Comments - Zenvo ST1 Supercar Makes Noise at Monza

Published: Jun 30, 2013
Description: First the stats. The car you are looking at is the Danish-built Zenvo ST1. It has a twin-charged (that’s both supercharged and turbocharged) 7.0-liter V8 that produces 1,250 horsepower and 1,070lb-ft...
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Aaron Abely Jul 02, 2013
Also just watched jay lenos garage, they chose the V8 due to it being shorter and it kept the wheel base where they wanted it length wise.
Aaron Abely Jul 01, 2013
The LS7 is a larger stroke and bore of that. Even with its aluminum heads, and dry sump oil system and internals its probably around 390-450 lbs. NOT a lot of weight.
Aaron Abely Jul 01, 2013
Don't think because it displaces 7,008 cc. That its some massive boat anchor. It's not. I've helped pick one up and move it across a shop it was an LS2 plain block. No oil pan, heads or internals. Pretty close to around 100lbs I would say.
Aaron Abely Jul 01, 2013
Dude. A naked LS7 block can be picked up by hand. It's essentially the same block as LS1, LS2, LS3etc.
eric.lunianga Jul 01, 2013
I'll agree with you that this engine design has thrived well in the past.. But when it comes to getting power to the wheels without the excessive displacement and most of all; weight of a 7L.. Koenigsegg are the inovators.
Aaron Abely Jul 01, 2013
Would do in the same displacement. You'll give up some high RPM level but that's irrelevant in an engine this size. It's power is made lower than redline.
Aaron Abely Jul 01, 2013
Lol you don't get it Eric. 7 liters and 8 cylinders is not idiotic in the least. It's a blueprint for torque. With only 8 cylinders at this displacement, the pistons are large enough to produce a lot of force. More than a V10 with smaller pistons
Aaron Abely Jul 01, 2013
The worlds fastest street cars(launch wise)... Including one with this kind of power are all AWD.
Aaron Abely Jul 01, 2013
AWD would launch faster. Lets not confuse funny cars, top fuelers, and race prepped drag machines with this street car. They have specifically engineered tires and suspension not to mention body designs and the like to launch like they do
Nick Vellis Jul 01, 2013
There's a Zenvo dealership right up the road from me...
Colby Church Jul 01, 2013
@Eric I'm pretty sure highly trained, educated engineer executives know more about engines and how they function than you do. It's smart just to research instead of making ignorant uninformed comments that have no bearing with reality.
Colby Church Jul 01, 2013
@John Another wrong widely thought idea. With this much power, an AWD would launch much, much slower than a RWD with sticky tires. All the world's fastest drag cars are RWD.
Colby Church Jul 01, 2013
Eric, you're an idiot. That's a GM 7.0L V8 designed by Katech and GM engineers in conjunction with the Corvette Racing team. It has won the past 8 ALMS championships, and is one of the greatest road engines of all time. Don't comment before research.
John Santana Jul 01, 2013
A lot faster if it had AWD oops
John Santana Jul 01, 2013
The 0-60 would be a heck of
eric.lunianga Jul 01, 2013
this is nonsense, a 7000cc engine should have a minimum of 10 cylinders. what kind of idiot engineering is this? no wonder the numbers arw so dissapointing.
Justin Routh Jul 01, 2013
You guys joking? Those speeds cant even be reached on public roads and VW aint lettin anyone on the track so whats the point of having a higher top speed then? Its just another pissing match among the rich i suppose
Justin Mancuso Jul 01, 2013
Yeah I was expecting at least 250mph.
No There Jun 30, 2013
Top speed: not enough for such a machine Shame
Louai Sy Jun 30, 2013
Guys the price also mach the performance, sooooo high its more than a million$
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jun 30, 2013
Just cause its 7 liters doesn't mean it a GM engine
Aaron Contic Jun 30, 2013
I thought they were going to build the engine from ground up, not a gm crate engine, oh well probably cost to much.
John Santana Jun 30, 2013
Over 1000lbft to the rear wheels only?! Jeezus that will shred tires like nobody's business!
Brandon Broussard Jun 30, 2013
Wow, those #s are certainly impressive!
Julio Valdez Jun 30, 2013
Can't decide to turbo or supercharge?? Do both!
Kelvin Bickerstaff Jun 30, 2013
The Zenvo is intersting. I think this car may become popular amidst supercar buyers, good looks and good numbers.
