Comments - Formula Ford for the Road, Anyone?

Published: Jun 07, 2013
Description: What does it feel like to drive a racing car on the road? Not many people have had the chance to find out. Even those with so-called “race cars for the road” – as cars with racing features but are no...
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Colby Church Jun 08, 2013
Very impressive.
Victor Ijustwannagofast Pitts Jun 07, 2013
How much? Better then a motorcycle considering I'd kill myself in 2 weeks on a motorcycle.
Justin Routh Jun 07, 2013
Yeah but if ford made one im sure it would be consiterably cheaper than an Ariel or Caterham
Bobaloo Anderson Jun 07, 2013
I'll take the caterham r500
Jarrett Sheppard Jun 07, 2013
Hearing the BOV makes me want my turbo car back
Miranda Pavelle Jun 07, 2013
Lol sign me up for one.
Riley Miller Jun 07, 2013
I'd rather have the Ariel atom
timothy.chen.5439 Jun 07, 2013
Nice one Ford, a go kart. Go beat the Caterham 7
Nick Rowe Jun 07, 2013
This story first surfaced in 2012.....
Aaron Carpenter Jun 07, 2013
With 57 hwy mpg, Ford would have to be stupid to not --- oh wait.
Cort Grawehr Jun 07, 2013
Good caterham fighter
Description: Oh, and it also managed to lap the Nurburgring in 7 min 22 sec. The big question is: will Ford build any? Probably not, so check out Harris behind the wheel and try to imagine what it would be like dr...
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Victor Ijustwannagofast Pitts Jun 08, 2013
I'll be one of those with cash if they build it.
Fakir Smith Jun 08, 2013
Build it and NOT for some insane price. Then party with all the cash that comes in.
Jacob Burford Jun 07, 2013
Will put a smile on your face very quickly!
Bryan Horowitz Jun 07, 2013
Please ford make lots of these for the love of god we need more street legal race cars
Frankie Ferreira Jun 07, 2013
Nick Sti Jun 07, 2013
Sounds like a flat 6 turbo :D
Steven Eppler Jun 07, 2013
Atom would eat this thing for lunch....
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jun 07, 2013
Ahh throw out a price and that'll determine alot
Lucas Raggio Jun 07, 2013
Please build this ford please!!!!
Mindy Jones Wilkins Jun 07, 2013
Very nice and cool
Gary Alaina Jun 07, 2013
I don't care to much for single seater anything that isn't a motorbike but this is pretty sweet
joshua.robbins.5249 Jun 07, 2013
Sounds ridiculous. That turbo blowing off and spooling up is nuts. Doesn't look as good as an Atom but it would possibly be cheaper. But I would rather have an Atom anyway. IMO
jared.millstead Jun 07, 2013
Ben Hislop Jun 07, 2013
Build it, and I'll buy one
Roger Guilemany Mortimer Jun 07, 2013
Nick Rowe Jun 07, 2013
First time someone has agreed with what Eli's saying haha
Lucas Raggio Jun 07, 2013
I second the motion
Eli Bonner Jun 07, 2013
Ford please build this!!
Vladan Grujicic Jun 07, 2013
I think that is a go-pro, because they filmed the lap of the Nurburgring with it.
Oleg Odessit Jun 07, 2013
Lol true
Oleg Odessit Jun 07, 2013