Comments - Porsche Prices 911 GT3 at $130k

Published: Mar 28, 2013
Description: Porsche may have had nothing new to show in New York this year, but it did bring the new 911 GT3 to America for the first time. And while it was at it, the German automaker announced US pricing for t...
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Noah Roberts Apr 03, 2013
3.3 0-60
Kaigan Viner Mar 29, 2013
Not too bad of a price. Unfortunately most non petrol heads don't know the difference between a 911 and a Boxter
Chris Mallinson Mar 29, 2013
@corvette bummers..!! Watch Autocar test the gt2 vs Zr1 on YouTube... They can't get nowhere near quoted 0-6ph times and gt2 ownes the vette
Pablo Herasme Mar 29, 2013
Colby NO. ONE. Will give a shit if the ZR-1 is faster. I would choose the new GT3 over it, it's class and supercar appeal is in its own league.
Lucas Raggio Mar 29, 2013
Colby please leave
Demid Petrov Mar 29, 2013
Colby zr1 is fast no doubts, but some people buy cars not because of 0-60 times. This car is an icon of sportcars, an absolute trAck weapon and just a nice place to be in and drive! And ur statement about looks is arguable cause. Stop being ignorant!
Colby Church Mar 29, 2013
The ZR1 bends this car over and rams it from the back. Hard. Facts are facts.
Colby Church Mar 29, 2013
*hating. We have a faster 0-60, Nurburgring time, and the ZR1 looks so much better. :) You guys can talk all you want, but at the end of the day, I win.
Colby Church Mar 29, 2013
That's right Chris. Even the new GT3 doesn't have shit on the ZR1. You guys can keep hat
Lou Guerrero Mar 29, 2013
I love Vipers and Vettes but this makes my taint fizzle.
Ryan Yee Mar 28, 2013
Don't hold your breath.. Options will add up.. Looking about 20-40k in options..
Beer Pk Mar 28, 2013
it can go up to $650,000 in thailand
Cam Heaney Mar 28, 2013
Hahaha how bout the GTR tho...
Christopher Scott Mar 28, 2013
It's an amazing machine.
Dick Fury Mar 28, 2013
I wish we could get this in Australia for $130000! Here is would be closer to $300000!!!! Yes I'm serious. Such bullshit
Demid Petrov Mar 28, 2013
Gt3 over corvette anyday!
Zane Turner Mar 28, 2013
Not bad.
Patrick Joseph Mar 28, 2013
Can we have one article without having the bloody corvette mentioned. Ok we get it. It's good value for your money. But there is more to cars than numbers. The 911 gt3 is a pure driving machine.
Chris Redfield Mar 28, 2013
Porsche is in a league of it's own and neither the viper nor corvette are in this cars class no matter the price similarities
Lucas Raggio Mar 28, 2013
Engines then this. The fact that it pulls of what it does with a 3.8 liter 6 is awesome so can we just say props to porsche and not compare everything to a corvette
Lucas Raggio Mar 28, 2013
Oh good I'm glad you brought them up maybe to a lot of people it makes no difference if the car is faster they want something which IMO has a lot more quality, style and super car appeal not to mention the fact that both those cars have much bigger
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Mar 28, 2013
Don't see how this is worth 130k compared to the ZR1 or Viper.
Alejandro Alvarez-Mejia Mar 28, 2013
130k? Change in my pocket....
Chris Mallinson Mar 28, 2013
Noooooo..!! That's it now, why did you have to go and mention the bloody Corvette, you know that means Colby's gaydar will have activated and he'll end up posting about how good it is
Carlton Salmon Mar 28, 2013
I can't wait to see what the 991 GT3 RS is going to be like. There could even be another 4.0 litre end of run special model again...
Tyler Tarbox Mar 28, 2013
Only $10K more than a ZR1 and same price as an R8 V10. I think it's very well priced
Chris Mallinson Mar 28, 2013
I'll wait for the 480bhp GT3 RS in 2015
Usman Ahmad Mar 28, 2013
A bargain compared to how high a 911 S can get with options. I got mines to $140k lol.
Noah Roberts Apr 03, 2013
This works for me
Jordan Nishida Mar 29, 2013
Love porsche
Facundo Planas Martinelli Mar 29, 2013
I love it! My favorite Porsche!
Callum Egan Mar 29, 2013
@caleb then you clearly don't understand the history and pedigree behind the brand. I grew up loving Ferrari and now I'm in love with porsche. there is just something so pure about them
Caleb Starovasnik Mar 29, 2013
Personally, I'm not exactly blown away by Porsches. They all seem to be the same. There doesn't seem to be any sort of variations whatsoever. It just feels like the same thing over and over again.
Max Dell Mar 29, 2013
That's it??
Cuong Cao Mar 29, 2013
If you can get a porsche for 130k in Singapore, it will be snapped up and orders that stretched for the entire year even before the car reaches the showroom. In Singapore, a Honda Civic cost 130k
Jeff Link Mar 29, 2013
Eh, I just don't see the appeal of the Porsche
Darian Vorlick Mar 28, 2013
I've driven a few GT3's in the past and they are the epitome of NA Porsches. An absolute blast to drive and completely addicting.
Jacob Burford Mar 28, 2013
This car looks like an amazing car to drive! Really liking it!
Jacob Burford Mar 28, 2013
@Chris It's half the price of a 458! Of course it won't be as good an overall car as the 458!
Callum Egan Mar 28, 2013
Malachi wait until you see one in person they have so much beauty and presence. the best drivers car now has hyper car performance
Patrick Joseph Mar 28, 2013
Indeed. That's the only thing I dislike about this car.
Lucas Raggio Mar 28, 2013
The PDk works very well I think the technology in this car is awesome and I love it. It should just have a manual as an option
Ethan Amo Mar 28, 2013
The PDK only was a big b.s move on porsches part
Malachi Monteiro Mar 28, 2013
Ah, still don't like it, has no real shock value when I see it. Not my type of car.
Chris Mallinson Mar 28, 2013
Nearly perfection, not quite a 458 Italia but close
Petro Maalouf Mar 28, 2013
This what all sports cars automakers don't have , perfection
Edmond Gebara Mar 28, 2013
Can drive* damn autocorrect
Edmond Gebara Mar 28, 2013
With all those updates (and finally PDK), this baby will redefine how well a car can driven. Absolutely no contest.
Lucas Raggio Mar 29, 2013
@ Edmund. Hahahaha. Just laughed my ass off
Jacob Burford Mar 29, 2013
Love the rear in the new 911's and this wing makes it better!
Edmond Gebara Mar 28, 2013
When ppl ask me what I want in a woman, I show them this.
Lucas Raggio Mar 28, 2013
Bruno Rocha Mar 28, 2013
One word: AMAZING
Noah Roberts Apr 03, 2013
Silver/gray is the ideal German car color
Jordan Nishida Mar 29, 2013
One sexy cr
Tim Hooker Mar 29, 2013
Perfect car perfect color.
Freddie Ibarra Mar 28, 2013
Tyler Wallace Mar 28, 2013
Daaaaaaaamn that's sexy