Posted on: Jun 24, 2013
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Honda's Godly Gift: Civic Wagon S?

That sweet-looking Honda Tourer Concept is not only coming to production, but a potential Type S variant is also being discussed.
Full disclosure: we here at CarBuzz love sporty wagons (RIP Dodge Magnum SRT-8). Why exactly? Several reasons, none of which are for taking the kids to soccer practice. Wagons are just downright cool and they’ve got personality. Sadly, automakers are convinced Americans don’t like wagons of any shape or engine output (again, RIP Dodge Magnum SRT-8). In Europe, however, things are different and wagons are a huge part of auto culture.

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Perhaps that’s why Honda is reportedly considering a sporty Type S version of its upcoming Civic Tourer (that’s Europe-speak for Civic Wagon). Building on the positive buzz regarding the upcoming Civic Type R hot hatch (again, not sold in the US), a Tourer Type S would likely come equipped with a stiffer and lower suspension, a Type R-like body kit and possibly wider tracks. Honda reportedly still hasn’t given the beefed up wagon the production green light, but if the base Tourer and the Type R sell well, then such a model is a real possibility.


by Jay Traugott
Honda's Godly Gift: Civic Wagon S?

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