Comments - VelociRaptor SUV: A Gift Fathers Actually Want

Published: Jun 06, 2013
Description: Hennessey Performance revealed last month its VelociRaptor SUV, basically a conversion that gives the off-roading machine three rows of seats in place of the normally standard truck bed. It carries a...
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Chad Schley Jun 06, 2013
No people on car buzz are children. The people that will buy this SUV already have the viper and vet in the garage. They have plenty of money. I don't think Hennessy will make 30 a year but I bet be will do 10 or 15. So who is crazy?
Aadil Hafiz Jun 06, 2013
Because people on Carbuzz actually buy and drive cars, not just look at them.
William Downs Jun 06, 2013
I swear all of car buzz is full of accountants, no one can just like a vehicle for the vehicle, y does price always have to be involved in reather something looks good or not
David Lee Jun 06, 2013
Not the gift that my dad would want. He wants an Audi R8 V10 Spyder.
Carlos Dorantes Jun 06, 2013
Mmmmmm, let me think..,,,,.,for $150...,..NO WAY
Shelby Cassandra Jun 06, 2013
Kind of sad. For the same 150k I'd get a Shelby Raptor and King Ranch with leftovers.
Jacob Viiper McCord Jun 06, 2013
for 150k I can buy 3 raptors and have some cash left
Fakir Smith Jun 06, 2013
150k? They are insane.
Matt Piccolo Jun 06, 2013
I'll take like 3 cars for that price....
Cian Mac Gearailt Jun 06, 2013
Cayenne turbo s not like you are gonna go off roading in it after spending so much
John Car Jun 06, 2013
Oh my bad, and a camper shell.
John Car Jun 06, 2013
Yet another post that shows how stupid this man is.. $100K for 180 hp. Hennessy is a joke.
Zeus Mocha Jun 06, 2013
Patrick, after the modifications it can't go off-roading anymore. Even if it could I'd way rather pick up a Vette, GTR, or a 911. Not many places too off road around here.
Aaron Sparks Jun 06, 2013
Range Rover thanks and I'll keep the change.
Pedro Alves Jun 06, 2013
$150 thousand for a Ford F150 are you out of your mind oh wait they upgrade the LED lights
Cian Mac Gearailt Jun 06, 2013
Well a G63 does both pefermance and off roading and you getting a hand built car and a car built for the price not modified to charge more
Patrick Schalk Jun 06, 2013
Randall, none of those go offroad or hold multiple people and cargo like this.
Tin Nguyen Jun 06, 2013
Tin Nguyen Jun 06, 2013
Didn't we went thru this article already?
Cian Mac Gearailt Jun 06, 2013
Ford should come out with a replica for half the price
matthew.jarosinski Jun 06, 2013
Description: Sure, it ain’t cheap but just think for a moment what that price gets you: a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 that produces 600 horsepower and comes with Brembo brakes, LED lighting upgrades, bespoke interio...
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Ryan Spencer Jun 06, 2013
I'm not a dad, but my birthday is coming up...
Tyler Wallace Jun 06, 2013
how dare u show a 1/4 mile abd not let us c all if it
Dave Stewart Jun 06, 2013
So new excursion? Lol
Jake Dula Jun 06, 2013
They didn't wanna show the 1/4 mile time I take it? Was it that bad?
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jun 06, 2013
This video wouldnt make me want to buy it more
Description: It also goes from 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds. No other off-roading vehicle with seating for the entire family and then some can manage that. But "don’t plan to take this bad boy on pre-running Baja or ne...
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Ben Dalling Jun 06, 2013
I didn't lose respect for anybody, however it either should be faster, cheaper, or better off road.
Tara Fitria Jun 06, 2013
I don't think it would be perfect to visit telluride or aspen. A 600 hp truck on snowy roads, that you shouldn't be taken off road is not what I would want. Might as well get a Bentley continental or a panamera turbo s. venom is amazing, this isn't.
Ricky Austin Bride Jun 06, 2013
John open your mind a little there buddy
Patrick Schalk Jun 06, 2013
Yeah walk it to the mall.
John Car Jun 06, 2013
With a name like car buzz you should probably stick to cars.. A G63 would walk that stupid thing
Willie McGonagill Jun 06, 2013
An expensive pavement princess...
Garrett Middleton Jun 06, 2013
okay. I just lost all respect for this and Hennessy. why would you take a raptor, modify it, and then tell people not to take it offroading? that's such a joke.
Jake Dula Jun 06, 2013
So... They took a Raptor, and then customized it so that it can't go offroading anymore? What's the point? They ruined it. =(
Jacob Burford Jun 06, 2013
Nice, but not 150k nice!
Ian McNeal Jun 07, 2013
Ugly, not a good look in my opinion to slap the back end of an Excursion on this muscular truck. For $150k I would hope the rear would be more customized to naturally flow with the lines of the Raptor.
Stephen Ishard Jun 07, 2013
I have an idea lets ruin the raptor
Mr.Mercedes-Benz Jun 06, 2013
hope its a V10
Michael Gallagher Jun 06, 2013
It's alright, but 150k worth? And with that interior? Not worth the money at all. Would rather buy a nice Chevy suburban or work on my '93 one that still runs and halls ass.
Michael Davidson Jun 06, 2013
Yeah, it looks like an updated Ford Excursion. I like it.
John Patten Jun 06, 2013
Damn this is epic
David Slubowski Jun 06, 2013
Beautiful. I always liked the excursion, but this is 10x better.
Mike Johnson Jun 06, 2013
Noah Gavurin Jun 07, 2013
shelby, but hennessy said that you shouldnt take this offroad
Alex Bouckley Jun 06, 2013
I mean the dash might not be great but there's nothing wrong with the F-150 interior
Shelby Cassandra Jun 06, 2013
You realize the interior wasn't changed from the stock raptor hardly at all, right? The raptor isn't suppose to have a great interior as its made to be an offroad beast.
Alex Rothers Jun 06, 2013
$150.000. That's like Lambo merc money
nxs Jun 06, 2013
shitty ass interior for $150 of course, luv how murica looks over mericans
Michael Gallagher Jun 06, 2013
Remember guys, it is a ford.
Matt Piccolo Jun 06, 2013
This is pretty bad
Eli Bonner Jun 06, 2013
$150,000 and you get a plastic dash. Nice.
Joey McClary Jun 06, 2013
With those side bolsters, I wouldn't want to get stuck riding in the center seat.
David Slubowski Jun 06, 2013
I agree with that, but I don't think they can legally make a third row seat in this truck based on safety standards. I don't know though.
Joey McClary Jun 06, 2013
I'm out. I need seating for at least six. Plus a lot more zeros in my checking account.
David Slubowski Jun 06, 2013
You are paying 100k to be one of the very few people to have this truck. Exclusivity comes at high prices.
Amer Tawil Jun 06, 2013
So im paying 100k more for an extended bed a supercharger and brembos? Id rather buy a g63 full option