Comments - Ram Channels the "Man of Steel"

Published: Jun 06, 2013
Description: Any automaker would be eager to have its trucks associated with Superman. After all, go-anywhere capabilities, faster-than-a-speeding-bullet pace, otherworldly heroic abilities and virtual indestruct...
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Madjid Mirmohamadsadeghi Jun 06, 2013
Something fast, was kinda picturing a Lambo, not a pickup...
Eric Dare Jun 06, 2013
What's it going to cost?
Description: The truck features a matte wrap inspired by Superman's suit, gloss black roof and red grille accents, plus black 17" alloys and Pewter leather interior with red accents and the requisite special badgi...
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Tyler Steiz Jun 08, 2013
Would look real good if it was black instead of that bluish gray
Joshua Grant Robinson Jun 08, 2013
The heavy duty Ram just might be the best looking truck on the market! It's good looking!
Colby Church Jun 08, 2013
That's what my dad has. A 2012 RAM 2500 Powerwagon. Except his is white.
Tyler James Davis Jun 07, 2013
Looks nice, rugged.
leavingmarks Jun 07, 2013
Around here all the douchebag drivers drive BMWs.
Patrick Schalk Jun 07, 2013
Nick, I see similarities between your face and the dump I took earlier.
Matt Burgess Jun 07, 2013
Eww dodge
blcklblskt Jun 07, 2013
@Nick: It's OK, you can like American cars even though they're not British. We won't judge you.
Nick Williams Jun 07, 2013
I see similarities in the design of this with the potato mash I ate for dinner last night
Courtney Adams Maslak Jun 07, 2013
Where did any of you get an RS6 from my comment? An S version, as in Superman version of a raptor. What, are we comparing Audis to pickups now?
Aaron Abely Jun 07, 2013
Vette. But modding a car or lifting your truck tastefully isn't bad. Isn't douchbagish and isn't wrong. Correct me if I am wrong, but everyone here likes performance, what's wrong with pursuing it?
Aaron Abely Jun 07, 2013
I do however enjoy my vehicles. I go to tracks and let them loose there. I don't see how a collection of auto enthusiasts can be so, condemning, as what I see here. We can all go a little too far ie 23 exhausts on a old merc, or nose spoilers on a
Aaron Abely Jun 07, 2013
My Harley. I neither drive like an ass hole nor do I "own the road" I stay in the right lane unless passing and rarely go over 5 mph over posted speed limits. I don't rev my car/truck/bike in neighborhoods or at lights.
Aaron Abely Jun 07, 2013
1, at least in my job, I am rarely working in an area with paved roads. So it is beneficial for the lift. 2, if loud exhaust bothers you I guess you would hate me. My GTO has long tube headers and no emissions equipment so does my diesel truck. And
Ventilatedbrain Jun 07, 2013
I dunno much about you guys ..but round where I live ..lifted trucks are really driven by douches
Ray Garcia Jun 07, 2013
Enough hating. Ill take an all black one with a wolverine symbol on it....which btw is gonna be a way cooler movie than superman.
Ray Garcia Jun 07, 2013
Mannnn I don't get it why do people want their trucks so damn high!!!??? U gotta lift w.e it is that you want in your truck so much higher and you have a higher center of gravity making u so hard to maneuver and easier to roll.
Madjid Mirmohamadsadeghi Jun 07, 2013
When they lift them, attach annoying loud tractor exhausts, and drive like they own the road, then yes they are dbags... I see a lot of those unfortunately.
nameer.faraj Jun 07, 2013
im diggin this combination..sick car!!
Aaron Abely Jun 07, 2013
About their vehicles.
Aaron Abely Jun 07, 2013
Isn't it true of everything? Mustangs, camaros, corvettes, Porsches, ferraris, lambos, hell you name it and typically people say that the majority of drivers a d bags. But if you take a little time to know them they aren't. Most are just passionate
Tim Hooker Jun 06, 2013
It's true a lot of jacked up ram drivers are douchebags here in Texas
Donovan Ybanez Jun 06, 2013
I'm not a truck guy, but this is very cool. Thanks for listening.
Jacob Burford Jun 06, 2013
Very badass, but the superman badge should go!
Brandon Chamberlain Jun 06, 2013
I think it is
Brandon Chamberlain Jun 06, 2013
I drive an 01 ram 1500. Not the prettiest truck, hit a deer head gasket leak, driver side door is rotting out has its scratches. Has a factory 3in lift on it. In my opinion it's better looking than most trucks on the road today call me crazy but
Aaron Abely Jun 06, 2013
Ok. I'll agree with that. And I apologize for the attitude. On a side note, I really like the level this truck is sitting at. Not a fan of the superman stuff all over it but I do like the height and wheels a lot. May look into this for mine
Stephen Healy Jun 06, 2013
No one here was really even talking about modifications, we all pretty much agreed that your only really a douche if you do those things to your truck and have never actually used its capabilities as a truck a day it its life, which you have
Aaron Abely Jun 06, 2013
Pot calling the kettle black.
