it could be better.. But let them do what they want. And Lucas, that was uncalled for. I agree with Eli, you're a troll. Stfu
Kyle Kttheman Jun 07, 2013
I think some of ya need to grow up a bit. Sure it ain't the best car in the world, but if he loves it that much, I respect him for it. He takes pride in his vehicle.
Stephen Reed Warren II Jun 07, 2013
@Eli. I agree with you.
Eli Bonner Jun 07, 2013
@Lucas Go hide under a bridge, you troll.
Lucas Raggio Jun 07, 2013
Ya and I'm saying your ugly and not special but your mom kept you in her house if he loves it let h
Eli Bonner Jun 07, 2013
@Patrick and Tyler: I'm just saying, for someone to base their house off a car that is not even uncommon in ritzy towns is WAY over the top.
Daniel Zizka Jun 07, 2013
Nothing's wrong with 993s !! Our C4 is really great and I would love to build a house around it ! But then, where to put our 2011 X5M ???
Bobaloo Anderson Jun 07, 2013
Quit hating he's just taking pride in his car it's not a bad thing and I'm sure it's better than your cars
cole.maniglia Jun 07, 2013
thats one shitty car to build a house around. I can see a turbo maybe but still a porsche in general is not worth it.
Carlton Salmon Jun 07, 2013
Agreed, Tyler.
Patrick Schalk Jun 07, 2013
Eli, is your Porsche better?
Tyler Tarbox Jun 07, 2013
So what? It's still a sweet car and the owner obviously loves it
Eli Bonner Jun 07, 2013
He built a house around his Carrera lol. Not even a Turbo. It doesn't have the two air intakes on the lower front.
suzuki.gixer.9 Jun 09, 2013
Laboratory or house?
Aj White Jun 09, 2013
@Ricky This is Japan, minimalist is key
Aadil Hafiz Jun 07, 2013
Probably hasn't fully moved in to the house yet, judging by all the empty shelves.
Joey McClary Jun 07, 2013
I'm guessing no kids.
Ricky Austin Bride Jun 07, 2013
Ya what's up with being so minimalist?
Brad Wood Jun 07, 2013
Love the furniture.
Miata Xiata Jun 07, 2013
I like this new version of HouseBuzz
Tim Hooker Jun 07, 2013
This house was not built for ugly people. Apparently taking a shower is part of the party
Rodrigo Allen Jun 07, 2013
Tyler Wallace Jun 07, 2013
i do.....ladies
Jun 07, 2013
I don't wanna take a shower in such open space
Nick Schnee Jun 08, 2013
There is something SERIOUSLY, seriously wrong with the comments on this picture.
Will Will Jun 08, 2013
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that shower also has nitro boosters with water gushing out from it at a max speed of 200mph with a 0-60 time of 1sec. Its probably water-cooled as well, which means heated showers. Lol.
Peter Skorokhodov Jun 07, 2013
I love the Pontiac aztek that's posted in the back corner
Tim Hooker Jun 07, 2013
That 458 is sick. Too bad you can only see a little of it lurking in the back
Cian Mac Gearailt Jun 07, 2013
Nah that bath does have a garett turbo
Tyrone Smith Jun 07, 2013
Oh wait, CarBuzz is just on crack right now. These comments belong on another article.
Shane Sharma Jun 07, 2013
It has a Garrett turbo should be fast
Tyrone Smith Jun 07, 2013
Shane....WHAT? Lmao..
Shane Sharma Jun 07, 2013
Or a 328/308 gtb
Shane Sharma Jun 07, 2013
I think it's a 288 GTO
Ricky Austin Bride Jun 07, 2013
So damn empty
Thai-Chau Ha Jun 07, 2013
Steam room.
Tyrone Smith Jun 07, 2013
I like that..