Comments - 5 Crazy Animal-Car Encounters

Published: Jun 07, 2013
Description: Wild animals are not creatures to be messed with, although there are many people in this world who think they make great pets. Aside from that being a really, really bad idea, drivers are often caugh...
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Description: Elephants can be vicious and when they get pissed off about something, it’s best to duck for cover as soon as possible. Or just hope you’re in a vehicle that can sustain the incoming blow. These guys ...
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Tim Hooker Jun 07, 2013
What beautiful animals...especially when they are charging at you. Good Idea to sit there...not
Jacob Burford Jun 07, 2013
I thought they were going to get mauled!
Justin Tang Jun 07, 2013
Holy crap I'd be so scared unless I was in a marauder
debritannia.toxy Jun 07, 2013
Debdoub Tin Jun 07, 2013
Encroaching poor animals areas, lucky you weren't killed, would you like strangers to get into your territories/ houses? No, have respect to others.
Corey Alan Kelley Jun 07, 2013
I just read this thing about an elephant that derailed a train because the train was approaching its herd
Adam Ramey Jun 07, 2013
If the driver didn't back up, the passenger would have been impaled by the elephant
Ben Hislop Jun 07, 2013
Mindy Jones Wilkins Jun 07, 2013
Come on an elephant attacked a car
Description: This family vacation to Yellowstone Park will certainly be memorable for many reasons and perhaps the most obvious one is this direct encounter with a bear. With the kid crying and scared in the back ...
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Ben Knorr Jun 08, 2013
this situation.
Ben Knorr Jun 08, 2013
If the bear was hungry, those people would have been dead. If you think your safe in a car with a 600lb bear on your hood then your an idiot. Bears are extremely powerful and fast and not to be underestimated. I would never ever put my family in
Jun 08, 2013
It I were parents... I might have said Shut Up! to that kid... I know that's good education for the kid but... if I was in that situation... I might be really pissed off cuz those bears are scratching my car
Jacob Burford Jun 07, 2013
Yogi and Boo boo up to no good again!
Debdoub Tin Jun 07, 2013
Obnoxious kid, stupid parents, stay away it is bears habitat.
Alex Rothers Jun 07, 2013
The child was annoying
Malachi Monteiro Jun 07, 2013
That woman was really annoying.
Craig Lacroix Jun 07, 2013
That crying was so annoying
Lizmary Mendoza Jun 07, 2013
@Patrick stop crying man
Ben Hislop Jun 07, 2013
ron.dalessandro Jun 07, 2013
me too. I would have handed the crying kid over to the bears.
Jun 07, 2013
Actually... me too
Mason Lampe Jun 07, 2013
I'm a horrible person but I laughed my ass off when the kid started crying.
Description: Man’s best friend may not always be kind to cars. For whatever reason, this dog felt that the front bumper of this cop car would be a wonderful snack and the police aren't exactly sure what to do in o...
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Cindy Ngo Jun 13, 2013
Walter Alexander Thomas Jun 08, 2013
There is no way I would have slowed down reversing while this dog attack my car. I would have snatched a lot of his teeth off. I love animals but not when they r like this.
Tim Hooker Jun 07, 2013
Wow nice chompers
Ben Hislop Jun 07, 2013
Bad dog!
ron.dalessandro Jun 07, 2013
I commend the police officer for his patience.
Jun 07, 2013
Jzzz... they have really strong teeth and jaws
Tyler Wallace Jun 07, 2013
this was in ridiculousness it was hilarious stello brim west coast chanel and rob dyrdeck
Description: For irony’s sake, it’s too bad the driver in this video wasn’t driving a Dodge Ram pickup. Why? Because the animal that’s clearly not a fan of moving vehicles is a Bighorn sheep, whose horns alone can...
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Cindy Ngo Jun 13, 2013
Yamaha Rone Jun 09, 2013
The ram wants to fight but ram is not hitting the car because the car doesn't want a fight the car is keep backing up.
Angelo Baclay Jun 07, 2013
Hes driving a chevy
Ben Hislop Jun 07, 2013
A Ram attacked by a ram? Whose twisted fantasy is this?
ron.dalessandro Jun 07, 2013
he should have gone forward and the ram would have mived
Jun 07, 2013
He just wanna block the car
Description: As we all know, deer need to be taken seriously as a threat to cars and their human cargo. A direct impact can easily kill the passengers as well as the animal. In the case of this bus driver, a deer ...
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Cindy Ngo Jun 13, 2013
Jackthorn Morknoy Jun 09, 2013
Nice stunt!
Debdoub Tin Jun 08, 2013
@Tim collgate Thanks, I'm neither vegetarian nor Prius driver, I eat meat & drive 6speed manual 425 hp, basically I do have respect to my surrounding, that's all.
Will Will Jun 08, 2013
Animals are stronger than you think, if he tried to help the animal, we would probably have been kicked by the deer, and then it would end up being him that would need help.
Will Will Jun 08, 2013
@tin an
Alberto Gasca Jr. Jun 08, 2013
I find it funny... Is that bad...
Tim Hooker Jun 07, 2013
I hit a cow and totalled my car...I'm in Texas so yea we have cows in the road.
Jacob Burford Jun 07, 2013
Hard not to laugh.
Tim Collgate Jun 07, 2013
Based on his comments in this article I'd say debdoub is a Prius driving vegetarian
Adam Fox Jun 07, 2013
@Debdoub I'd like to see you try and help a panicked, thrashing animal off a bus
Debdoub Tin Jun 07, 2013
Why the dumb head driver not helping the poor animal, just sitting on your fatty ass, that I don't get it?!!
Sergio Montelongo Jun 07, 2013
The deer was just like me when I'm drunk
Ben Hislop Jun 07, 2013
Oh dear!
ron.dalessandro Jun 07, 2013
im glad no ine or the deer was injured. woe
Wayne Joseph Borean Jun 07, 2013
Oh yah. Moose and deer are common road hazards where I live. Hit a deer once. Luckily it was a fawn, if it had have been an adult, the car would have taken serious damage. We also get wolves, foxes, bears, and damned near everything else crossing the road. Big rigs up here are fitted with collision guards - cowcatchers to the uninitiated. They need them.
John Hyland Jun 07, 2013
Love this video
Dale Schroeder Jun 08, 2013
You came to the wrong neighborhood, pal.
David Lee Jun 07, 2013
Nice car you got there. It would sure be a shame if something happened to it.