Comments - Volvo Details New R-Design Models

Published: Mar 29, 2013
Description: Volvo recently revealed facelifted versions of just about its entire range, but the enthusiasts among us will likely be more interested in these latest R-Design and Polestar Performance models. As wi...
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Aiden Bass Mar 30, 2013
Yea I have an '07 T5 and I absolutely love the noise it makes, my brother has an '04 R and his sounds even better
Zaire Wilkins Mar 30, 2013
True cause it sounded like a mini V10
Justin Tucker Mar 29, 2013
Mmmmm, I like the turbo 5 better :/. Just me though
Mustafa Alshekhly Mar 30, 2013
I disagree i think it has its own personality and design
Jacob Burges Mar 30, 2013
You mean mercedes
Emanual Kimyagarov Mar 30, 2013
Looks like an Audi in a front…
Jacob Burford Mar 30, 2013
Looks nice! The lines are vet clean!
Dylan Bruder Mar 29, 2013
Description: The R-Design package adds new front fascias, front splitter, matte black grille treatments, daytime running lights, unique tailpipes incorporated into the rear diffuser and an interior decked out with...
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Description: With the Polestar software upgrade, the 329-horsepower turbo six cuts a couple of tenths off the 0-62 time, dropping the S60 T6’s sprint from 6.1 seconds to 5.9, the V60 T6 from 6.2 to 6.0 and the XC6...
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Taylor Addison Mar 30, 2013
10 percent. Not 10 perfect.
David Gray Mar 29, 2013
My dad used to have an S60 R. We tuned it to about 350/360 bhp. Was a fuckin monster!
Nick Rowe Mar 29, 2013
@daniel never said anything about diesel...?
Carlos Dorantes Mar 29, 2013
Volvos are known for being safe and not for being fast!!
Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Mar 29, 2013
It just amazes me that my S60R that's almost 10 years old only has about 25 less hp. They should have at least 400hp now.
Daniel Alexander Soutar Mar 29, 2013
You want a fast 'normal sedan'? Try a Audi A6 with their legendary Bi-Turbo diesel. 'Diesel is crap', you say? It has more torque than a Ferrari 599 GTO. Savage acceleration a by-product and at your service.
Nick Rowe Mar 29, 2013
5.9 for a sedan. That's pretty impressive
Adam Thomson Mar 29, 2013
This with R design, yes please!
Tino Domingue Mar 29, 2013
Polestar??? I wish Volvo would adopted them like Benz did with amg n make some sick ass cars already!
Scuttle Buttocks Mar 29, 2013
No of course not.
Daniel Anglevik Mar 29, 2013
Chris, youre talking about cars right?
Chris Woller Mar 29, 2013
I do like that. Clean and tight.
Daniel Anglevik Mar 29, 2013
Really nice new front. Looks expensive
Lee Oleinick Dec 28, 2013
Saw this in person @ McLaren in Beverly Hills ... Speechless
Tim Collgate Mar 29, 2013
Why not Hans it's safe and fast two things that's important to the family man
Hans Wangsness Mar 29, 2013
I don't
Julian Rasolko Mar 29, 2013
Love the s60
Connor Garrett Koerbitz Mar 29, 2013
Wow! Looks great, caught my eye.