Aaron Abely Jun 06, 2013
Just because I happen to like trucks and cars and I don't like leaving them stock. And I take care of them and don't scratch them does not make me a douche bag. Calling people douche bags just cause they have trucks is being a douche bag.
Aaron Abely Jun 06, 2013
You're generalization of truck owners as "douchebags" is what is bothering me. I use my truck for work. But it does have a good bit of performance mods and will be lifted when I have enough saved up for it. That does not make me a douche bag though
Stephen Healy Jun 06, 2013
Damn Aaron, I don't know, is your Ram 2500 with a cummins motor lifted by a foot, pimped out, and not have a scratch on it from actual work/use? Then yes, probably, if not then you might just be a pal with a ram 2500/cummins who gets easily offended.
Madjid Mirmohamadsadeghi Jun 06, 2013
Thats too harsh ^^ Hopefully you use it for more productive purposes than just warming our planet though.
Aaron Abely Jun 06, 2013
Hey pal, I own a ram 2500 with the cummins motor. You know me? Am I a douchebag? Thanks for the news Man, I never knew it. Guess I finally have my direction in life now.
Madjid Mirmohamadsadeghi Jun 06, 2013
BTW car buzz itself calls the RS6 and its competitors 'power wagons', have a look at recent articles.
Madjid Mirmohamadsadeghi Jun 06, 2013
An RS6 would tear that thing in half in a tug of war. Check the performance stats... I've seen an F150 rear end a jeep, wasn't a good scene for the ford. A ram wouldn't do much better I suspect.
Patrick Schalk Jun 06, 2013
RS6? No. This truck would crawl over an RS6. This baby is more capable than a Raptor too.
Courtney Adams Maslak Jun 06, 2013
I think the Ford Raptor personifies the man of steel better. An S version of a Raptor....
Taylor Garry Jun 06, 2013
Oleg they look to be baja claws
Madjid Mirmohamadsadeghi Jun 06, 2013
Looks unnecessarily lifted though. The RS6 is a true power wagon and it isn't that big.
David Slubowski Jun 06, 2013
This is not lifted. The power wagons really are this big.
Carlos Dorantes Jun 06, 2013
THE Truck to have if you're less than 5'6" and have a small penis.
Madjid Mirmohamadsadeghi Jun 06, 2013
Oh wait, they mainly drive them around town because they think they're cool...
Madjid Mirmohamadsadeghi Jun 06, 2013
That thing and all other heightened trucks look so silly...what's a foot or 10 feet gonna do when you're diff is always at the same height and will split in half the moment you think you can go over a rock?!
Zachary Sindelar Jun 06, 2013
That's awesome!
Judah Lindvall Jun 06, 2013
Come to my hillbilly town and get shot for a comment like that about Ram haha
Oleg Odessit Jun 06, 2013
I like those tires, what are they?
Taylor Garry Jun 06, 2013
Sure but we can say the same about the douchebags that have slightly modded cars that think they are ferraris. I can agree about the ones that dont use the beds though, but at least everyone i know uses them
Tyler Cook Jun 06, 2013
Sure Rams put up pretty good stats, but I gotta agree with the douchebag comment. It's things like this that make Ram drivers seem like douches.
Stephen Healy Jun 06, 2013
I do have to agree to a point with tasakidog. At least in my home town, everyone who drives a Truck has had it lifted more than a foot, blacked it out, and act like hot shit for driving around in it, not once have I seen one with anything in the bed.
Oleg Odessit Jun 06, 2013
Douchebags??? Coming from a Prius owner?
Zeus Mocha Jun 06, 2013
Looks awesome
leavingmarks Jun 06, 2013
Dang that looks tough. Where do I sign?
Garrett Middleton Jun 06, 2013
for a one off movie vehicle this is probably one of my favorites. although that huge superman badges on the tailgate and grille could go.
Mike Puno Jun 06, 2013
@tasakidog Please support your claim. Standby for rebuttals though.
David Slubowski Jun 06, 2013
You, Sir, are very ignorant.
tasakidog Jun 06, 2013
the only thing super about these trucks are the super douchebags that drive them
David Slubowski Jun 06, 2013
Ram has the best looking trucks in my opinion. I may be getting a 2wd express for my dd.
David Parenti Jun 06, 2013
I'd remove the superman badges and drive this proudly.
Devin Tuckey Jun 30, 2013
Ford can fucking suck it
Devin Tuckey Jun 30, 2013
My dad turbo diesel looks better than that but love that its a dodge
jeremiah.sutton.188 Jun 06, 2013
just to help show off the interior better. thats all th lean is for
Lou Guerrero Jun 06, 2013
What's with the gangster lean? Lol