Comments - Tesla Model S vs. 1956 Citroen DS

Published: Mar 29, 2013
Description: This is certainly not a normal comparison test but it’s still quite interesting nonetheless. So here’s the lowdown: Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman had the unique opportunity to compare the ultra-moder...
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Description: Now they’re being pitted against one another to determine which one is the greater technological advancement for its time. Who knows, maybe some day all cars will be electrified with software updated ...
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Colby Church Mar 30, 2013
I agree with Tyler.
Tyler Tarbox Mar 30, 2013
Would love to drive both of these cars but wouldn't want to own either of them
Nick Rowe Mar 29, 2013
Tesla for me. Outruns an M5
Craig Smith Mar 29, 2013
I'll take the Citroen thanks…
kaan Sep 14, 2013
beatiful desing
Noah Roberts Apr 03, 2013
Pretty cool
Frederick Perez Mar 30, 2013
12-15 yrs ago there were alot if these here in San Diego that were junked left outside a big lot-prob owned by don't know who. Lovve this car.
Mark Fei Ling Mar 29, 2013
Such a beautiful car!
Noah Roberts Apr 03, 2013
Like a fish
Nick Rowe Mar 29, 2013