Description: The car’s boutique-built origins show the most on the interior, although this could certainly be worse, and isn’t completely without its charms.
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Andrzej Rydlewski Jul 03, 2013
That car is pissed off. Seriously you guys, it's cool.
Aaron Abely Jul 01, 2013
But every single thing else you said is 100% correct. There is nothing wrong whatsoever with a 7 liter V8 engine. They have their place. Torque production and power band. Those small displacement motors can't do it. Low torque, and peaky hp production
Aaron Abely Jul 01, 2013
Your ls1 without a serious cam is not louder than this. My own ls1 with not mufflers no cats isn't THIS loud.
Josh Andrews Jul 01, 2013
It looks pretty good just sounds like a truck not what i was expecting
Colby Church Jul 01, 2013
@Drake My LS1 is even louder than this (I have no mufflers) and I could drive it for hours. Just because you don't think you could take it on a trip, don't speak for others. I like loud, powerful cars. Every second is a symphony of destruction.
Colby Church Jul 01, 2013
And you should know that the harder an engine combusts, the faster the vehicle moves. You are astonished with the amount of power inside of this V8, to the point that you thought it was stupid. Well, it's stupid fast, and nearly bulletproof.
Colby Church Jul 01, 2013
V8 engines. There is a reason why so many new super cars, kit cars, and even light aircraft use these GM sourced small block V8 engines. Because they are amazing at everything they do. Amazingly reliable, broad torque curve, easy maintenance, etc...
Colby Church Jul 01, 2013
It has been continually approved upon for more than double your lifespan, over 60 years, and it has proven itself over and over. This is still far from the original, it has hundred of differences. Research. The only thing idiotic is your knowledge of
Colby Church Jul 01, 2013
That "archaic" engine design is based off of the original 1955 small block V8 produced by Chevrolet. It has always proven itself against the competition. This "archaic" engine architecture is still beating Aston, Ferrari, and BMW's designs every year
eric.lunianga Jul 01, 2013
again 8 cylanders for 7000cc is idiotic. why do you think there are no 3.5L 4 cylander engines? the car looks great but the engine is archaic. .
Aaron Abely Jul 01, 2013
It's sound while its sitting, the lopping sound or uneven idle and choppiness is from an aggressive cam. It'll smooth out once its in the cams intended rpm range. It's got a lot of valve overlap in the low rpms.
Aaron Abely Jul 01, 2013
That's not "back fire" it's called overrun. It's from raw fuel making to the exhaust pipe when the throttle is closed. Get ya some time around a large displacement V8 that doesn't have to rev to the stratosphere to make its power and that's normal.
Aaron Abely Jul 01, 2013
That thing does not sound bad. That's how a big V8 SHOULD sound. The pops from the overrun are awesome on each shift. I promise you you can feel that thing in your chest idling if your near it. Damn that's a badass car.
Mike Railton Jul 01, 2013
Sounds like it's geared to go MUCH faster. Sounds like a race car in the pits, shitty. I bet it'll scream when it revs high
Ben Wright Jul 01, 2013
Nah. Just nah.
Ilya Kravchik Jul 01, 2013
Looks great but sounds like an old bus.
Ryan Delano Thomas Jul 01, 2013
Looks great, interior and exhaust not is god awful.
Anthony Boggs Jul 01, 2013
It's alright I guess ... Kinda ugly
Justin Mancuso Jul 01, 2013
Yeah pretty much the same engine with some forced induction slapped in there.
TC Youngblood Jul 01, 2013
I swear this still sounds like an LS7. Looking it up, it has the same stroke, number of valves, and bore. They may claim to have built their own motor but I'd be willing to bet they based it off a good old 7.0L GM pushrod.
TC Youngblood Jun 30, 2013
A high performance big block V8 sounds like ass? Tell that to the Venom. Car sounds great. Not every supercar has to sound like a strung out smallish V10 or 12. The burbles and backfires add character and you can't even hear this at higher RPM.
Fakir Smith Jun 30, 2013
Ok that sounds like ass. Old ford pickups don't sound like this! And I like the styling, but something odd about it. Like they made it easy to pop out of a mold or something. There are much worse out there so bravo though.
