Comments - Fiat Fridge Makes Your Beer So Much Cooler

Published: Jun 07, 2013
Description: From fast cars to sharp suits, the Italians are the masters of style. The modern Cincqueccento might be the exception to this rule, but the classic 500 is a good looking thing. And thanks to a collab...
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porschyis.junk Aug 02, 2013
hahaha nice
cole.maniglia Jun 07, 2013
@jake I like the new models too.
Justin Di Nardo Jun 07, 2013
I dig it
Jake Dula Jun 07, 2013
What's wrong with the modern 500? =(
David Jefferis Jun 07, 2013
Obscene corporate waste of a classic.
Jason Ware Jun 07, 2013
You do know what companies fiat is affiliated with right? You must not.
Ben Hislop Jun 07, 2013
Not a bad fridge
Jun 07, 2013
Wanna have one
Tyler Johnson Jun 07, 2013
They should stick to coolers
Oleg Odessit Jun 07, 2013
Yeap, agreed 100% best thing that this compony could have done to there cars
maarten.nijhuis.7 Jun 07, 2013
i want one... NOWW!!