Comments - Wonder Woman Sportage Lands in NY

Published: Mar 29, 2013
Description: Continuing its 10-month, eight-vehicle partnership with DC Entertainment, Kia has unveiled a Wonder Woman-inspired Sportage at the New York Auto Show. All seven characters of the Justice League have ...
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Bobbie Dalia Mar 30, 2013
They got stock piles of Kia not selling hence make dem for kids
Monoman Xenon Mar 29, 2013
Brett you make a good point
Brett Vincent Mar 29, 2013
I saw the Batman and Superman Kias in person. I personally thought the Batman one looked pretty cool in person. Not as a drivable car, but as a collectable. A wealthy batman fan could stick it on a rotating platform with their other comic memorabilia
Monoman Xenon Mar 29, 2013
The car is ugly, but it's for a good cause, which is nice to see in a world of degrading values and morals.
Andrew Palmer Mar 30, 2013
Wow, no.
Sam Saechao Mar 29, 2013
Should have been a minivan
Drew Colton Wilder Mar 29, 2013
Ehh I dunno bout this one. Superman was pretty cool though. Do like the stars though
Clinton Burger Mar 29, 2013
This looks like if Captain America settled down and had to live off military pension
Matt Piccolo Mar 29, 2013
But why the stupid design
Matt Piccolo Mar 29, 2013
I understand its for a good cause
Matt Piccolo Mar 29, 2013
One word..... Why
Andrew Spad Mar 29, 2013
Where is the invisible plane. Oh found it. lol
Facundo Planas Martinelli Mar 29, 2013
All the DC edition vehicles are a disgrace!!! so badly executed and tasteless. They actually damage the SC heroes image...
Description: The Wonder Woman Sportage boasts a red and blue exterior accented with stars depicting the outfit, and the gold trim wrapped around the crossover represents the heroine’s weapon of choice, the "Lasso ...
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Siya Fadane Apr 14, 2013
Pretty sure WW would rather have a much more sporty car. This is sexist
Tyler Wallace Mar 29, 2013
Wow this is really fuccn stupid
Greg Kenerly Mar 29, 2013
The W is for "Why can't I be invisible?"
Henz Herrero Mar 29, 2013
Im sure the "w" is for wtf
Max Dell Mar 29, 2013
The Koreans can't have are american heroes! That's just pain tacky!
Facundo Planas Martinelli Mar 29, 2013
Wonder Woman showing her Camel Toe!!! lmao
Carlton Green Mar 29, 2013
That is Wonderful....
Gray Conron Mar 29, 2013
@John. They had to have done that on purpose but still wtf.
Troy Kessler Mar 29, 2013
Toe ?
John M Weishahn Mar 29, 2013
Is it just me or can you see her um... Her?
Scuttle Buttocks Mar 29, 2013
Pretty sweet int.
Matt Piccolo Mar 29, 2013
Tacky much
David Markham Mar 29, 2013
Ouch. That is gross
Dalton Michael Mar 29, 2013
Love the interior
Connor Scanlon Mar 29, 2013
I like this
David Markham Mar 29, 2013
Gray Conron Mar 29, 2013
What is this..... Is this so you can look even more gay while driving??