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Published: Mar 30, 2013
Description: Last month we reported the final LFA had been delivered to 68-year old Georgian Roy Mallady, who became the proud owner of the first - chassis #003 - and last LFA - chassis #499 - delivered to the US...
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Noah Roberts Apr 03, 2013
I'm upset
Jacob Burford Mar 31, 2013
Are we playing I spy the LFA!
Jordan Smith Mar 30, 2013
Da hell. I still have yet to see one in the wild. Just seen a few a shows.
Johnny Matias Mar 30, 2013
I feel so left out. I've never seen one.
Dylan Bruder Mar 30, 2013
I got to see no 499 at the auto show in ga nurburgring package and all
John Patten Mar 30, 2013
A green one in Orlando Florida..
Gray Conron Mar 30, 2013
@Chris I saw one when I went there. I saw a black one.
Austin Sullivan Mar 30, 2013
I can see them extending the run with some slightly altered version
Chris Bernard Mar 30, 2013
There are literally 3 or 4 of these in West Palm Beach FL.
Ryan Yee Mar 30, 2013
Spotted the nurburgring one at servco lexus in Hawaii..
Elijah Chet Roseberry Mar 30, 2013
Next is the supra....hopefully.
Memo Cabrera Mar 30, 2013
Another at Lexus of Stevens Creek in San Jose, CA. I go see it when I check out the Porsche dealer to drool haha
Jake Marra Mar 30, 2013
Another lime green one at experienced auto in ft laurdale
Tyler Tarbox Mar 30, 2013
Only 499 in the world and I actually saw one on the road the other day!
Miko Reginella Mar 30, 2013
It's been sitting there for about 5 months haha
Miko Reginella Mar 30, 2013
There is a white LFA in the showroom of Rohrich Lexus in Pittsburgh PA
Nick Rowe Mar 30, 2013
@Luke it's sitting out back
Tim Collgate Mar 30, 2013
Cain that's very far from true, the Swiss love cars typically
Luke Purdy Mar 30, 2013
Went past Brisbane Lexus today, didn't see an LFA
Cian Mac Gearailt Mar 30, 2013
The country that hates cars the most in the world gets the last one
Nick Rowe Mar 30, 2013
One still left in Lexus Brisbane
Noah Roberts Apr 03, 2013
Such a beauty
uncharted Mar 31, 2013
ive never disliked it
Jacob Burford Mar 31, 2013
Grown on me a lot lately! Seeing it on Top Gear made me like it more!
Dylan Bruder Mar 30, 2013
Different car than this one
Ben Taylor Mar 30, 2013
Was delivered to a man aged 68 in the us
Puneet Dass Mar 30, 2013
Did you not read the article?
Mark Hinds Mar 30, 2013
What about America?
Description: Having been built at a rate of one car per day from December 15, 2010 to December 14, 2012, all have now found a home. #493 was the fortieth LFA to be sold in Europe, three of which went to a single c...
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Laura Anne Apr 01, 2013
Breathtaking is the word alright.
Johnny Matias Mar 30, 2013
Maybe it was a dealership or something. But I'd totally buy 3 of these.
Puneet Dass Mar 30, 2013
@Jon lolz
Blaise Harned Mar 30, 2013
I'm glad you got that out of this article, Jon..
Jon Wheel Mar 30, 2013
Who ever spells out 40th?
Monoman Xenon Mar 30, 2013
These cars are amazing engineered and huge amount of care went into making them. I don't even like the Lexus brand, but watch the LFA documentary and it will blow your mind. It certainly made me look at the brand in a new way.
Tyler Tarbox Mar 30, 2013
I understand having a lot of money and buying a lot of cars, but why do you need three?
Ethan Amo Mar 30, 2013
If I had the money, I'd buy 3 too
Luke Purdy Mar 30, 2013
3 LFA's bought by one customer?!
Jacob Burford Mar 31, 2013
This car is awesome, but the rest of the company is average!
Anthony Yantha Mar 30, 2013
Best brand in the world
Larry Farkas Mar 30, 2013
The only Lexus I actually like.
Noah Roberts Apr 03, 2013
Great car
Patrick Schalk Mar 31, 2013
I don't think this thing will be that memorable. It didn't really make that huge of an impact in the performance car world IMO. Not considering the price tag for performance. But I also understand they were a limited run.
Jacob Burford Mar 31, 2013
Looks good in blue!
Dylan Bruder Mar 30, 2013
Ehh honestly I could see this being forgotten about with the way things are trending then someone will say hey remember that lfa thingy?
Jordan Nishida Mar 30, 2013
Love it in that dark blue
Puneet Dass Mar 30, 2013
Hated? People find any excuse to hate on something. All 500 models have been snatched up so there are obviously lovers of the car ;)
Tyler Wallace Mar 30, 2013
It actually shows on the tracc that this is the first supercar Lexus built
Matt Piccolo Mar 30, 2013
I'd take this over an adventador any day! And I have a strange feeling this car won't b forgotten for a long time. It's a work of art both visually and mechanically
Jake Marra Mar 30, 2013
But you're buying this car for an entirely different reason than the lambo
Greg Kenerly Mar 30, 2013
I don't think it's hated. I think the price is hated. $350k is Aventador territory and I don't see sinking that money into a Lexus. It's like the Hyundai Equoss. It's as nice as the others but its still a Hyundai for the same price.
Brittany Sawyer Mar 30, 2013
I dont get how people hate this.
Justin Mancuso Mar 30, 2013
It's kinda sad seeing it go, because in 3 years nobody will care about this because something better has come out.
Matt Piccolo Mar 30, 2013
Sam McCracken Mar 30, 2013
Looks Good In Blue.
Dylan Bruder Mar 30, 2013
Always thought that f badge looked a little tacky