Posted on: May 09, 2013
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Caterham Offers 40th Anniversary 7

To celebrate 40 years of the Seven, Caterham is offering this limited-edition anniversary package at no extra cost.
Caterham has been building the Seven for forty years now, and to celebrate the milestone, it’s releasing a limited-edition package on the iconic roadster. Available on any of the many versions of the Seven that Caterham offers – from the basic Roadsport 125 to the flagship Superligfht R500 – the package includes a list of optional extras that would otherwise cost thousands. That includes a grey-painted chassis, a special shade of red body paint with white racing stripes, leather seats and dashboard and special 15-inch alloys.

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The factory is offering the “40 Years of Caterham” free of charge to the first 40 customers who place their orders in the UK or anywhere else Sevens are sold. That makes it an attractive proposition, if only for the added resale value. But the extra equipment ought to make the experience of driving a Caterham that much more enjoyable.

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