Comments - BMW X4 Caught Nearly Naked

Published: Jun 30, 2013
Description: What you’re looking is the upcoming BMW X4, only here it’s been caught by our spy photographers in prototype form while out testing. Built on the same chassis as the current X3, this test mule actual...
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Vonte Char Vonte Aug 12, 2013
Why make a smaller version of the already small x6
Aaron Abely Jul 01, 2013
BMW, go home, you're drunk.
Bala Uncc Jun 30, 2013
People still buy it
Jul 01, 2013
Adam I totally agree with u
Aaron Abely Jul 01, 2013
Aaron Abely Jul 01, 2013
Why are they doing this? They make a 5 series then a 6 series. That makes sense. Then they throw in a 4 door 6 series, essentially a 5 series and call it a GT and charge more. And now they make a x3 take that badge off change a few things and its x4
Rob Clark Jul 01, 2013
What is BMW smoking these days!?
Jacob Burford Jun 30, 2013
I really like a lot of BMW coupes and sedans, but I really dislike there SUVs!
matt.piccolo.773 Jun 30, 2013
Why so many suvs bmw? holly crap!
Jimmy Williams Jun 30, 2013
Are all of these hideous X6/GT things actually selling? God are they terrible.
Kevin Hinkle Jun 30, 2013
It sells. That's why they make it.
Isaac Taylor Jun 30, 2013
There's no reason to make it. AT ALL
Bala Uncc Jun 30, 2013
I like X6 but just getting annoyed by BMW for jut trying to not miss numerical order 1234567...x13456
adam.sur Jun 30, 2013
The problem is not that it is ugly (it isn't), it just doesn't look special.
Jun 30, 2013
Too many model range... 1234567series X13456 Z1... and now even i3 and i8 is coming!!!
Tanton Stoneman Jun 30, 2013
I don get why people say the X6 is ugly. I think the X6M is one of the best looking SUVs out there!
Oleg Odessit Jun 30, 2013
Ohhh lookk a shit box
Description: Whether that’s a good thing or not, BMW is planning to power the small crossover with a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four or an optional 3.0-liter turbo inline-six. Each engine will be paired to an e...
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Garrett Bentz Jul 11, 2013
The X6 and X4 are completely pointless models
Aaron Abely Jul 01, 2013
I can't see why I would not only not buy this, but why it's being built to begin with.
Fakir Smith Jun 30, 2013
I don't see why I would buy this over an X3 other than it might look better. For me though form follows function.
Joshua Jackson Jun 30, 2013
Almost anyone.
John Patten Jun 30, 2013
Yes, all the BMW SUV's are made in SC
Carlos Dorantes Jun 30, 2013
Ohhh, it's made in the US???
Walker Carroll Jun 30, 2013
It will be built in SC. We've just put up a whole new building dedicated to it. Called the south building. They won't let anybody inside.
Rob Clark Jul 01, 2013
I was once a huge fan of the X6, but over the years it's lost it for me. I dont know what happened, but I don't look at it as a fastback SUV anymore, I see it more as a bigger, fatter 5-series GT crossover. The X4 is silly, do they really need this?
Kevin Carlin Jun 30, 2013
Ahmed Al Harthy Jun 30, 2013
Ugly .. Thank u BMW
Josh Andrews Jun 30, 2013
Why does bmw continue this look its been the same for about 16 years and its ugly redesign it already
Joe Talerico Jun 30, 2013
I should wait to see the production version, but I'm gonna go ahead and say its ugly.
Walter Alexander Thomas Jun 30, 2013
The smaller X6. I think it could be a good thing or a bad one.
Aadil Hafiz Jun 30, 2013
Malachi Monteiro Jun 30, 2013
It is a shame when cool cars don't get made but pointless cars like this are made, x4, and the GT series.
Alex Bouckley Jun 30, 2013
Not that I don't like the X6, the X6M is wonderful, it just won't sell well.
Louai Sy Jun 30, 2013
Its a women's car, there is no guy in the world would buy this car
Alex Bouckley Jun 30, 2013
A smaller X6? Good luck BMW
Saajan Patel Jun 30, 2013
Looks like a big raised sedan
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Jun 30, 2013
Looks very boring
Fakir Smith Jun 30, 2013
You got to hand it to BMW. GM always says they have to sell a ton of something to make $$$. Not BMW. They can make all kinds of niche cars and sell fine. Bravo to a real company inventing categories of cars nobody thought they needed.
Michael Corliss Jun 30, 2013
BMW, why are you wasting your time with yet another Franken-crossover? Please just focus on a proper X3M already. My X3 lease is up in 14 months, so it's either an X3M or a Porsche Cajun. Make it happen!
Jacob Burford Jun 30, 2013
Keep swooping rooflines in coupes please!
Edward Galligan Jun 30, 2013
It's kind of deciding whether it wants to be a 5 series gran turismo and an X3....
Aislin Cooper Jun 30, 2013
I don't mind the idea of the 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 series but I agree that the X4 and X6 are pointless as well as any GT models
Vinny Coppola Jun 30, 2013
BMW is ridiculous with they're line up. They should go back to the 1990s-Earle 2000s with the 3,5,6,7 series and the X5
Gurjit Singh Jun 30, 2013
whats the point of this crap? who is it for? they already have that x6 and 5 series GT. BMW has been doing stupid things lately
Sean John Jun 30, 2013
eww small wheels and big gap
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Jun 30, 2013