Comments - BMW X4 Coming Next Year

Published: Mar 30, 2013
Description: Anyone who’s a fan of premium crossovers will likely be overjoyed by this news. Those who could care less about vehicles such as the BMW X6 probably won’t take a whole lot of excitement from this. BM...
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Yasser Zahabi Mar 31, 2013
While I don't like the x6 and I don't get the idea of it .. I also think the 5 is as good as .. These things sell a ton in the Middle East
Dylan Bruder Mar 30, 2013
BMW is gonna run themselves into some trouble with all these cars
Steven Luginsland Mar 30, 2013
The X6 is so ugly...
Luke Purdy Mar 30, 2013
How many bloody SUVs' do you need?
Luke Purdy Mar 30, 2013
Why are you bothering BMW?
Jeffrey Frank Mar 30, 2013
Trying to fill every buyer niche out there. Time will tell if the execution and thus the brand can continue.
Lou Guerrero Mar 30, 2013
I'm not taking too much excitement from this.
Bala Uncc Mar 30, 2013
Wait, why did we miss X2? And we still need to build X7, X8 etc. BMW is losing its thoughts
Preston Harris Mar 30, 2013
How many models is too many?
Jacob Burford Mar 31, 2013
They look nice and all, but they don't do the things an SUV should do very well!
Monoman Xenon Mar 30, 2013
Such a nice car. I've loved BMWs since I was a youngin
Quinn Rogers Mar 30, 2013
This car is cool but the rear wheels look a bit too small
Description: We expect the same thing to happen with the X4 versus the X3," Robertson stated to Automotive News Europe. The X4 will be built at the automaker’s production plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the ...
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Dylan Bruder Mar 30, 2013
Well it would outlast the RR more than likely but I'd still have neither
Chris Marshall Ernst Mar 30, 2013
Who on earth would buy this over a RR Evoque?! Just no.
Dylan Bruder Mar 30, 2013
Wouldnt doubt it
Joe Talerico Mar 30, 2013
That's a big butt. Hope it does look like this.
Dylan Bruder Mar 30, 2013
I don't hate it I just don't really care about ir
Bala Uncc Mar 30, 2013
Me too
Brendan Bell Mar 30, 2013
I hate this car.
Jared Prado Mar 31, 2013
The X3 is not ugly.
Anthony Yantha Mar 30, 2013
Are they going to show me the x4, or do i have to see the ugly x6 and x3?