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Published: May 02, 2013
Description: Obviously, any car from an automaker that has gone under is going to lose a horrifying amount of value, but this will only be compounded if the vehicle in question wasn’t so great at keeping its valu...
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Chris Mallinson May 03, 2013
Top gear did a special on Saab and was full of made up rumours like that
Mark Hammer May 03, 2013
@Chris Why was Top Gear brought up?
Vince DeMasi May 03, 2013
already crap economy plus they really have stepped up there game recently as opposed to the crap they made in the past for example my moms 9-3 was made by GM at the time and the connecting rod blew threw the engine
Vince DeMasi May 03, 2013
My mom had a 9-3 and the oil clogged up and blew the engine up while I was driving, some scary stuff but a fun car otherwise, and I would rather not have GM die cause they are way too big and people around the world would lose jobs in this
Chris Mallinson May 03, 2013
All we need now is GM to die then I'd be happy :) won't see anymore shit on the roads
Chris Mallinson May 03, 2013
Listen you Swedish pokey bum wanker...! Most Brits are stupid and unfortunately buy Vauxhalls thinking the are british... But at least our cars ride and handling is better than the softly sprung euro shit..!
Jacob Burford May 02, 2013
Saab was revolutionary in build quality and safety! They also made some kick ass fun cars in the past!
Jörgen Nilsson May 02, 2013
And these cars really DO differ a lot from the Opel (or what the brits still think is Vauxhall) versions.
Jörgen Nilsson May 02, 2013
Saab FS? I don't know what that is, and I'm from Sweden. A rebadged version of some GM car? The 9-3 and the 9-5 are Saabs (although they share platforms with other GM cars). All others are GM rebadging, has nothing to do with the actual Saab.
Chris Mallinson May 02, 2013
@Jonathan I'm sick of people thinking FR V8's and the like are superior drivers cars to anything else...!!
Jonathan Newcastle May 02, 2013
I'm so sick of people calling Saab "unique," "quirky," "funky," or any number of undeserved adjectives. Perhaps it could be called one of those at its inception, but the Saabs I can think of were FF 4&6 pots. Hardly worth mentioning in my opinion.
Nick Rowe May 02, 2013
Ahh Saab. Gone but never forgotten
Chris Mallinson May 02, 2013
Saab went under because they wasn't selling simple as that
Chris Mallinson May 02, 2013
@mark don't believe what Topgear say..!! Haha the 9-3 used most of the vectra engines and platform..
Mark Hammer May 02, 2013
different, they made some unique and funky cars. And talk about safety...
Mark Hammer May 02, 2013
@Chris I do agree with you, but the 9-3 actually only shared about 30% of its components. Part of the reason SAAB went under is because they DIDNT just rebadge their cars, and lost money modifying them. That being said, I applaud them for being
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria May 02, 2013
Chris you're right is the 9-2 that is based of the Wrx.
Hans Wangsness May 02, 2013
Glad it's gone
Matt Piccolo May 02, 2013
Never cared for Saab.
Chris Mallinson May 02, 2013
@carlos don't you mean Saab 9-2...? The 9-3 is the shit one that is based on the vauxhall vectra platform which is also shit.. I should know I bought one in 2003 and soon part exchanged it for a Mondeo
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria May 02, 2013
2005-2006 9-3 is probably the best bang for the buck used car right now. Is basically a Subaru wrx wagon and you can find them for under $10k turbocharged with a manual transmission. Best of all they're not abused like the WRXs
Brian Micinski May 02, 2013
Because it probably looks at a % drop in value over time too
Tyler Tarbox May 02, 2013
I don't really see how this one is on here. It only cost $30K new so there isn't really very far to fall
David Jefferis May 02, 2013
A fine niche auto company, ruined by the suits. Shame.
Gustavo Kelso May 05, 2013
2 door Monte Carlo hatchback!
Devon Smithers May 03, 2013
Lol 'vert fast' being a relative term... Nearly all modern 9-3s hit 60 in the mid 6 second range.
wayner May 03, 2013
I owned the 5 door version and it was a blast to drive...and very fast, I just purchased a 9-3 Aero SportCombi...and I love these SAABs!
Daniel Levy May 03, 2013
Hate this car
Josh Stephens May 02, 2013
I almost bought my ex wife one of these but I got a damn mercury mountaineer instead
wayner May 03, 2013
To bad it got was a bitchin' SAAB!
Nicholas Morissette May 02, 2013
I'll take Tanner Foust's Viggen.
Liam Day May 02, 2013
I love these
Description: Its roots can be traced back to 1968 and the introduction of the groundbreaking model known as the 99 - a car with innovative features and interesting and unique styling. It was the car which gave the...
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Description: About halfway through the life of the 900, GM acquired controlling interest in Saab, prior to a full takeover. That came with pressure to share platforms with other GM models, which started with the f...
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Ishan Dogra May 03, 2013
Gm is the villain sorry vette fans
Description: Facelifts can do a bit to help offset a lingering lifespan, but they have to be pretty extensive in order to really do any good, and the 9-3’s 2008 facelift simply did not go far enough. Another probl...
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Ishan Dogra May 03, 2013
Dude my accord v6 has those
Chris Bernard May 02, 2013
My 1999 Saab 9-5 has a cooled glovebox! So I wouldn't be surprised if a newer model 9-3 or 9-5 had them as well.
Ben August May 02, 2013
I always wondered about the build quality of the 2008's (and above). Any body have personal experience, or mechanical knowledge, with the turbo version? I heard the glovebox was cooled like a fridge haha
Description: The platform sharing should have staved off some of the problems caused by the company going under, offering continued parts availability long after. But getting a 9-3 fixed is still a pretty uncompli...
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Ishan Dogra May 03, 2013
I hate Saab interiors
Jonathan Newcastle May 02, 2013
It's supposed to be unique, quirky and funky, remember? While they were relocating ignition switches, they should have relocated the drive wheels. Maybe they would've sold a little better...
Isaias Almanza May 02, 2013
Hate where the ignition is and equally hate that you have to pull the shift boot up with your fingers to shift into reverse...
Jeremy Stewart May 02, 2013
I wouldn't call all that plastic unmolested, but..........
Logan Lauer May 02, 2013
Unmolested beauty. :D
wayner May 03, 2013
Stunning beauty ...thanks for nothing GM!
Sang Hyeok Hong May 03, 2013
I always missed SAAB!
Colin Carlo May 02, 2013
Saabs were pretty cool.... Why does GM have to ruin every thing
Justin McLeod May 02, 2013
A shame because these last gen models really are something to look at, in all honesty it's the first Saab I've actually found to be attractive. I've like the older models, but they've never looked this good. GM killed them, RIP Saab, RIP...
Taylor Rosello May 02, 2013
I've always loved Saab
Miko Reginella May 02, 2013
I always thought these looked great
Justin McLeod May 02, 2013
IMO they still look better than those aftermarket euro trash/jdm altezza taillights you can get for any car. I like this back end a lot too, reminds me of the big V8 Aussie sedans like the Holden Commodore. Dunno if that's a GM coincidence or not
Mathew Cameron Hebb May 02, 2013
The taillights look hooorrible...