Comments - Facelifted Focus Spied in the Snow

Published: Mar 29, 2013
Description: Now that both the Focus ST and Fiesta ST have been released, Ford is turning its attention to what will be its ultimate hot hatch, the Focus RS. But before that car officially debuts, the standard Fo...
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Marie Teresita C. Flores Mar 30, 2013
Chris Gaines Mar 29, 2013
imagine a rwd version!
Chris Gaines Mar 29, 2013
that's what I'm saying...
Kurt Smith Mar 29, 2013
335 to the front wheels seems a bit much
Cian Mac Gearailt Mar 30, 2013
We talking here about the successor of most probably the best car in the last 15 years they literally changed the car industry for the better don't know why yous hate
Petro Maalouf Mar 30, 2013
I don't care ..... Give me the vw golf
Greg Kenerly Mar 29, 2013
Haven't driven the new ones but the old ones made me nauseous. Not trolling. Something about the curve of the windshield made me sick and dizzy no matter where I sat.
Nick Rowe Mar 29, 2013
It's just a Focus with a funny bumper bar
matthew barrett Mar 29, 2013
A facelift to Ford means grafting on an Aston grille
Cian Mac Gearailt Mar 29, 2013
So this isnt actually a facelift its just a rs prototype
James Salaba Mar 29, 2013
The only one I would get is the older version with proper focus tail lights! This look suck!
Sam Oglesby Mar 29, 2013
Wish they'd make 3 door versions again its the only way I'm getting one
Monoman Xenon Mar 29, 2013
@At Tino ahahahaha it's an ugly rear though, so I see the need to
Ben Brosh Mar 29, 2013
Depending on the aerodynamics and speeds he reached beforehand, that could just be a dirt deposit; it is most likely not meant for camo.
Eli Bonner Mar 29, 2013
It looks like an ST.
Tino Domingue Mar 29, 2013
Hahaha they used snow to cover up the rear >_<