Comments - Infiniti Names Vettel Director of Performance

Published: Mar 30, 2013
Description: We see news all the time of automotive industry executives getting hired, fired, promoted, transferred… most of it isn’t of much interest to the average enthusiast, but this latest hire isn’t an exec...
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Facundo Planas Martinelli Mar 31, 2013
Its just a Marketing strategy, period!
Brittany Sawyer Mar 30, 2013
@jake but you have to admit that was some good racing though. I do agree however that the points should be given to webber
Lou Guerrero Mar 30, 2013
Vettel will be getting DP'd for Infiniti.
Jon Strahs Mar 30, 2013
I'm interested to see what performance minded cars are going to come out of this
Michael Beach Mar 30, 2013
They actually named him secretary of performance but at the last second he got a name plate made that said director.
Manny Portas Mar 30, 2013
I can't stand vettel
Ethan Amo Mar 30, 2013
Performance huh? Then bring the new Q50 with a manual
Jake Judges Mar 30, 2013
IMO Vettel is also a dirtbag for what he did to Webber in Malaysia
Matt Piccolo Mar 30, 2013
This'll b interesting!
Lou Guerrero Mar 31, 2013
I see you, Ben but like I said its just paddock politics. I'm sure this happened to Senna and Probst.
Ben Knorr Mar 30, 2013
Actually I was kindof annoyed at all the team orders flying around. Just let them race and if they run out of tires it's their own damn fault.
Lou Guerrero Mar 30, 2013
Just part of the politics involved at this level. Vettel's a driver. You drive to win. If Mark wasn't in a position to win then why take the checkered?
Marco Tomaselli Mar 30, 2013
It's not only that he became greedy and TOOK the win but he also put himself and Webber in danger, not to mention the cars too. He squeezed Webber into the wall which could've ended catastrophically for both them and the team. Unnecessary risk...
David Parenti Mar 30, 2013
@nick, I totally get that. But I also understand why he did it. He just got greedy
Ben Knorr Mar 30, 2013
formation, and that's when Vettel took things into his own hands.
Ben Knorr Mar 30, 2013
He was only faster because webber had his engine turned down and wasn't trying to maintain a gap. They raced hard up to the last pitstop and webber came out on top at that point. After that he was told they would bring them home in the current
Jacob Burford Mar 30, 2013
Agree with Will!
Will Will Mar 30, 2013
IMO if he was fast enough to overtake webber he should get the cup. It shouldn't be for the team to decide who gets it, its who's faster that should get it.
Nick Sti Mar 30, 2013
David, there's more to racing than stealing your teammates win when he's obeying team orders
David Parenti Mar 30, 2013
That's racing folks
Jake Judges Mar 30, 2013
He stole a win that should have been Webbers and ignored team orders
JB Kolod Mar 30, 2013
Really? That kinda made me like him
Ben Knorr Mar 30, 2013
not impressed with his actions at Malaysia.
Description: Infiniti has been sponsoring the Red Bull team for a few years now, officially rechristening the squad as Infiniti Red Bull Racing for this season. But as if that partnership weren’t enough, the Japan...
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Jacob Burford Mar 30, 2013
@Larry No, nick is right! The team is owned by Austrians, based in the UK, sponsored by the Japanese, and the engine is built by Renault! The main construction of the car and designing is done in Milton Keynes, England!
LarryandStephanie Espana Mar 30, 2013
@ Nick, actually is French sponsored F1 team using Japanese engines...since Renault is daddy company and Infiniti is the one making the engine!
Kevin Blockley Mar 30, 2013
Yes it's Renault-Nissan , with Renault calling the shots . When they merged in the late 90s , Renault turned Nissan around. Better cars , designs etc from both Nissan and Infinity. Both Renault and Nissan are benefiting from this Alliance.
Eric Chau Mar 30, 2013
Isn't Nissan in alliance with or practically owned by French company Renault? Something like renault owns 45% of nissan n Nissan owns 14% of Renault
Nick Rowe Mar 30, 2013
Japanese sponsored F1 Team using French engines
Zaire Wilkins Apr 01, 2013
Lmao @ if you say so. The C-class came out on top in 2012 and the infiniti G was in 3rd place and the 3-series was 2nd
Jacob Burford Mar 31, 2013
doesn't seem like an attractive package!
Jacob Burford Mar 31, 2013
@Zaire Dumb move if you ask me! The C-Class chassis is far from the best in the class, and putting it in won't help it in a fight against the class leaders.(3-Series, ATS, and A4) Add the fact that the new q50 looks like an Altima, and it really
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Mar 30, 2013
Hahah \/ \/
Zaire Wilkins Mar 30, 2013
They are working with with mercedes also the new Q50 rides on the C-class chassis
Brad Henson Mar 30, 2013
Germans and Japanese working together again
Ryan Luellen Mar 31, 2013
Chubby bunny lmao
Phillip Chan Mar 30, 2013
He looks ridiculous with those sunglasses and crash helmet inside that car.
Hilko de Brave Mar 31, 2013
Hahahaha!!! Lol!! But its true.
Dylan Bruder Mar 30, 2013
Lol yeah everyone else would go thats not funny or I don't get it but it is funny at least I thought
Nathanael Channels Mar 30, 2013
@Miko: Vettel's other car is literally an RB9 F1 race car
Miko Reginella Mar 30, 2013
I don't get it..can someone please explain?
Wissam Nasr Mar 30, 2013
Nice one, but at least pit on an M56s, not a hybrid
Jacob Burford Mar 30, 2013
Very funny!
Max Garcia Mar 30, 2013
I get it lol
Jörgen Nilsson Mar 30, 2013
Wonder how many out there understands this? On this app, yes, but otherwise?
Chris Mallinson Mar 30, 2013