Comments - Porsche Unleashes New 911 RSR

Published: Mar 29, 2013
Description: Audi may be the dominant force at Le Mans these days, but no manufacturer has accrued as many checkered flags at the famous French endurance race than Porsche. Now the German company is preparing its...
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Lou Guerrero Mar 29, 2013
Ugh, Audi.
Dylan Gomes Mar 29, 2013
this beauty will help in the GT class but im looking forward to their Prototype car that will participate in the 2014 season
Noah Roberts Apr 03, 2013
Fast though
Adam Thomson Mar 31, 2013
Looks like a lizard.
Lou Guerrero Mar 29, 2013
Strength. Pedigree. Speed. I want.
Dylan Gomes Mar 29, 2013
i wonder what the Flying Lizard livery would look like with the big smile on the baby
Tanton Stoneman Mar 29, 2013
Finally, a 991 gen race car.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Mar 29, 2013
Very nice indeed.
Brad Wood Mar 29, 2013
Very nice
Lucas Raggio Mar 29, 2013
Description: Porsche has fitted the new 911 RSR with a new suspension and gearbox, with fenders, hoods, doors, underbody, wing, dashboard and center console all made from carbon fiber. Many body panels are made to...
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Dennis Choong Mar 29, 2013
Are they still using the old Mezger engine or a development of the latest DI unit?
Nick Schnee Mar 29, 2013
Oh yeah, the 4.0. I hope they will also produce a road going 991 with it.
Monoman Xenon Mar 30, 2013
A cockpit
Jacob Burges Mar 30, 2013
You mean mercedes
Jean Ruto Mar 30, 2013
When I make it, I don't care how much it costs.
Facundo Planas Martinelli Mar 29, 2013
Would love to drive this perfection!
Tino Domingue Mar 29, 2013
Don't push my buttons man!