Posted on: Mar 09, 2013
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What the Saab 9-3 Could Have Been

Saab may be no more, but that hasn't stopped one designer from envisioning a future 9-3.
Swedish automaker Saab is gone as we know it, and although it may return as an EV brand thanks to Chinese financing, hope has all but vanished for a proper revival. A concerted effort on the part of Dutch boutique supercar-maker Spyker failed to get Saab back on its feet after General Motors ditched the latter during its bankruptcy days. Aside from the attractive 9-5, no other new Saab hit the market in recent years, although there were plans for a new 9-3 and a retro styled 9-2.

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But one designer has envisioned what a new 9-3 could have looked like. Taking that classic Saab styling as a major influence, Eduard Gray has just released these images and video of his vision for what could have been.

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by Jay Traugott
What the Saab 9-3 Could Have Been

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