Comments - Barret-Jackson to Auction Final Mustang 50 Year Edition

Published: Aug 05, 2014
Description: The final unit of the 2015 Ford Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition, the special series designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Pony Car, will head to auction at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas nex...
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brbart27 Aug 06, 2014
Commenting on the same thread twice in a day, with nothing insightful, or even amusing to say. But everyone who has a favorite make of car is a loser. Right..
Doug Deeks Aug 06, 2014
Best picture of fugly I've seen in a while!!
Carlos Galicia Aug 05, 2014
Yeah David ya chevy fangirl It's a prototype it didn't kill thousands of people like faulty gm cars
Bruce Tumblin Aug 05, 2014
@David, yea I read that, it's a super Duty prototype that burned
Eric Mathew Aug 05, 2014
So butt hurt over your favorite brand being recalled to the limit lol how many people have been killed by that murderer of a cobalt lol it's a test car what do you think they do with it test it and If something goes wrong fix it not say oh who cares and lets it be produced then kill people like Chevy has done
David Jones-Richerson Aug 05, 2014
I keep expecting to see the article about the new f150 burning to the ground in testing. I guess that's against their biased views to post such a thing against the truck that is "light years ahead of it's competition"
Description: The final Mustang of this series will be unveiled on September 12, before heading to Vegas for the September 25-27 auction. Following the sale, the one-off Stang will be used as a pace car for at the ...
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Ken Hwang Aug 07, 2014
lmfao v
James Oram Aug 05, 2014
v kinda like your girlfriend... Oh wait you don't have one
Max Mc Queen Aug 05, 2014
Already looks dated, 90s dated
Boyd Boudreaux Aug 05, 2014
First thing I'd do is lower that front end. Pretty long nose to look over.
Bruce Tumblin Aug 05, 2014
I was never high on the 50th Anniversary package, I like regular 5.0 GT package better! (Even though the anniversary edition will be worth more down the line)
chris.j.hastie Aug 05, 2014
I like the color of this for some strange reason.
Carlton Salmon Aug 05, 2014
Not liking those louvres in the rear side window but everything else looks okay IMO.
Jordan Nishida Aug 05, 2014
Love it
Hatem Boushnak Aug 05, 2014
I just want to see what chevy is gonna do to compete with this, but thats always good for the consumers
Khánh Quốc Vòng Aug 05, 2014
@john yeah that body colored diffuser bothers me too, would look much better if it was carbon fiber
Jordan Nishida Aug 05, 2014
I love the back
johnj.johnstone.1 Aug 05, 2014
Rear diffuser would be a bitch to keep clean
Noah Berger Aug 05, 2014
Me gusta
Adrian Cordova Aug 05, 2014
I don't like this interior for this car. To me it looks like a trucks interior, it's all very big and busy.
Rami Alsaadi Aug 05, 2014
Great job Go stang go
Shariq Ali Aug 05, 2014
I like the chrome touches, sweet interior
tim.hooker.568 Aug 05, 2014
It's really busy but somehow it works.
Mark Ifill-Haney Aug 05, 2014
Love this interior