Comments - VW Goes Camping with Caddy Maxi

Published: Mar 30, 2013
Description: Planning a camping trip in Europe? Yeah, neither are we. But if we were, this very well might be the right wheels for the job. You’re looking at the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Camper, a minivan which VW h...
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Ryan Sansossio Mar 31, 2013
Caddy maxi...sounds like the name of a feminine product
Nick Schnee Mar 30, 2013
Chrysler Trunip XDDDD You made my day :D
Andrew Palmer Mar 30, 2013
Routan, haha, not turnip... :)
Andrew Palmer Mar 30, 2013
Do we get something like this now that the weird Chrysler minivan turnip is gone?
Ben Taylor Mar 30, 2013
Cool chiz
Sam Oglesby Mar 30, 2013
Whatever war the matter with the vw camper can this things useless
Monoman Xenon Mar 30, 2013
Looks like fun...haha I wanted to break the silence since no one else was commenting. It must be an awkward situation for the author. But seriously that is a pretty cool van.
Brian Howard Mar 31, 2013
Not the greatest color
Dylan Bruder Mar 30, 2013
Nah there's at least one every day lol
Ben Taylor Mar 30, 2013
Awesome shame Hardley anyone has commented, the author will be heart broken