Comments - Unearthed: 1960 MGA Roadster

Published: Mar 30, 2013
Description: Anyone who has ever owned an old MG knows their car needs to be regularly forgiven for its seemingly endless number of mechanical issues. Everything from constant oil leaks to faulty electronics is p...
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Kyle Cherry Mar 30, 2013
We have two Mgb's and not a single leak, or electrical issue, or any issue for that matter.
Wayne Joseph Borean Mar 30, 2013
There's an old, unrestored MGA sitting not a mile from where I live. It used to be under a tarp. It spent this winter exposed. I shudder to think what shape it is in. The owner, well, let's just say I have a less than stellar opinion of his intelligence for how he's handled this classic automobile. It's shameful.
Michael MacLeod Mar 31, 2013
The grill is good. Buzz is wrong. This is not a Twinky. The racing wheels had knock offs like a spoked wheel. This is just a straightforward A. I've had mine since '70. It was my first car. It has never left me stranded. It was restored about 20 years ago and still goes on summer trips.
Lou Guerrero Mar 30, 2013
Good dad, Carlos!
Peter White Mar 30, 2013
And the hideous whitewall tyres!
Carlos Dorantes Mar 30, 2013
My son will be 5 this may, I think he's just about the right height to drive one of these cool (but tiny) cars!
Adam Thomson Mar 30, 2013
Looks perfect except the grill.
Description: While most people are familiar with the MGB, its predecessor, the MGA, managed to create a devout following of its own. First launched in 1955, the MGA’s design originated from an old Le Mans racer wh...
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Dylan Bruder Mar 30, 2013
Almost 98? You mean i don't know 97? Haha
Description: Despite the power boost, this engine quickly became known for its unreliability and production was ended in 1960 as a result. Still, this so-called improved engine allowed the small roadster to achiev...
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Nick Palowitch Mar 31, 2013
My dad loved his TR7, and I've always wanted a 6
Nick Rowe Mar 30, 2013
Triumph TR series did get pretty crap. Family friend had a TR7 as a daily driver. BIG MISTAKE
Lead Peddalin Mar 30, 2013
A beautiful classic car you can get for around $25k restored. Not bad at all.
Description: Its direct replacement was the MGB, which was in production from 1962 until 1980. All told, over 100,000 MGAs were built in just seven years. There are plenty of MGBs still on the road today but there...
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Spencer Black Mar 31, 2013
This is a 1600 not a twin cam
Description: Fortunately, the mechanical problems that once plagued it have been sorted out and Twin Cams are much more reliable today. It has an asking price of $27,900 which we think is a bit high. Apparently ot...
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Nick Rowe Mar 30, 2013
$28k? It better be perfect
Ben Taylor Mar 30, 2013
Bull crap
Chris Marshall Ernst Mar 30, 2013
Love that the steering wheel is the size of the wheels.
Ben Taylor Mar 30, 2013
Nice/poop seats
Dylan Bruder Mar 30, 2013
Bens gone nuts
Peter White Mar 30, 2013
Clearly not a twin cam!
Ben Taylor Mar 30, 2013
Poopy gay engine
Paul Morris Mar 30, 2013
Not so good engine bay