Comments - Scion Brings Updated tC to New York

Published: Mar 28, 2013
Description: Problem: the arrival of the FR-S makes the Scion tC look dated, to say the least. Solution: make the tC look more like the FR-S. Whether you agree with the logic or not, that’s the path which Toyota ...
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Swarun Kulasekaran Mar 29, 2013
The engine in the Tc is the same as the Camry engine. It's just "tuned"
Shane E. Clarke Mar 29, 2013
I love when u see a genesis all done up and has the hyundai logos removed because they dont want people to see its a hyundai haha
Shane E. Clarke Mar 29, 2013
Exactly no one wants a scion its embarassing to be seen driving, like a hyundai
Jordan Smith Mar 29, 2013
Just get rid of the Scion brand and sell the GT86 here like they should've from the start. No one is buying any Scion other than the FRS anyways.
Gray Conron Mar 28, 2013
@Tyler that's not a good idea because even though it has more power it will still suck at handling compared to the frs, and anyways "big" brother is used loosely.......
Tyler Ray DeFord Mar 28, 2013
Give it some power and make it the FRSs big brother.
Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Mar 28, 2013
They should have just made this look like the 8.0 and made it RWD
Chris Woller Mar 28, 2013
I agree, with the FR-S, that 40% probably will shrink. Unless it feels fast, the numbers don't look impressive.
Karst Kingsley Mar 28, 2013
It's just so ugly, and has so little power
LarryandStephanie Espana Mar 28, 2013
No matter how many times you changed the look and make it look better it is not the better option than the FR-S is now. Sorry Scion.
LarryandStephanie Espana Mar 28, 2013
It accounted for 40% of sales because they did not have anything like the FR-S before. Now things changed. People can have more for their money, more power and RWd.... The problem with this new tC is that they kept the same engine....and RWD....
Noah Roberts Apr 03, 2013
Ugly little thing
Vlad Lukyan Mar 30, 2013
Sergio Montelongo Mar 29, 2013
2.5 liter and only 179 hp wow
Juan C. Alcantara Mar 29, 2013
Just a more appealing, yet slower Camry.
Kevin Carlin Mar 28, 2013
Scion-branded Camry
Geoff Novak Mar 28, 2013
But to me its definitly got the grille of the avalon. But the shape of a camry.
Geoff Novak Mar 28, 2013
Almost sports cars: scion tC. Well watever it looks like, avalon or camry, at least its one step closerto becoming a sports car. But clearly not in the fr-s league
Bala Uncc Mar 28, 2013
Front looks like new Avalon
Drake Nailon Mar 28, 2013
No it's just ugly, this generation always has looked odd but this is worse, not better.
Jacob Burford Mar 28, 2013
It is about as interesting as a Camry!
Jacob Viiper McCord Mar 28, 2013
This totally doesn't look like a Camry...
Brittany Sawyer Mar 28, 2013
No...whats up with companies ruining their car's design these days? First Jeep, then Chevy, now Scion. Sucks.
Kyle Malcomson Mar 28, 2013
At least it doesn't look american
Dylan Bruder Mar 28, 2013
Not sure it's a little quirky
Ron Vinson Mar 28, 2013
I thought the point of Scion was to not look like a Toyota #Fail
Byakka Hirakawa Mar 28, 2013
Jason Brower Mar 28, 2013
Rally mode: engaged.
Jeremy Stewart Mar 28, 2013
Looks like an Avalon coupe......
Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Mar 28, 2013
What has the world come to? I actually like this
Matt Piccolo Mar 28, 2013
I actually kinda like it...
Scott Lenahan Mar 28, 2013
Well. I actually kinda used to like the design... Not any more...
Zaire Wilkins Mar 28, 2013
Reversed camry
Adam Thomson Mar 28, 2013
Im dont really care for Scion.
David Parenti Mar 28, 2013
Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Ground Clearance.
Description: The changes can be most readily seen in the nose (which gets new headlights, LED accents, grille, and longer and lower hood) and the tail (which gets a blacked-out faux-diffuser section and LED tail l...
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Michael Turner Mar 29, 2013
At its price point, it's waayyy better than the lame civic coupe.
Kevin Miao Mar 29, 2013
What r they thinking of?? The Tc just getting worse with no upgrade inside.
Dylan Bruder Mar 28, 2013
The 2.5 is outdated
Frankie Ferreira Mar 28, 2013
Audi with aha Funny
Ryan Yee Mar 28, 2013
Audi system? Hahahahaha
Vince DeMasi Mar 29, 2013
@jacob instead of college kids make it 30 year olds who want a "sports" car
Author Norman R. Colson Mar 29, 2013
Meh I'm not feeling it
Brett Abbott Halverson Mar 29, 2013
Fix the front end please!
Andrew Palmer Mar 29, 2013
It looks kinda hodge bits and pieces that don't quite fit together.
Jacob Burford Mar 29, 2013
This is the kind of car I can see college kids driving thinking there driving a sports car! They only wish!
Drake Nailon Mar 28, 2013
I'm sorry but that's stupid! I've hated this generation since it arrived and this "update" only makes it uglier.
Noah Roberts Apr 03, 2013
Rear is too short
Scott Helge Mar 28, 2013
If they're looking for a sporty look this doesn't do it.
Dylan Bruder Mar 28, 2013
The rear always sucked
Gray Conron Mar 28, 2013
Always thought they looked kinda off. I'm going to play with this side view myself and get it to look good.
Frankie Ferreira Mar 28, 2013
lol Tyler haha
Aaron Sparks Mar 28, 2013
Front looks great and then it starts falling apart at the B pillar.
Tyler Ray DeFord Mar 28, 2013
Wait Saturn, Ion....Scion?!?!?
Michael Rivera Mar 28, 2013
Looks like an ugly Saturn Ion, if that's even possible!
Noah Roberts Apr 03, 2013
Stock rice for real
Brian Howard Mar 28, 2013
Stock rice
Haoliang Li Mar 28, 2013
Kind like a Celica.
Gray Conron Mar 28, 2013
Yea they are... They look almost aftermarket
Zaire Wilkins Mar 28, 2013
Those LED Tailights are cheesy
Michael Dunn Mar 28, 2013
No, just no.
Dylan Bruder Mar 28, 2013
Hard to tell from a pic of the front lol
Frederick Perez Mar 28, 2013
Back end from a Camry
Zaire Wilkins Mar 29, 2013
Tried to do gun barrel style LED's??
Noah Roberts Apr 03, 2013
Jacob Burford Mar 29, 2013
Agree with Gray! Yes, Toyotas are dependable and all, but there so dull (excluding the FRS)! I don't know why people can still buy them!
Gray Conron Mar 28, 2013
If it is then they earn an F minus. Toyotas (excluding GT86 and MK4 supra) are terribly boring cars, would never even think of owning one.
Tyler Ray DeFord Mar 28, 2013
Is this supposed to make Toyota interiors more appealing?
Max Dell Mar 28, 2013
It's a lot better than those Fisher-Price seats they had in the last year!
Scuttle Buttocks Mar 28, 2013
So beautiful...
Johnny Matias Mar 28, 2013
Looks good. I'd love some 3-ways in here. Oh god that sounds weird...
Mujtaba Hameed Mar 28, 2013
Triple the speakers for triple the fun
Noah Roberts Apr 03, 2013
@Gray good one
Jason Allickson Mar 29, 2013
That is sexyyyyyyy
Gray Conron Mar 28, 2013
Audi my butt.