Eddie Ethree Motors Jun 30, 2013
Actually Corey it is a 7.0 but not a ls7. They were on jay lenos garage show n he gave them props cause they built their own engine rather then barrowing like a lot of other small companies n da exhaust sounds like strait piping to me
Michael J Solimene Jun 30, 2013
Fkn badass n it sounded like a manual
Jed Hamilton Jun 30, 2013
This car needs to be in forza horizon
Drake Nailon Jun 30, 2013
I'm sorry but this does not sound like a supercar/exotic. It sounds like a poorly tuned race/muscle car. That exhaust would get very annoying on any trip lasting more than an hour.
Jorge Benitez Nieves Jun 30, 2013
The gear shifting sounds like gun shots!
Barrathan Augustine Jun 30, 2013
This car is starting to attract attentions around, btw it looks good in black.
Zachary Sindelar Jun 30, 2013
Very mean looking car! The backfire noise is a little funny sounding.
Max Laino Jun 30, 2013
What is that supposed to mean
Corey Alan Kelley Jun 30, 2013
TC you're right it is an LS7 And before I get jumped over this I know that just because it's 7L doesn't mean it's an ls7
John Santana Jun 30, 2013
The backfiring is badass, sounds like its killing a Prius with every shift from that wicked V8.
Joshua Rutkowski Jun 30, 2013
Congrats Zenvo on your return into relevance.
TC Youngblood Jun 30, 2013
Sounding as it does and being 7.0L, I'd imagine this is a LS7 GM engine. Not 100% sure. If it is then it is very common to hear them backfire like that. I think it makes em sound wicked!! I'm pulling one out of a Z06 and putting it into a '94 Rx-7!
Aiden Bass Jun 30, 2013
I love how some "gearheads" suddenly become supercar engineers and designers when it comes to critique. The car was designed to be vulgar and the creators personally didn't give a f**k about opinions
Drake Nailon Jun 30, 2013
It looks amazing but that exhaust note is awful and it was backfiring every time they shift. And for something with those types of power figures it was crawling I wanted to see more
Daniel Anglevik Jun 30, 2013
The back of the car is the best thing.
Brandon Broussard Jun 30, 2013
Sounds like it needs to see a doctor...
Sukhwinder Singh Jun 30, 2013
Hey let's make a 2 second car and drive it like a Prius... What a joke.
Garrett Murrell Jun 30, 2013
I love it
David Altenburg Jun 30, 2013
I love the sound
Ben Knorr Jun 30, 2013
well, that was unimpressive. side profile is decent on the car but the front and rear need work. too bulky looking.
Kelvin Bickerstaff Jun 30, 2013
Sounds Nasty!!! Cackling and popping between shifts, it's like a super V8 srt4 neon with a supercharger for shizz and giggles
Carlos Dorantes Jun 30, 2013
Whose grandma was driving this car? This is one of the shittiest videos have ever seen
cuteboiime.imsosexy Jun 30, 2013
very beautiful car but that sounds isn't for it, it sounds more like a muscle car
Ben August Jun 30, 2013
It backfires/afterfires so much. Must be early development..? I wonder when this was taken.
Aaron Abely Jul 02, 2013
Lots of steroids then. Definition of roid rage levels
james.ortiz1990 Jul 02, 2013
looks like an FRS on steroids.
Josh C. Williams Jul 02, 2013
Edward Galligan Jul 01, 2013
It does look like something out of ridge racer 5 doesn't it....
Michael Luck Jul 01, 2013
I prefer it in black, great design and very Ridge Racer 5 looking.
Aaron Abely Jul 01, 2013
If Nissan made the GT-R look like this, I would be happy.
Alex Smith Jul 01, 2013
They need to do something different with the rear quarter
logan.neet Jul 01, 2013
I love this thing, its so perfectly evil looking
Fakir Smith Jun 30, 2013
Looks like the next GTR.
Jacob Burford Jun 30, 2013
Looks amazing! Seems to never get much spotlight compared to other hypercars!
Brandon Broussard Jun 30, 2013
I could see this coming from Aston if it was a bit smoother and refined.
Hunter Nolte Jun 30, 2013
I think I love this more than the P1
Edward Galligan Jul 01, 2013
2 reverse lights please
Michael Luck Jul 01, 2013
The single back up light is normal overseas where there is a fog light on the rear for visibility from behind.
Jacob Burford Jun 30, 2013
Awesome back!
Garrett Murrell Jun 30, 2013
I don't like that one reverse light though.
Kelvin Bickerstaff Jun 30, 2013
That it does
Hunter Nolte Jun 30, 2013
Aww..... Yeah.....
Killian Wright Jun 30, 2013
Looks stunning in black